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Red Bull Air Race 2014 at Putrajaya

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Embrace Yourself for Stunning Air Race Event with breathtaking Putrajaya Background View

Putrajaya scenery Source : Red Bull Air Race website

There are a reasons why they Red Bull held it at Putrajaya, Malaysia. Red Bull planner needs a beautifully vast, greener environment for their theme. They had chosen Putrajaya for this exclusive event. Malaysian is no foreign to Air type performance. 

Red Bull Air Race created in 2013 is an international series of Air races. It is just like Formula 1 at the ground but this one will be on the air. The Air Race rules are different. An expert pilot will need to go through Air gates challenges to win this competition.

Talking about Air race, Malaysian have seen Royal Air Force performing at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition or in short LIMA. It is held every 2 years. One of the Asia most prestigious aerospace, maritime, commercial and defense events. In this LIMA event, there are total 30 aircraft will be performing air stunts and each aircraft come from different nationality pilots. Pilots are coming from Russia, United States, Thai, Indonesia and Australia. Of course, Malaysia is bringing out his own team carrying the name of 1 Malaysia Aerobatic Team or Kris Sakti

Kris Sakti Turning left . Source : Langkawiairshowfan.blogspot

Red Bull is on the air. Source : 

Both events are designed to take away our eye sight away like pyrotechnic in new year. Back to Red Bull Air Race that it will an epic eye-catching event. Red Bull Air Race Championship is back to the skies on February 2014 with full seven-race World Championship staged in 6 countries. The world's fastest motorsport series. The defending World Champion Paul Bonhomme from Britain won the series in 2009 and 2010. The great attraction would be the current defending champion is up against former champion in the year 2004 and 2006.

A challenge named as "Air Gate" . As you can the pilot maneuver the plane into vertical position to cross it. Pilot body will be completely vertical in this stunt performance

Imagine to perform aircraft vertical stunt will be as amazing as martial artist performing their fast hand and kick movement. It require expertise, knowledge and experience in order to pull this performance work in the sake of bringing entertainment to the public and for the event itself. 

A week before the event begin, Malaysia has make a decision bringing out own pilot to compete in this game. Halim Othman is a decorated Malaysian air display team leader and a former top gun pilot in Royal Malaysian Air Force. He joined Royal Malaysian Force in the age of 19. Halim working hard in his pilot skill subsequently won 1991 best fighter pilot award. He is truly alive and living in his dream as a successful pilot. A retired military with clocked 4,000 flight hours.

Will Halim Othman won the game and placed in top 3 ranking? It is not about ranking but all about the process, tear and sweat individual has put in what they love to do !! This Red Bull Air Race season in Malaysia will be started on May 17 - May 18, 2014

So many happening in the year of 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia year 2014. In order to enter and watch it at nearest possible with great stunning view and experience, you are require to purchase General admission which is under RM150. Grand stand admission at RM776. Race Club admission fee will be at RM1600. The price is vary !

Tentative schedule

Saturday, May 17th
  • 11.00 Gates open
  • 11.00 Training Masters 1
  • 12.00 Training Masters 2
  • 13.30 Challenging Cup 
  • 14.40 Winning Ceremony
  • 15.00 Qualifying Masters

Sunday, May 18th
  • 13.00 Gates open
  • TBC opening show
  • 15.45 RBAR Masters - Top 12
  • 16.45 RBAR Masters - Super 8
  • 17.15 RBAR Masters - Final 4
  • 17.45 Winner Ceremony

Safety is priority ! Godspeed and Good Luck to every pilots ! 

Formula E Championship 2014 confirmed held at Malaysia

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Putrajaya is hosting FIA Formula E Championship. It will be on October 18, 2014.

Source: motioncar
In conjunction with "Visit Malaysia 2014" this will be a big and huge events for both tourist and local community. Malaysia is being picked as a second avenue for exclusive auto racing. There are other 10 cities and they have put Putrajaya number 2. After Beijing hosted the championship match, the attention will be turned to Malaysia.