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10 Things to do during Chinese New Year 2016

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4 out of 10 CNY activities You Have Done it unconsciously.

Chinese New Year is HOLIDAY !!


Sunway Carnival Mall
Sunway Carnival Mall

Each shopping mall in Malaysia offers spectacular seasonal decoration especially during all-time favorite Chinese New Year. Sunway Carnival Mall might have spent thousands in order to signify the coming of Lunar new year festival. There is no need to pay to take a picture with your friends !

Branches of man-made Cherry blossom were one of the attraction where passerby could write and tag wishes cards onto the branch. Most popular wishes are health, relationship and job !

Check it out Suria Sabah Shopping mall's Chinese new year 2015 decoration ! Suria Sabah Chinese New Year decoration 2015


It was not Chinese New year without lion dance. Lion dance is a hired performance done with or without the rising platform. However, the lion dance is must to be performed with loud instruments. One will see the lion dance performers making an art out of mandarin orange or carrying a 4-words scroll to gift to the one who funded the performance.


Well known director Stephen Chow's the "mermaid" is one of the selected few films to debut during the highly coveted first week of the Chinese New Year . The film recorded as highest opening ticket sales in a week in many countries including Malaysia.


Parkson counter

There is no way throughout the Chinese New Year week wearing the traditional red Chinese costume. I suppose new clothes mean ward off previous year bad luck. It was really fun though !


There is no compulsory on this point. Everyone went to do some look adjustment in order to wow the crowd of relative. However, dying hair is not very accepted by any parents thinking as it would probably give a bad impression.


Cameo Penang

Cocktail tables full of booze. Singing and dancing with band and DJ. A night before Chinese new year eve 2016 ! The lightning effect is quite cool. It was a little bit intense knowing that the entrance fee was FREE



Crowded temple with overwhelming devotees performing burnt offerings.


Night singing performance !



Everyone love gambling during this time. Only on this festival occasion, The full of dust poker cards and discolored mahjong were taken out from store shelves. Most of them were not addicted to poker or mahjong gambling. After the festival, the mahjong and poker will see no light again until next CNY.


The perception is winning and losing is a matter of luck.


Ritual before meal
A god blessed meal

An offering before a meal. The food then will be properly placed at dining table.

Prosperity Burger vs Chicken Rice

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Make your move visit McDonalds and Chicken Rice Shop now as new menu rolled out in the month of January 2016

McDonalds Malaysia prosperity burger

Prosperity Burger is McD Malaysia festive menu only available when Chinese New Year is around the corner. A set of Prosperity Burger, come with Twister fries and Prosperity McFlizz. Honestly, The prosperity McFlizz is definitely easy to make. The ingredients are adding some orange with 80%. sprite. I have seen it and you probably could have seen it too since McDonald practice open kitchen  

Craving other than Prosperity Burger or feeling Prosperity burger too small portion for your appetite?

Introducing Chicken Rice Shop's Chinese new year menu,  It highly recommended due to its variety of delicious snacks especially the "Nyonya Pai Tee"and "The Pak Choy" with dark soy sauce and last but not least delicious mouth-watering Hainanese style Chicken with special kind of dressing.

The drink was exclude from the package though ! The cost is RM22 per person.

Fish prices in Sabah is lowest during Lunar New Year 2014

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Among other states in Malaysia, Sabah fish prices is the lowest in most districts. 

In Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan website, there is a price controlled scheme for Chinese New Year 2014 lasts for 15 days from 26 January until 9 February 2014. It is to warned merchants do not raise their goods price as they wish. It acted as a guidelines for the consumer purchasing during Chinese New Year 2014. The motive is really clear that 13 goods listed inside the scheme is to ensure fair and just goods price to both buyers and sellers. 

There are 13 things listed inside comprised of chicken, egg, onions, pork meat. Check full list at here. It is very obvious and clear most of the goods price in west Malaysia and east Malaysia are different. Although Sabah has the lowest selling price in consumable fishes, all of the other good listed were higher compared to west Malaysia. Either onion, eggs or chicken are different price compared to West Malaysia. 

There is RM10.00 fishes price difference in West Malaysia and East Malaysia. However, Garlic, slaughtered chicken and eggs are slightly higher in Sabah and Sarawak compared to West Malaysia. Let say standard chicken and super chicken in Selangor costing around RM7.50 and RM8.30 respectively. In Sarawak, the price will be RM8.50 and RM9.50 respectively. In Sabah, the price will be Rm10 and Rm10.30 respectively. 

Conclusion, fish prices in Sabah is uniquely low and the only state offer price ranging Rm20.00 - Rm25.00. Other states including Sarawak prices are higher than Rm35.00.  

10 things only appear on Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year 2014 is almost over now. Many people flourishing back to their workplace after days gathering and visiting family members at distanced places. 

1.Fire Cracker

Firecracker is so loud I barely sleep on that midnight January 31, 2014. Most of the firecrackers are illegally selling at Malaysia but on festival season authorities are loosen their sight on this matter.

2. CNY decorations

Every year new designs coming out luring many to buy. They never run out of fashion. Most people keep don throw them away and reuse them next year 

3. Angpows

If you are not married , relative members will give you ANGPOW representing their family blessing to you. It usually contains banknotes. Besides, if you visiting your friends house, you are likely given Angpow too if your friends parents are at home.

4. Yeo's Beverage

yeo's chrysanthemum and winter melon

Yeo's drinking products are the most popular almost every household bought them for CNY festive season. It chrysanthemum and winter melon . It easily spotted at local market store and very tasty. As for the sandy or Anglia, it is an alcoholic drinks It must be from Guinness.

5. CNY cookies & chips and cakes

Bitter crab chips? It not salty like Potato's chip it got little bitter taste

Cashewsugi cookies 

Expensive peanuts( sorry do not know know how to call it )

Luxury kua Gi ( sorry do not know how to call it )

golden cake-nian gao

Nian Gao or Golden cake



Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange

It is not really complete though there are more and more things only appear in Lunar New Year hoping can finish them. There are lion dance and mr fortune and more. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year 2014.