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Top 13 McDonald's Previous Promotions 2014 - 2016

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Sharing McDonald's moments ! McDonald's promotions 2014 - 2016

McDonald's is on smart move closing down few of its outlets in order to maintain a good annual balance sheet. Is McDonald's growing too fast ? 

The answer is no. If you want which fast food restaurant has surpassed McDonald's in rapid expansion will be KFC. Any small town nationwide you will see KFC and not McDonald's. Then why they are downsizing despite business is strategically located and doing just fine?

No point in arguing on that matter, let just rewind / reminiscence some of the nicest McDonald's Malaysia promotions.

McDonald's Minion toy

1. Minion Toys

Despicable Me the movie was so success when McDonald's Malaysia decided to roll out toy version of Minion everyone was like "I am gonna collect all of them".

McDonald's Malaysia chicken

2. McDonald's Chicken

The taste is fairy nice and so unique. Dipping slice of it into chili sauce is unbeatable combination.

Prosperity burger beef Malaysia

3. McDonald's Prosperity Burger

When Chinese New Year is around the corner, McDonald's never fail rolling out its annually promotional food, prosperity burger. 

FIFA Habanero Burger

4. Habanero Burger

Available during the football madness when Brazil was the main host for FIFA World Cup 2014 that held every 4 years. Never gonna forget painstakingly load of spice inside the burger.

5. Beef Samurai

Eat it like a real Onigiri. The seaweed is bomb coupled with fresh deep-fried fries.

6. Vanilla Ice-cream

The best ice-cream flavor in the world. Cherish your vanilla as in history, vanilla used to be very expensive product and only privileged people access to vanilla ice-cream. Although it much cheaper now, must appreciate every bite of it !

McDonald's Malaysia Congee

7. McDonald's Congee

Home sick of your mother / grandmother Congee ? Now, you can get it at McDonald's without cooking at home.

8. Burger Syok

Notice the artwork ? That is a common depiction of a man draw by local artist. The taste of burger so familiar and delicious.

9. Cakoi with Soya Milk

I do not mean to be rude, when I was eating Cakoi, peoples sitting around me were like kept looked at me, "Am I eating too loud" ? Dipping bits of Cakoi either the chili sauce or Soya milk, it absolutely made my day.

10. Grand Platter

Fulfill your morning with joyful breakfast. Literally wake up early queuing for new McDonald's Malaysia breakfast introduced on early December in conjunction with the launching of Cakoi in the morning menu. Most favorite in this grand platter will be baked bean !!

11. Hawaii Deluxe

The best burger ever. Satisfying level 10 / 10

12. Chicken Wrap

The juicy meat is wrapped flatbread plus ice cold lettuce and purple lettuce bring a sensational meal.

13. Chicken Foldover

Fold with a really thick flatbread plus a two juicy meat. The eating is very different because the meat is not wrapped fully.

Express My Love for McDonald's by through the years of collecting McDonald's promotions food images.  cWhat it like to miss McDonald's promotion ? Be sure to be able to eat all of the McDonald's Malaysia promotion before it gone !

10 Interesting Places in Pulau Pinang

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The official name for the state is Pulau Pinang or in generally recognized as Penang. Most of the interesting places are in Georgetown. Georgetown are located on the island and Butterworth is the mainland of Penang.

Most of the Penang population speaks Hokkien / Teochew dialect. In addition, younger generation speak well in Mandarin language and English.


jalan padang kota lama, esplanade penang

Run on the field and feel the sea breeze. Local community like hanging out at here. Strategic location and should be always your first place to explore. Time to come 5PM - 11PM . Nearby to Fort Cornwallis.


Fort Cornwallis Cannon

It is where the war erupted in order to prevented intruders were not fought easily. Many years later, the peace we are having present might be the effort of forefathers. There were prison, small church and displays of weaponry.


Starbucks Batu Ferringgi

Cake and Coffee under the scorching sun with beach and sea breeze. Walking the sandy beach while enjoy watching sea activities outside the Starbucks.


Entopia butterfly park

Embarks on the journey life cycle of butterflies and many other insects such as ants and bees.

Read / Click > FULL ARTICLE


Opt to spend 1 night at the top of the Penang hill or walking around with enjoying the cold temperature.


Penang bus 101

Wish to explore Penang attractions ? The bus with the number 101 will take you most of the interesting places at Pulau Pinang. one of the top to-do-list you must have visiting Penang island. Higher chance mingle with the local community.


There are two large shopping malls situated at Gurney Drive. Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon. As if you are person who like to visit shopping mall these are your ideal places for visit.


Penang Jetty Ferry

Unless take taxi to Georgetown crossing Penang bridge, alternatively, one could take ferry from Butterworth terminal. Arriving Georgetown, you are nearby Penang bus station. Ferry Station has served thousands of visitors between Georgetown and Butterworth. One way trip costs RM1.20


Armenian Street painting

Lots of wall paintings awaits you to discover. so grab every opportunity visit Penang's Armenian street.


Penang Chew Jetty

One of the significant to-do-list you must accomplish before leaving Penang. There are stalls for you to enjoy Penang local delicacies. Definitely must try the Penang Char Koay Teow

10 Good Reasons You should Play Pokemon Go

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I have play the Pokemon Go since it first launching

10 good reasons stem from you. These are mine. What are yours ?

1. The Challenge

Achieve this accomplishment with Pokemon Go

Get out of your sofa because it just an illusion of comfort. We are making a history, we are leaving a mark. Let catch all the pokemon !

It does not matter how much Pokemon you have catch. It is a personal time you and Pokemon Go. Take your time, enjoy the great game.

One day in the near future, you will thank Pokemon Go for it encourages spending time walking around for your health.

In my experience, I have endured 2 hours of walking with Pokemon Go. The distance recorded was 2 to 3 Kilometers. That is something I cant achieve without Pokemon Go. It is harder than you think, 2 to 3 kilometers is merely less than 5,000 steps. Still, it better than nothing.

2. The Surprise

Dragonite Pokemon Go
Dragonite on the screen

When an extremely rare pokemon appears, the amount of excitement is unimaginable. Dragonite is the last pokemon to have in current Pokedex.

Pokemon Go egg hatching

Egg hatching is one of the motivator for distance walking ! One can get some rare pokemon in 10 KM eggs.

3. Childhood Dream

I think you guys share the same dream as me to be the Pokemon master. This dream however, faded through times. In my time with Pokemon, I was 8 years old and thought the other part of the world lies a Pokemon island where Pokemon did exist there. Well, that happened after finish watching some episodes of Pokemon in my CD player. The pirated CD was like RM12.90 with 3 Pokemon episodes in one CD.

That was not just it, when I was much younger, fighting my sibling over a Gameboy device with Pokemon game in it.

4. The Achievement

The game is not about catching the strongest Pokemon, it is about catching all the Pokemon appears on your screen. Even the strongest Pokemon will just contribute 100 experience points to your level. The tips is to catch all Pidgey, Ratata, Weedie and Caterpie as these gives you 500 exp points for every evolution made.

5. Social / Peer Pressure

Everytime I turned on the Facebook or having a lunch at one of the restaurant, I got "Pokemon" whispering everywhere. I do not have enough reason not to join the Pokemon Go craze. It just too much to bear everyone is on their phone with Pokemon Go in it.

6. Fight for your claim

When you have all the necessary skills, it time to hit the GYM. In Pokemon Go , the GYM never give out any badges so do not go all-out screaming. It fairy easy to conquer as long as potions and revives are enough to replenish.

I am team instinct and I am not afraid to admit although we are few, we still win anyone with enough potions and revives. So much relieving that potions and revives do not discriminate.

To be honest, Pyro is not even my strongest Pokemon. It is wise only use strongest Pokemon to attack and not defend because everyone get the chance to win the GYM.

7. Place of Interest

Every Pokestops and GYM means something special. The Pokemon is just another pulling factor or a beautiful cover to be attractive to the content. The game is created to encourage people to explore the world. It is a game to get your boots dirty and physically heathlier.

8. The Excitement

It's hard to contain the excitement of so many people shares a common goal to capture a single rare Pokemon.

9. The Disappointment / Anxiety

The legitimate Malaysian Pokemon Go player start date should be same as above

The game first launched on July 2016. The overwhelm feeling that the company behind Pokemon Go decided to launch it region by region excluding where you live. As if  I was like born to a wrong place. "When the game going to be released in Malaysia" ?

It still clear how much anxiety I got during this period of depression. To the extend that, I would always check Play Store when the game can be downloaded to my phone and frequently visit the Pokemon Go Official Facebook page for their newest announcement.

I never condone myself downloading the apk file for my android phone. It was so insecure !

Before the release, the only thing to do is observe the Facebook Trending and Popular post overloaded with Pokemon Go contents. The feeling of described as "out of touch" or "disconnected with the world" (This can't be serious)

The wait is over, I have found Dragonite on the eve of Hari Merdeka to be exact 30/8/2016. It still crystal clear that the countdown was over and a Dragonite appeared. But, the image explains thoroughly. The point is I did not bring home Dragonite with me that night. What a night !

The lesson learnt that do not try to catch Dragonite using curve ball, you will never reach it !

10. The Updates

The game get some good updates in order to perfect the game in accordance to player demand. I think the greatest update is to make the game available for everyone. The update that take away Pokemon footsteps is one of the example to make the game much more efficient. In return, the game is opened to more region due to the reduced overload of game data.

The newest update to ensure players get their boots even dirtier by implementing buddy system that rewards player with candy. That fine by me !

Every new updates carry a sign of effort by the company behind Pokemon Go to work out the best interest of the players around the globe.

These are 10 Malaysian Favorite Ice-Cream

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Melt Your Heart, Always Do !


I doubt McDonalds Malaysia earn most in burger segment. As you can see, sometimes McDonalds Malaysia rolled out a small McDonalds kiosk to sell only their ice-cream cone. In term of availability, price and product who could stand out ? I bet the first thing pop up in Malaysian mind when speaking of ice-cream is Vanilla Sundae Cone.


This has stolen Malaysian daily salary !! Some of us would think that 3 scoops of Baskin Robbins almost equivalent to Malaysia's daily minimum wage !

magnum white almond


Magnum Malaysia created few nice events and astonishing marketing plans. Wall's Magnum is pretty happening right now with so many fund for their advertising campaign. To really define Magnum ice-cream, Hard Chocolate covering a within Soft Vanilla !!!

Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice - Cream


It literally stuck a Kit Kat bar in the middle of ice - cream cone. It feel so uncomfortable because usually the within ice-cream should be soft !! Any flavor but green tea. Deep down in my heart, Green tea suppose to be consumed in liquid form. It is best that stay that way for centuries

Milo Ice Cream cone


For centuries I have Milo in liquid form, this is the first time I heard someone actually came out an idea to make my usual milo ice into a complete solid form. Oh Man, everytime I think about it I think about Sensodyne toothpaste. My teeth cannot withstand the cold feeling By the way, I still think No. 3 is better !!

New Zealand Natural


This came out of nowhere ! One of the premium ice-cream offering


Must warned reader please do not fried it more than 10 seconds . Keep it less than 5 seconds and the chocolate within will be in a much solid form than the above picture shown.


Widely advertised ice-cream in Malaysia. Put up a really great win-win marketing campaign. Taylor Swift was about to make concert in Asia which Cornetto is making the awareness in the same time Cornetto brand could be brought up with Taylor Swift popularity !



Complicated brand title but everyone is curious and making a fuzz eyebrow. Oreo and vanilla ? That make perfectly fine for me ! It did remind me of my childhood due to the ice-cream cup. I must confess girl are crazed about ice-cream stick !


Ice Cold ice-cream for perfect afternoon ! Scorching hot sun coupled with El- Nino phenomenon impacted Malaysia. .

Top 10 F&B Chain in Malaysia

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It always been a joyful feeling to see a hugely successful F&B business worldwide opening it outlet in Malaysia. Vice versa, it happy to acknowledge local F&B business are able to open outlet at oversea

These are the F&B restaurants where the local spent their weekend. Although there are lots of delicious F&B restaurants, these are my list of top 10 favorite F&B restaurants to go !

Check it out ! another list of my 10 Successful Food & Beverage Restaurants in Malaysia


The brand "Oldtown" is not unfamiliar to Malaysian. In order to compete in market, mass expansion throughout nationwide most crowded and strategic places were launched. Signature food and drinks are Oldtown White coffee and Curry Mee.


The brand "Chatime" actually means something goes like this, "give me a break, drink tea" or, "It's time for tea". Anyways, Asian does not despise tea. Chatime pretty much dominating Malaysia's demand for milktea.

Huge success skyrocketed the Chatime ambitious move to open more outlets nationwide. Signature drink is pearl milk tea with red bean ! You could order one cup to try at RM6.5 - RM8.5


A popular dessert brand in Malaysia currently embarking expansion. Brought to you as far as Taiwan. Those who missed Taiwan dessert, this is a great place to satisfy your taste bud.


Chicken Rice Shop

Probably the only way to beat too much fried chicken is to have a feast on steam chicken. Rumor has it that steam chicken is much healthier ! definitely should try the Pai tee.


Pizza Hut Crown

Malaysian does not turn their back at Pizza ! Cheese, pineapple, chicken reminds me of Hawaii Chicken Pizza !! Pizza Hut is one of the most popular brand before KFC and McDonalds. I will rank Pizza Hut 3rd in orderly manner.


Subway Chicken Slice Sandwiches

The tempting submarine sandwiches were no boundary in seducing our taste bud. The taste is always lingering at our mouth ! It get so addictive and so much cheaper !


Instead of getting a coffee, take a cup of fruits blended drink ! Take a fruit a day, keep doctor away ! Imagine all the healthy food blended together added with special flavor for your day !! For ordinary Malaysian, most of us don really know how to blend the right fruits !

After drinking Boost's juice, immediately recovered from a light flu !


Malaysian are started to jump into frenzy of Japanese food. The brand "Sushi Zanmai" is getting popular due to its daring expansion across Malaysia. The vast opportunity is there to capture Malaysia market for Japanese food. ! Malaysia never shy away from fish such as Salmon and Eel !


Domino reigns heavily at West Malaysia competing with Pizza Hut. The presence od Domino at East Malaysia is marginal.

10.  WENDY'S

Witness the world third largest hamburger restaurant "Wendy". One can get to dine at Sunway Pyramid. Wendy always promote it superior healthy hamburger !