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10 Best Dual SIM Smartphones in Malaysia

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They do not want two smartphones, they just want two SIM in one smartphone.

There must be a market for Dual-SIM smartphones but I never understand that why. A sizable and considerable market share is in Dual-SIM smartphones . Consumer all around the world are uniquely different. Some prefer bigger screen especially women. Some prefer keyboard-alike smartphone Blackberry. Some even prefer camera-oriented or waterproof or aluminium body.

There are endless demands as we know today. It could be the same in smartphone market as well. Last year 1 billion smartphones have been manufactured and distributed all around the world. The figure does not stop there it keep rising. We have nearly 8 Billion population. Let say 2 billion is a 10 years old below and they are not necessary having a smartphone

That number come down to 6 billion population. All we know that smartphone has higher temptation than PC, laptops and other gadgets because now with a right smartphones you can do everything that you like. The things that Twenty-first generation people like to do all the time. For example, calling, short messaging, surfing internet, video call, gaming, capture image, video recording. All of these can be done in a single smartphone.

As soon as your children go primary school, your children will try get their parents for a smartphone that will be a guarantee. Well, that is a good or bad thing ? The laggard children will beg their parent as soon as they hit twelve years old.

Stop this nonsense for a while, there are people actually bought Dual SIM smartphones. I never own a Dual SIM smartphones because I never have the desire. Dual-SIM smartphones are good one for your personal use, one for your business use. That make sense !


Color : Black/White

Screen size : 5.2"

Camera : 8 Megapixel

Features : 8GB internal with 1.5GB RAM, Quad core processor, Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0/Dual SIM.

5" screen size is a very large smartphone good for those who really like bigger screen with Dual SIM capability. The mid-range specification and big screen size does not skyrocketed the price of owning this smartphone. The cost having this smartphone is below RM1000. More information and full price check at Galaxy Grand 2 White


Color : Purple

Screen size : 4"

Camera : 5 Megapixel

Features : 4GB internal with 1GB RAM, Dual core processor, Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0/Dual SIM, NFC

NFC enabled and everyone favorite brand Sony. Most of my friends trusted sony brand even before the era of smartphones. I supposed they carry the trust and faith from Sony Ericsson to Xperia. NFC enabled allowing user connect one device to another with one tap. Sony owned and manufactured the impressive audio system, display and camera for Xperia smartphones. In case you did not pay attention it is Dual-SIM Sony Xperia M. Get a glimpse at Xperia M Dual Purple . Last time I checked It cost less than RM600.


Color : Black/Red/White/Green

Screen size : 4"

Camera : 3 Megapixel

Features : 4GB internal with 512 RAM, Dual core processor SnapDragon S4, Dual SIM

Newest Nokia branch X cater for low specification smartphones. Consider cheapest Nokia smartphone with Nokia Asha branch. It is newly released in the year 2014. Nokia X provide you their own nokia store with customized stuff you have never seen before in other smartphone. Uniquely owned by Nokia smartphone. It will not cost you more than RM500. Check current price at Nokia X Red . If you do have time to wait there would be a Nokia XL coming out soon this year !


Color : Black

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 8 Megapixel / 0.3 front MP

Features : 4GB internal with 512 RAM, Dual core processor SnapDragon S4, Dual SIM, Android ice-cream sandwich 4.0

Ninetology is a low profile company found by unions of professional. It has store in Indonesia and Malaysia. They claimed to have 12% market share in Malaysia in the year of 2013. It seem like they will continue expanding business to various ASEAN countries including Thailand and Philippine. It is extremely cheap for me not more than RM500. Check current price at Ninetology Stealth II black


Color : Black

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 5 Megapixel / 0.3 front MP

Features : 4GB internal with 512 RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Bluetooth 3.0

Lenovo A680 boasted they have longer battery life in 24 hours compared to other smartphone.Not a bad smartphone actually for RM500 or less. If you feel internal memory 4GB is not enough you can always add microSD up to 32GB. It really cheap you can check at Lenovo a series a680 dual


Color : Silver

Screen size : 4.3"

Camera : 5 Megapixel / 0.3 front MP

Features : 8GB internal with 512 RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2,

Desperately need to own a Dual-SIM cards smartphone why don pick this one up ? Although it not top 3 smartphone manufacturer but still a very good smartphone to own. Alcatel brand is a French based company and one of the oldest telecommunication company in the world. Dated back to 1900. They already discover radio frequency before world war 1 even started ?

Surely a fun journey you and Alcatel one touch mini in using it. Check current price at Alcatel One Touch Mini . You can have it for less than RM500


Color : Black

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 8 Megapixel

Features : 8GB internal with 1GB RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Bluetooth 3.0

Want more powerful Lenovo than P680? consider this ! Lenovo has early ventured into making Dual-SIM smartphone than other smartphone companies creating a smartphone values group of people cherish. It is very affordable for everyone. Without Lenovo, consumer will need longer time for companies rather than Lenovo to develop Dual-SIM smartphones. Check Lenovo P780 full specification and price at Lenovo P780 Black. This smartphone is under RM1000


Color : Silver

Screen size : 5.5"

Camera : 13 Megapixel / 5 front MP

Features : 16 internal with 2GB RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Bluetooth 4.0, LTE

First ever Lenovo's high-end smartphone. It is a flagship for Lenovo in 2013. 4G/LTE enabled, great camera Megapixel, quad-core with 2GB RAM processor for better performance and multi-tasking, bigger screen size and latest bluetooth technology 4.0. What more do you want? Almost everything is inside this Lenovo Vibe Z K910. There is a huge confusion and mistake some said it does not have Dual-SIM capability. If you purchase a Lenovo Vibe Z K910 be sure to ask whether it supporting Dual-SIM. 

I am confused as well whether it actually supporting Dual-SIM
but in other review website it actually has Dual-SIM . I am not sure there are two version of Vibe Z K910. You can check the customer service at here for full price and information. It cost lesser than RM1500. Lenovo Vibe Z K910 silver


Color : White

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 13 Megapixel / 2 front MP

Features : 16 internal with 2GB RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Bluetooth 4.0,

Consider a high-end flagship of Alcatel smartphone. Grant and beautiful design. Although it a flagship but price is lowered you can buy this less than RM1000 with the right vendor. It has great back camera MP for photogenic users. it is definitely your choice for Dual-SIM and high-end smartphone ! There are full information and 1 year warranty for you check at Alcatel One Touch Idol X


Color : Black

Screen size : 6"

Camera : 13 Megapixel / 2 front MP

Features : 8 internal with 1GB RAM, Quad core processor Snapdragon, Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.3, Bluetooth 4.0,

Sony made a high-end Dual-SIM smartphone. A high-end version of Sony Xperia M. Both of the Sony Xperia M and T2 Ultra are almost the same. In term of processor power and camera prowess, this smartphone stand out a little bit.

There are few version in this model. D5322 is a version offering user with Dual-SIM capability. Remind you that there are same model but different version contained only one SIM. You can check at here it is an import though ! T2 Ultra Dual SIM Black

If you feel like you need to know more about Dual-SIM smartphone models. There are more smartphone actually offering consumer this capability. Do check them

  1. Huawei Honor 3C
  2. Moto G
  3. Nokia XL
  4. Sony Xperia C
  5. LG Optimus L7
  6. Lenovo S930
  7. HTC desire 700
  8. Huawei Ascend G525
  9. Xiaomi Hong mi Dual

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