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New Sony Xperia Z2 released in Malaysia 2014

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Sony Mobile Malaysia said in Facebook they are releasing most anticipated Sony Xperia Z2 with free gifts

Xperia Z2 releasing note Source: Facebook mobileMY

Huge Sony fans in Malaysia will be thrilled to see this announcement. Malaysian have a good trust on Sony products especially youngsters. I don seem to understand is that because it is waterproof or scratch, dust proof ? or whether it sony camera or sony audio speakers?

In recent global news about Xperia mobile, Sony is doing great in mobile business selling almost 39 million Sony smartphones worldwide in 2013. Their annual report released to the public for whole 2013. Comparison 2012 and 2013 Sony annual mobile sales report, an increasing of 5 million sales recorded as 2012 Sony mobile sales was 34 million.

Sony is very optimistic about their mobile sales in 2014. They expected an increasing of 11 million mobile sales this year compared to last year 39 million. Are they expecting too much ? No, they are certainly not because 50 million is not hardly an unreachable sales expectation. Huawei, Samsung and apple each have sales expectation exceeded 50 million.

Back to Xperia Z2, Sony newest LTE/4G enabled smartphone. If you purchase it today or tomorrow they are giving away free gifts a battery dock or battery cable. Let see Xperia Z2 specification !


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
RAM        : 3GB
Display     : 5.2" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 20.7 Megapixels
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 163g
Color                : Purple and Black

Features : Water, scratch, dust proof, Kitkat 4.4.2.

Sony Xperia Z2 is relatively new smartphone released to the market. It is surprising that it will be released so fast in Malaysia market. Sony Xperia Z2 is set to compete with Samsung Galaxy S5, Iphone 5S, HTC One M8, Oppo Find 7a, Xiaomi m 3. 

After review specification of Sony Xperia Z2, the main attractive and unique points of this smartphone are cutting-edge camera technology and powerful and fast RAM. It is able to do movie recording in 4k resolution. I could not think any smartphone out there stand against Sony Xperia Z2's sharpest camera technology.

It always fun to to see user holding Xperia smartphone while raining

Interested to know the price and full detail you can always visit sony malaysia website.

Anyways, if you feel like purchasing white colored Sony Xperia Z2 with exclusive FIFA merchandise, Adidas Mini Brazuca ball and sport shirts, The price is RM 2359 .Please visit here for more detail at Sony Xperia Z2 white free FIFA merchandise and more

Top 10 Smartwatch You can buy in Malaysia

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The world is foreseeing Watch Evolution. Pay your groceries at counter with your Near Field Communicatio(NFC) enabled Watches.  

In the year of 2014, many still unable to reap smartwatch technology unlike smartphone. To realize full potential of Smartwatch, we must need to witness those people in highly developed countries. They key in sensitive information like loyalty cards and credit card into smartwatch and pay groceries, movie ticket, toll at counter with their always-at-hand watch.

Sony and Samsung have made their watch carrying their brand but it is still very early to judge there are lucrative market. Most of the market are still in the state of acknowledging. As if a Malaysian actually purchase a smartwatch can they use it like a credit card? It is still unknown that whether most of the Malaysian shop, supermarket, restaurant, cinema accept or not . Besides, for Apple fans, Apple are still making smartwatch. You might see iWatch this year.


Straps : Silicon and metal

Color : Pink and blue (Different color strap Sold separately)

It is 1.6" screen size larger 0.3" than Sony MN 2. Do take note that Sony smartwatch 2 is compatible Android version 4.0 and above. It would not work with version below than that.

Sony smartwatch 2 is billed as the first NFC watch resistant to water. First introduce in IFA 2013. A big product for those lead an active lifestyle like sport celebrity or anything come close to that.

It can handling calls, taking a photo, controlling presentation, Facebooking, tweet twitter. It only cost around RM600 . Current price and availability at sony smartwatch 2

Sony MN2


Color : White

Strap : Rubber white ( You buy new favorite strap at store)

It really cheap now not over RM400.00 with 1.3" screen size. Compatible with android version 2.1 and above. It also water proof and dust proof.. Great thing about having a smartwatch, You would not need to reach your smartphone at pocket or at your bag pack. battery life up to 3days
Get latest price at Sony MN2 white

Samsung Galaxy Gear


Straps : Yellow, Green, White, Black, Orange, Gold

Although Samsung smartphone is dominating mobile phone market share, they are designing smartwatch to capture market share in watch too ! They have been making different colors smart watch to offer more choice for consumer.

It does everything what Sony Smarwatch capable of. It can capture image and receive call. If you are Samsung hardcore fans you would definitely pick this. It sold at around RM800. Visit at Samsung galaxy gear

Smartdevice Z Watch


Color : Purple, blue,red  (Straps can be bought separately)

Compatibility : Android version 4.0 and above

We have seen news article about Sony and Samsung made smartwatch but little knowing that China company under the name "Smart Devices" made this groundbreaking smartwatch.

It is also equipped with water resistant feature. It can do almost everything except it does not built-in camera. User can receive and decline call, plug for music, WIFI enabled, Bluetooth 4.0 technology, microphone. It also boast that expert voice recorder, all-weather pedometer, sweet sleep quality analyzer,

Everything made from China that why they can offer superb range of color watch straps. It is selling at RM 400+ . Check current price and availability at Smart Device Z

Pebble smartwatch


Compatibility : Android and Apple smartphone

Color : Black, Red and White

1.26" screen size almost equal to Sony MN2. Pebble smartwatch is designed to be water and scratch proof.

The technology inside Pebble is Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The good thing about Pebble is that you could personalized notifications and downloadable apps that keep you going. The pebble is definitely best of all you can see the watch clearly under the sunlight or under water. When you have call, the pebble will alert you by vibrating.  Check newest price at Pebble Smartwatch


Compatibility : Android and Apple smartphones

Color : Black, Blue and White

Let say you forgetting your Ipad at coffee house, cinema counter or at car, your watch will notify you by vibrating your hand. It make sure you are always connected to various social media platform like facebook and twitter. It notify you important call, miss call, SMS, calender.

It also can act as a remote control for your smartphone camera. Taking picture with you inside the picture with all your friends instead of you taking the photo exclude yourself from the photo. Highly advanced bluetooth 4.0 technology with water resistant and shock resistant. It is now selling at RM400 or lesser . Check current price and availability at Cookoo smartwatch


Type : Smartwatch / Smart Bracelet /Nano

Color : Orange, White, Black

Everyone know Switzerland made the finest watch piece. They are venturing into smartwatch !!. Mykronoz is their pride. Basically what sony and samsung smartwatch can do, Mykronoz will impress you that it also can do !

It is touchscreen, It has microphone and speaker built-in. You can answer a phone call literally from your wrist. Save your time finding phone at bag and pocket or even drop your phone at road side now you can solve all of these unfortunate event by owning a Mykronoz smartwatch. Don like a smartwatch concept, you must be a girl then own a Mykronoz bracelet !! Yes ! They build a smart bracelet looking smartwatch specific to cater demand by female. Check current price and availability at Mykronoz zewatch


Compatibility : Android and Apple smartphone

Color : Black

Trakdot is a well known company making a tracking device for luggage in case of losing it at international airport. They are making a sophisticated trakdot smartwatch and they are very successful. This smartwatch deserve attention !

Although it does not have color screen but all of the features are amazing. You can view time crystal clear under a bright sun thank to e-paper display technology. It alert you Call, SMS, Call log, Calender alert. It also has altimeter, barometer, Calorie, Pedometer, Weather alert. You also can do music control and camera control if you linked your smartphone together. Well, one of the significant feature is BOSCH sensor. Want to know how much check it here Trakdot smartwatch


Compatibility : Android and Apple smartphone

Color : White

Casio is one of the prominent watch maker. No doubt it is their duty to compete in ever growing smartwatch market. It's body made by aluminium and water resist.

Do note that there were many Casio G shock model. This particular watch model support bluetooth connectivity. It support Android and iOS smartphones. It is important to know that if you most of the smartphone made from 2013 are compatible. Similar to many smartwatch it is water proof and shock proof. Check price at Casio G Shock bluetooth


Most cheapest among all smartwatch. There is lack of information about YAMI W100 smartwatch due to it parent company is from China. If you search in Chinese character you might found detailed information. A smartwatch collaboration from Korean CECT company.

From the available information, It has MP3, digital camera, phone call, built-in microphone, built-in speaker. Check price at Yami 100 smartwatch

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