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Formula E Championship 2014 confirmed held at Malaysia

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Putrajaya is hosting FIA Formula E Championship. It will be on October 18, 2014.

Source: motioncar
In conjunction with "Visit Malaysia 2014" this will be a big and huge events for both tourist and local community. Malaysia is being picked as a second avenue for exclusive auto racing. There are other 10 cities and they have put Putrajaya number 2. After Beijing hosted the championship match, the attention will be turned to Malaysia.

The events are officially launched by Prime Minister Najib Razak in Putrajaya. In the events, signing of the city agreement took place between Aseh Che Mat for Putrajaya and Johann Young for formula E host of the second leg Formula E race. Malaysian racing car fans are thrilled and expecting to see the racer and also the iconic racing car brands such as McLaren, Michelin, Renault, Audi, Virgin and Tag Heuer.  

There are 10 others cities will be hosting FIA championship 2014. They are Beijing, Putrajaya, Rio de Janeiro, Punta El Este, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Miami, Monte Carlo, Berlin and London. Although Malaysia does not send a team competing in FIA championship match, it still worth to check them out. Countries competing each other are teams from China, USA, United Kingdom. France, Japan, Germany, India and Monaco.

10 teams with 20 drivers and 40 cars are scheduled to be used throughout the FIA match. Every team has 2 persons inside a car and every team has 4 cars. If you are interested to watch car speeding up to 100km/h in ml3 seconds and the noisy sound coming out the track circuit you might want to join at coming October 2014.

The Race is following a schedule which in morning, they are in practice session and then subsequently, qualifying 1 lap time each driver with both A and B cars. In the afternoon, cars will be recharged for evening matches which is the most anticipated. In the meantime, all the racing models will be coming out at afternoon. On evening, it will be a final match with 3 stints and 2 pit stops. Pit stops is when racers abandon it racing car and will run 100 meters from there toward a recharged new racing car to finish the race match.

Formula E Championship event lasts for a year the final destination where top racer competing is at United Kingdom scheduled to be on June 2015.