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Nokia Lumia 1320 most Affordable Big Screen Smartphone

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LTE + Screen like tablet = RM1100 and lesser. Nokia Lumia 1320 is powered by Windows 8 

Nokia 1320

Bigger screen and can call out usually named as Phablet. Combination of smartphone and tablet. It really a trend now. In 2014, most people are purchasing bigger screen smartphone while other who supporting Apple Iphone they are likely to stay on smartphone size with 5" screen size or 4.5" screen size. 

Either HTC, Samsung or Blackberry, they are making distinctive change moving out of the course making smartphone over the boundary of 5" screen. Sony Xperia rolled out it Z1 Ultra in order to compete with competitor. 

Nokia Lumia 1320 is 6" screen size with snapdragon S4 processor running dual cores. Built-in pretty much normal however, most of the flagship phone are usually Quad-core processor now. The best thing about Nokia 1320 it is equipped with super sensitive touch technology. In Malaysia market, It only sold not more than RM1100.00 . It should sell more than that as it really big in screen.


See how big is Nokia Lumia 1320