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Top 10 Bomoh Malaysia Parody and Memes

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Compilation of best and funniest parody about Bomoh Malaysia.

We have role to play in missing MH370. Stay have faith and stay strong!!  Meanwhile, something happened strangely in KLIA !!

Do not be mean and disrespectful every country has a culture. Parody is never mean to hurt or disrespectful. It just a joke ! All of the images and videos are taken from sources none of mine.

Bomoh Malaysia perform seeking MH370
Real Images Bomoh

Lego you too finding the plane?. I noticed that RM50 !! 

You have broom that can fly . I have carpet that can fly too ! 

I do this when there is no patients to be taken care. I hope my supervisor did not found this out !!

This cant be true. It might be just a coincidence. But when I keep looking at it, It does look fit into this topic

I believe there are many more Parody and memes You can search on Internet. Do yourself a favor !!
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