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List of New Tablets in Malaysia 2014

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Flashback the past when there is no tablets and smartphones, we went to coffee shop without any Powerbanks, Smartphones or Tablets and there were no Wi-Fi. Who actually said that they cant survive without Wi-Fi are completely invalid for those 80s generation.

We could say that Smartphones and Tablets revolutionized our normal pattern to a coffee shop with friends. But there is one place it never actually happened, the night club. Have you seen any night club full of people playing their smartphones and tablets ? I would say most of the night club is free of any prolonged playing with their smartphones and tablets.

We never really know tablets. Unlike smartphone, it was a development of our Nokia 3310. In the rising age of Nokia 3310, we were never really truly knew existence of portable laptop which normally being called "Tablets ". Tablets is truly a milestone and excellent technological product and created enormous happiness to humanity.

Our society has been growing tremendously under the influence of technological advancement. It never stop and never constantly stop at one point. It always been moving forward and it is unstoppable. There is no point to say no to owning a great tablets.

These tablets are either popular in Malaysia or listed in many smartphone news portal. Among tablet brands are Apple, Samsung, Alcatel, Microsoft, Huawei, LG, Asus, Acer, Sony and Lenovo. Totaled 10 of them. It is important to know that some smartphone companies like to make early announcement for their upcoming products, the arrival of the product to Malaysia is utmost important and priority reasons to be able listed here.


  1. Ipad Air 32GB Wi Fi
  2. Ipad Mini 2 16GB


  1. Galaxy Tab 4 7.0"
  2. Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Wi-Fi
  3. Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE
  4. Galaxy Tab S 8.4
  5. S. Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
  6. S. Note Pro 12.2 (32GB) (LTE)


  1. H Mediapad X1 LTE 
  2. Mediapad 7 Youth 8GB


Umobile unveils Samsung Galaxy S5 plan on April 25

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Umobile Malaysia offering RM555 or RM999 for Samsung Galaxy S5

You can get Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone with only RM999 and RM555 but you are required to follow their following instructions.

It incredible low for RM555, what are the terms and condition for it? It required interested consumer to sigh up for Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card and sign up for U Plus LTE RM138 plan. This promotion will end on June 30, 2014. Be swift if you are qualify and meeting all the requirements for a RM555 Samsung Galaxy S5.

As for the RM999, you are required to be tied on a 24 months contract on Umobile plus LTE RM138 plan. Umobile did not just have 2 plans for Samsung galaxy S5.

There are Umobile plus LTE U58 and U88 plans with Samsung Galaxy S5 tied for 24 months. 

Umobile Samsung Galaxy S5U58 U88U PLUS
Monthly Commitment RM 58 RM 88RM 138
Internet  2GB 3GB 5GB
Free Calling 100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to other operators
100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to others
350 mins to all
Free SMS  None 100 to Umobile
200 to others
250 to all
Voice call charge 18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen to all
Contract  2 years  2 years   2 years
Phone price RM 1699  RM 1499  RM 999
Estimated 2 years cost  RM 3091  RM 3611  RM 4311

If you feel there is a hassle and burden tied up for 24 months. You always can opt for purchasing new Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract. Comparison among Maxis, Digi and Celcom have been made. You can try to do comparison what you have to pay after a period of 1 year and 2 years with the contract you signed up.

Visit here to know about Comparison Maxis, Digi and Celcom plan on Samsung Galaxy S5 : Comparison Samsung Galaxy S5 among telcos

Visit here to know the specification of Samsung Galaxy S5 and interested to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract through Online : Get Samsung Galaxy S5 COD through Online

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