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Top 10 Telemovies Raya 2014

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Raya Trending Telemovies Must Watch Your friends are going to discuss these with you 


Starring : Nad Zainal, Wan Sharmila, Syarul Ridzuan, Fazreen Rafee, Razak Ahmad, Norish Karman

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Synopsis : Jihan, work as a clerk in a tourism agency. A fan of Korean drama and tv show. She knew all the Korean language widely used in Korean drama and TV show. Such as Ai go, Anehaseyo or JiHyo from Running Man. She dream of one day raya at Korea. Her dream come true after acknowledge she won a prize from a contest. Her trip to Korea is right on the date of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Starring : Rita Rudaini, Yus Jambu, Shah Tapaw, Mohammad Amirullah, Abdul Rahman, Mak Jah

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Zeel Production

Synopsis : A mid-age beautiful women move to their Kampung. Young dwellers were eagerly to know more about her. She wore traditional dress "Kebaya" all the time. Her name is "Indah" . Her beauty seduced 3 young adult happened to be best friends. Wardi, Asmadi and Taib. Their friendship eroded due to the matter of impressing Indah. Occurence of mystery dead happened after appearance of Indah at the Kampung.

Trailer : Youtube trailer Pontianak Teng Teng


Source : Kepala bergetar blogspot .com

Starring :  Azlee Khairi, Zara Zia, Fadillah Mansur, Idris MD Diah, Norish Karman, Mustapa Kamal

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

A special edition for the popular original drama Love You Mr Arrogant. Zara and Ilham blessed with a barely one year old baby. Sherry the antagonist in the original drama showed up. Interesting thing begin to pop out !


Source : bukan

Starring :  Emma Maembong, Fahrin Ahmad, Noorkhiriah Ahmad Shapie, Neza Hasbi, Nor Nisteena

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Irham and Aryana changed their personalities in this drama. Irham the boss is now following Aryana idea. Aryana prefers becoming a housewives rather than working with Irham at office.


Starring :  Yus Jambu, Tauke Jambu, Emelda Rosmila, Rahim Sepahtu, Hamid Gurkha

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : DNF Pictures

Yus is trying very hard to get soulmate before going back to his hometown for Raya in order to impress his family. The reason behind this is Yus do not want his mother handpicking future wife for him.


Source : layanon9 blogspot . com

Starring :  Remy Ishak, Yana Samsuddin,

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Synopsis : Atie is coming back to his hometown and meeting up with Firdaus Helmi who like bullying at young age. Will Atie tries revenge or the hateful feeling towards him turned to be a love story ??

Trailer : Atie Setan video trailer


Starring :  Akim Ahmad, Nad Zainal, Dato Hilal Azman, Anne Dollah, Ramli Saleh

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Luqsar Kreatif

Ain Sarat is having nine month pregnancy. During the period, she craving for exotic foods such as Camel meats, Cempedak and Porcupine meat.


Starring :  Izzue Islam, Azlee Khairi, Elfaeza

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Firash and Syafa married and blessed with a twin babies. Syafa watching Firash taking care babies like a novice. She make fun of him that matter. Shidah came back from oversea, a friend of Firash at younge age. She started to develop a sense of love towards Firash who just got married.

Trailer : Youtube trailer


Starring :  Zizan Razak, Emma Maembong

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Zizan Razak the main cast acted as a man who like to take photo with his smartphone . The action " selfie ". One of many day, he doing the Selfie with his smartphone captured a pretty female ghost acted by Emma Maembong.  Emma spirit is still around with a reason that she could not rest in peace. She asked Zizan Razak to do her a favor.

TrailerHantu Selfie Zizan Razak and Emma Maembong


Starring :  Shahrol Shiro, Joey Daud, Watie Sadali, Delimawati, Winnie Teoh.

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : CUEPRO

Shah married with a beautiful girl from Pahang. It almost 4 years Shah and Che Ta his wife were not going back to Kluang for 4 consecutive years. Shah missed his parent very much when Che Ta was asleep during the trip back to Pahang, Shah turned to the direction back to his hometown at Kluang instead of the original plan visiting Che Ta family.

Best Telemovies 2014
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10 Important things to do Hari Raya Malaysia

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Hari Raya Aildifitri 10 Checklists. Do your own or you may like one of them listed here

1. No last minute frenzy shopping

Imagine the attitude of rushing for last minute frenzy shopping spree, the shopping mall might overcrowd. You do not the meaning of overcrowd if you do not see one. I know you wish it not happening on you.

2. Plans homecoming route

Tune right radio station and open it louder to know current road situation. Do not be haste just follow the flow and be patient for your turn. You always get your turn please drive safely for the sake of passenger nad yourself

Get your neighbor alerted that you are heading home. Close the windows and close the gas chamber.

3. Tell employer 1 month in advance

Yes means yes, no means no that what employer will tell you unless you apply it in advance there is a big chance you will get it. However, there is percentage you still need to work. If you have seen the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Hari Raya video 2014 you will know what I had tried to say.

4. Check best discount deals for Hari Raya

Lazada Malaysia

Survey all options and physical outlets before decide to make a transaction because there are always big sales. All the people are now more keen surveying online products because items bought online were mostly cheaper due to no expensive rental fees


5. To cinema for Hari Raya movies " Tembus " or " Mat Tudung "

There are massive movies coming out such as the title suggested and Hollywood movies such as Hercules and  Guardian of Galaxy. It is sad to tell you guys that both the movies do not have macho Aaron Aziz or pretty Nelydia Senrose. 

6. Watch exclusive videos made for Hari Raya 2014 in Malaysia

Have you seen the latest Hari Raya advertisement video from Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Proton or Petronas ?? They have put tremendous effort to make these videos.

All the Hari Raya advertisement videos can be watched at All Hari Raya videos 2014

7. Upload Gathering pictures to social media

Do not get upload all pictures onto your Facebook or Twitter account. Tagging your friend and show them your smile face that would light up the dark sky.

8. Green Packets 

You will know the feeling of getting one when you visit employer or Datuk house. They usually warp it in green packets.

9. Use oil lamp to light surrounding house

Oil lamp is unique culture from ancestor. It has been passed down from generation to generation. It like a Christmas tree but it Hari Raya oil lamp for decoration the house during this period.

10. Be Tolerate

Last thing is to remind not everyone have this rare opportunity celebrating raya with friends and family. Keep them in touch !! You can always video chat the person later.

10 Things Malaysian buy online for Hari Raya 2014

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From the sales volume of a local e-commerce website, this is top 10 things people have purchased in the month of July

As Hari Raya Aidilfitri is approaching scheduled to be on July 25, 2014. People are rushing to buy essential goods but sometimes it really hard to make a decision for them. They would ask what to buy and what kind of trending things Malaysian like to buy during this month.

This could help you in your decision-making. Anyone who like to know any discounted goods this too a right place for you. One of the advice is that you really need to get yourself ready in prior to Hari Raya celebration because there will be lesser people are working during that time. If you want to buy anything just buy it right now before it too late. Your delivery is going to be delayed !

1. 5-1 stainless Steel Food Container

Who do not like food put into stainless steel container ? It look so elegant and clean. Those clashing sound when you knock the side by spoon or fork that really tempting to have. No plastic container anymore. Everything must have clean, white surface like Iphone. Besides, you can put a lot of bakery and give to relatives. This is so cheap everyone can afford it. More information at 5-1 Stainless steel RM18 

2. Shake n Take Blender 2 Bottles

Blend all the good fruits everything together. Or you want to blend ice to make ABC? . After you completed blending everything, you can take the bottle away and drink it at TV. A very convenience design. This is so cheap get them now more information at Shake n Take Blender RM60 or lesser

3. Happy Call Double Sided Pan

This so convenient with a 30CM size you can cook fishes or meats inside it. Either for you or for perfect wedding gift. Those who like to cook must be crazy about this. More information at RM75 only for 32CM

4. ASOTV Baby bullet blender

A perfect gift for relative just having baby. A tool to make healthy organic foods for babies. For those who want to learn how to use see it at baby bullet RM100 or less

5. Huawei Honor 3C

Huawei the third largest smartphone brands in the world is officially in Malaysia. Prime minister of Malaysia have visited Huawei company and awarded them AEO status. It so success everyone choose to buy them. The specification of it is relatively important to know, 5" screen size, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM and 8MP camera. The price is cheap and budget check it out at Honor 3C Dual SIM

6. Asus Zenfone 4

There is a free gift casing for you if buy it now. The specs for this smartphone are 4" screen size, 5MP camera, 8GB internal & 1GB RAM, bluetooth 4.0.  It will shock you when you know the actual price how much they are selling this. Everyone know that Asus is top laptops brand. How do you think their smartphone ?? RM 350 or lower for Asus Zenfone 4

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE

Have you thought owning a really big smartphone with the brand is currently top 1. Everyone know and trust Samsung products worldwide. It can compete with Apple which we know it really luxury to own an Apple product but Apple product does not have a big smartphone screen right ?? . Specification are LTE/4G, 5.7" screen size, 32GB internal & 3GB RAM, 13MP camera. It really much a portable moving laptop and a digital camera. More info at Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE RM1900 and below

8. Sokano H2O Steamer Cleaner Green

I do not know how to use this but this is next generation cleaner. It has this 5 in 1 multipurpose functions for your ease in your daily household chores. Imagine you have a combined in one piece of floor mop, Carpet cleaner, Garment steamer, window cleaner, Glass stain remover. This is the result. See the introduction video by a professional guy and know the price at Sokano H2O videos and price

9. Salav Garment Steamer Purple

Steam your beautiful dress or garment. No traditional shirt iron anymore. This is what those luxury garment or dress shop using. This is everyone dream to make a beautiful dress or garment even more shine. Everyone should have this in home now. Video how to use Salav Steamer and prices

10. ASOTV Slap Dice Mince Chop

I think this is everyone dream product at kitchen. Chop and mince everything so easily done. This is an innovative chopping machine designed for you. No more chopping and get risked hand bleeding. All so easy with this. Either fruits, onion, potato, tomato, carrot. It chops it all !! Stainless steel chop and mince only RM15 or below

Hari Raya Videos in Malaysia 2014

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Complete list of new Hari Raya videos in Malaysia 2014. Do not miss these meaningful videos 

Earliest wishing all happy celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim in Malaysia. Happy holiday for everyone.

1. This advertisement video is made by Telekom Malaysia 

Title : Sister

Moral of the story always know and admit your faults. Especially during Hari Raya ask for the forgiveness of elders.

2. Jakel and Aaron Aziz

Get Aaron Aziz and Zizan Razak brand at nearest Jakel clothing store. Check them out for original and high quality wear only RM60.

3. Petronas Hari Raya Video Song

Title : Ke Pangkuan Bonda

#PetronasRaya2014 , A hashtag newly created by Petronas for you who want to comment on this video clip. A very soothing song coupled with a family preparing for Hari Raya.

4. Astro Kosong Kosong chain videos

Casts : Lisa Surihani, Zizan Razak, Hanis Zalikha, Fazura, Nana Mahazan, Maya Karin, Feeya Iskandar, Azhael, Sheera Iskandar, Shiro, 

There are many video with the title "Kosong Kosong" by numerous actress and actors. One of them is from Lisa Surihani

5. Nissan Malaysia Hari Raya video

Title : Atuk

Grandpa and Grand mom went out dating without telling their son and grandson.

6. Hari Raya video by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)

Title : Ini Baru Raya

All the city dwellers back to Kampung. Try to catch live chicken is very difficult for those who never live at Kampung. Leave the job for elderly parent.

7. Panasonic Hari Raya Videos

Title : Riuh Punya Raya

There are 4 or more videos titled Riuh Punya Raya. In the end, they are promoting Panasonic electronic goods to all Malaysian.

8. Hari Raya video by JKKN

Title : Kuih Ibuku

True story of an adult man leaving behind his mother.

9. Hari Raya with Ambank

Title : Raya Bergaya

Raya bergaya with Ambank.

10. Hitachi Hari Raya advertisement videos

Title : Kasih Lebaran

There were more than one video. See them all !

11. Tenaga Nasional Hari Raya Video Song

It really creative video by TNB. So far, there are 3 videos with different genre. Joket, Original and Pop.

12. Hari Raya Video with TV9

From Media Prima a meaningful video. Spend more time with parent is always undeniably right decision

13. Hari Raya Proton Advertisement video

14. Hari Raya Aid with KFC Malaysia

More about " Hari Raya " in Unitedmy

  1. Top 10 goods/product Malaysian buy online during/before Hari Raya

Voucher code for Lazada Malaysia July 2014

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Lazada Malaysia voucher code for everyone purchasing items with extra discount  

                                                      Lazada Malaysia

There will be a massive sales in Lazada Malaysia for this month as Hari Raya Aidilfitri is around the corner. Everyone is so happy there are few more days left. Keep your faith strong continue abstain from food and water if you are able and healthy person.

Live life to the fullest. Feeling like Hari Raya in coming tomorrow no doubt the sign is surfacing. Have you seen large traffic congestion and people raging at the street ?? Well, do your part and this is your responsibility to reduce the impact of road congestion. How ?? Like the old saying, preparation must be as early as possible.

It was impossible to prepare early ? It just a reason and excuse by people who do not know how to do it or just want buy when shopping mall is crowded. Have you consider the shop staff feeling ? they might have headache or wrongly calculate your money. By the time you found it out, you have no reason to go back because counter were full of people.

Parking lot is a big issue in Malaysia. Although car is consider luxury but there were always not enough parking lots. We do not have those sophisticated parking lots yet so you need to be tolerate about this. The best solution for this is you need to do a preparation early.

There are so many best online deals out there in conjunction of Hari Raya. You should not missed this opportunity. Get them before it too late !! Sales is everywhere look harder you will notice them. For example, Lazada Balik Kampung 2014 deals. 

Sharing is caring below are voucher code where you can insert when purchasing at Lazada Malaysia. Do share this out !! 

Voucher code       : LazSuperRaya
Voucher amount    : RM25
Minimum spending : RM150
Validity                  : 16 July - 25 July

If there is any problem the voucher do blast it at the comment section. Want more ?? I will tell when there is more voucher codes