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Shahrukh Khan arrives Malaysia before Temptation Reloaded 2014

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Shahrukh Khan is holding a stick arriving Malaysia for Temptation Reloaded

Temptation Reloaded should be held on 2013 but delayed to February 15, 2014. Tomorrow Shahrukh Khan will make appearance for his Malaysian fans. 

It is still unknown why He is walking with a stick there is no source saying he was injured because of the show but Hitman Solutions, organizer of Temptation Reloaded asserted that the show is still ongoing and Shahrukh Khan injuries not need to worry. However, Jacqueline Fernandez, who was supposed to be part of the tour, suffered a leg injury She was hospitalized and doctor has advised her stay on the bed until recovery. She is not able to make it to this event with Shahrukh Khan.

Timing Temptation Reloaded to be held in Malaysia on 2014 is very good indeed for the overall Visit Malaysia 2014. Receiving huge crowd of Indian to be flowed in Malaysia to enjoy the grand concert. Huge numbers of crew members for Temptation Reloaded and Shah Rukh Khan their flight to Malaysia has been sponsored by Malaysian Airline to honor the agreement they had made in prior. Commercial Director Dr Hugh Dunleavy expected to send the message out as he deemed the event is a catalyst that will promote traffic between Malaysia and India.
Shahrukh Khan holding stick arrive Malaysia

This event is hugely supported by Tourism Malaysia as part of Visit Malaysia 2014. Further commented that it will attract 15,000 patrons with 10,000 tickets already sold. 
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