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Proof Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Picture does not lie. 6 Boys and 1 girl. No joking around !

The Maze Runner cinema poster from the left to the right. Teresa, Thomas, Newt, Alby, MinHo, Gally and Chuck 

  • Yong Jae-suk was replaced in the Maze Runner Newt

  • Giraffe or Lee Kwang Soo is substituted with Minho

  • Gary is Thomas

  • Haha is Chuck

  • Ji Suk-Jin is the Alby

  • Son Ji Hyo was replaced by the name of Teresa

  • Kim Jong-Kook is Maze runner's Gally

What do you think about it ??

Full review of Maze Runner at Maze runner complete view

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Video Running Man are promoting season 2 in Malaysia

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Running Man Season 2 will be even funnier and full of energy. Number 1 TV show in Malaysia

They are coming to you this November 2014. 4 of them Song Ji Hyo, HAHA, Ji Suk Jin & Kim Jong Kook are feeling excited to meet their Malaysian fans. There were a poll organized by popular TV agency in Malaysia that actually came out an unexpected result Running Man has been voted as most popular foreign TV show.

We have Running Man episodes broadcast every Saturday and Sunday on TV2 between 4PM-5PM. Although Malaysian generally do not understand Korean language, the subtitles has helped to ease language barrier. The popularity of the show in Malaysia has many determinant factors but language barrier never really deter them to watch it.

Funny, pretty and handsome casts and novelty landscape were some of the determinant factors. Not to mention the Korean wave in past few years could be one of the strong factor leading them to watch it. To the extend, some of them are going as far as learning their language. No doubt, the whole world have witnessed and known the influence of Korean Pop when the video Gangnam Style broke 2 billion views in Youtube.

Running Man Fan Meeting will be held on November 1 at Stadium Negara. In case you are interested there is an entrance fee. Race Start Season 2 are presented by One HD with supporting Sponsor Red Bull No.1 Energy Drink in Malaysia. Do not get overwhelm excited as the date of releasing tickets is yet to be announced.

Do not forget to share this out with your friends on this exciting news. Watch the video below and start to question "Where is Gary " ?