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10 Favourite Tablets available in Malaysia

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Wonder any new tablets in the market ? Have a quick look on these brand new and high-end tablets ! 

Samsung Galaxy note 8


Company : Samsung Electronic

Highlighted features : 16GB WIFI+3G, S PEN, 8" screen

Colour : White

This tablet introduced in the market on April 2013. Widely sold Malaysia nationwide in May. As the title suggested, it is 8.0" wide screen. powered with google's Android system 4.1. Processor is 1.6 Ghz enough to run multiple windows. Popular features are included such as Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS. Last but not least, it has 5 mega pixel camera +1.3 MP front camera. The price in 14.01.2014 should be RM1188.00
Check current price at Galaxy note tablet white


Company : Microsoft

Highlighted features : 32GB/ 2GB RAM, 10.6"screen , windows 8, I5 processors, standing

Colour : Black

This tablet is powered by computer's I5 chip. memory running at 4GB with storage capacity stood 64GB. It can run pretty much like a computer only excluding a high-end graphic card a computer can possess. Can play any movies You like with standing feature plus compatible with keyboard and pen. More information and check current price at Microsoft surface RT tablet


Company : Apple

Highlighted features : 64GB, 9.7" screen , iOS 6, retina display, facetime, WIFI

Colour : White

Ipad 4 generation come with retina display make your images and videos clearer. Imagine reading world news, retina display could maximize your reading experience to the fullest. Apple Ipad is incredibly amazing. Introducing Facetime through WIFI mode and You could record video in HD.  All of these powerful things powered by apple battery that could last for at least 10 hours fully charged. Price in malaysia in January 2014 could be RM1,999.00. The price always changing check at Ipad retina 4th generation


Company : Samsung Electronic

Highlighted features : LTE, 10.1" screen, WIFI and bluetooth

Colour : White

It is 2014 Edition Samsung Galaxy note. Running 3 GB memory and latest Android version 4.3. built-in storage capacity is 32GB. If you buy this model, there are headphones and S-Pen included. I haven write the most powerful feature in this model. It is well planned for those who like to multi task. "Multi screen". You could do two things at once meaning in one screen with two different things. It also come with Adobe Photoshop to test your editing photo skills. Check current price at Galaxy note 10 Tablet white


Company : Apple

Highlighted features : 4G LTE, 9.7" screen, WIFI and bluetooth, 5MP, iOS 7.

Colour : Space Gray

It superb light and thin with new Apple's Ipad Air. They successfully reduce the size of battery without compromise the power energy. Minimize the battery size enable them to increase the storage capacity than previous predecessor. Equipped with latest iOS apple windows version 7. It is used by many artists, professor and students worldwide. In Malaysia market, you could find this RM2,300.00 +. More information and current price at Ipad Air 16GB WIFI

Below are cheap and budget highly efficient tablet generally cater for mass population. If you first want to own a tablet but limited resources You could buy these with affordable prices. !


Company : Lenova

Highlighted features : 7.2" screen, WIFI and bluetooth, 5MP, Android 4.2, Quad-core.

Colour : White

Readily built-in storage capacity of 16GB. Running 4 cores inside the tablets enough for game app lovers. Surprisingly come with front camera 0.3MP and 5MP back camera. It is also very light only 0.34 KG. Lenova commited to bring good product to you offering 1 year warranty to every tablet You purchase. Price in Malaysia is selling at RM641.00. More information and current discounted price at Lenovo Ideapad A3000


Company : Tenko

Highlighted features : 7" screen, WIFI &3G, Android 4.2, Dual-core, microSD.

Colour : White

Extremely light only 0.28KG with 7" screen size. Powered by android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Dual core processor. It also come with camera 2 Mega pixel for photo capturing. Huge screen for reading and gaming enhanced experience. It has built-in WIFI or You can choose to plug 3G dongle. The unique thing about Tenko tablet , they offer competitive price RM399.00  and 1 year warranty. Many people bought this and rated them positive rating. Interested , You can visit at Tenko 8GB Wifi Black


Company : Acer

Highlighted features : 7.9" screen, WIFI &Bluetooth, Android 4.2, Quad core, 5MP, microSD

Colour : White

One of the recommended tablet for cheap and budget tablet by author of Acer produces most quantity of PC and they are changing direction to dominate in tablet market. As you can see, the specification of tablet they are making today is quite affordable and meet the demand of consumer. Quad core processor, 8" screen and WIFI & bluetooth to fill the demands. Excellent 5 mega pixel with 16GB internal plus 1GB RAM. It sold for RM 523.00. Check current price and more information at Acer Iconia WIFI Gold


Company : AIGO/UTOO

Highlighted features : 6" HD screen, WIFI , Android 4.0, microSD

Colour : White
AIGO is similar to TENKO tablet they offers the most underlying specification of tablets world. It is designed for low-end user who just want to own a tablet with the growing numbers of user who owned a tablet. AIGO tablet does have camera 0.3 MP, 4GB internal memory, WIFI supported. You can use this to surf Internet and open facebook anywhere you want and bigger screen then your smartphone. It does not support telephone call but you can do messaging by nearest WIFI hot spot. The price are really affordable only RM169.00 and You might need them to add memory into it cost around RM50. This tablet has 156 reviews it worth to see what they has to said at Aigo M60 Black


Company : MACSONIC

Highlighted features : 9"  screen, WIFI&3G , Android 4.0, microSD

Colour : White

The unique feature of Macsonic tablet is they have bigger screen a whopping 9" screen size bigger than most of the tablets in the market. They also have Front and back camera for consumer who like to do video chatting and consierable amount of internal storage capacity 8GB. If you decided to purchase, they will free you a earphone. It only cost You around RM329.00. Worth to check it out 9" tablet with rock-bottom price at Macsonic Sonicpad 9" screen with WIFI

That all for 10 most favourite tablets in Malaysia.

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