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Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan Badminton Doubles in China 2014

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Two badminton single champion teaming up against four-times world champion doubles 

Highlight of the match is rivalry become team, China's Lin Dan and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei up against undisputed badminton doubles champion, Cai Yun and Fu HaiFeng. They never practice together or had any chemistry will they win with their skills ? This is very anticipated match in the badminton history. This is a historical moment for badminton fans around the world.

Badminton doubles required not only skill but also teamwork and chemistry. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei never practice together and they are rival in many badminton single matches, will they produce a chemistry and win their opponent? It all put into test and it is not a easy test as their opponent is badminton doubles world champion.

Let say they really win the match against the match. It will unfair because it is a very uncommon badminton doubles champion lost a match. Well, it really make sense as if Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan lost the match but it could jeopardize their career in sport entertainment as their reputation is on the line. Despite every result, it will be a greatest badminton game and it had attracted more than 3,000 visitors to the stadium. 

They played really well on the match and it is unnecessary to comment that they both wearing non-sponsored sport shirts to the match. It looked like a casual badminton match yet the badminton double champion wearing sponsored sport shirt carrying "Red Bull" banner. 

Don underestimated both of the team they are carrying sport spirit not for the sake of winning but because they want the world to see the spirit of training, efforts and consistency will create magnificent thing worth well to witness. 

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan
They did not wear this T-shirt for the match. 

Videos Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan double against Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng.


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