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Support Roar for Sepak Takraw 2014 by Astro

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More than 140,000 people have roar for the game. Win 50 VIP passes

Support Sepak Takraw Malaysia Team. Get your final match ticket pass free by shouting "Sepak Takraw" at Sepak Takraw organized by Astro. Super series Takraw game organized by International Sepak Takraw Federation invited Myammar team to compete with Malaysia.

On last biggest sepak takraw match ever held at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Various countries send their strongest team to compete. Malaysia team beats Japan at the competition but lose the match to Thailand team. Surprisingly, the game get intense on the female team, Indonesia is up compete with Malaysia female team ended up losing the match in the third rounds.

The strongest team will be the Thailand forces winning Malaysia male team in the final match on 2013. Malaysia is playing fiercely scoring and winning 2 games however Thailand took the champion winning 3 matches.

In 2014, who win the sepak takraw champion award on March, 5 - 9, 2014. They will play at Kuala Lumpur this time. The battle get very anticipated by fans because Myanmar team is coming back and they are interested to join the sepak takraw game 2014 at Kuala Lumpur. Myanmar is known to dominant in the sport of Sepak Takraw winning 4 gold medals in a streak. Fans is eagerly hoping to see Myanmar team up against Thailand or Malaysia team.

On Twitter, you are excited for sepak takraw ? Don forget to tweet them adding hashtag "roarfortakraw"  .

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See you there at Stadium Titiwangsa to cheer for your favourite team 

Roar for takraw campaign by Astro.

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