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10 Crimes activity at Malaysia in April 2014

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Polices and Rakyat need to be cooperative in combating crimes in Malaysia. 

It is not only the job of a policemen combating crimes. We must not let them work alone when we have an opportunity in bringing crimes down  we still get it done. If you are keeping silence that mean you are indirectly being a friend to enemy of the state. 

In a recent news, we have seen increasing diversity in the armed forces nationwide. A good sign and move by authorities because we must know that crime did not choose race.  

This is not to undermine any parties if there are any parties or individual emotionally affected your viewing discretion is advised. In order to spreading awareness and alertness among fellow Malaysian. we must equally responsible for lowering crime rate in our land. Be moderate ! 

This is just my personal opinions not associated or affiliated with any.  

1. Abduction at Sabah resorts 

In the early April 2014, There were abduction cases in Sabah. Esscom responded swiftly adding assets and enforcing various guideline for resort under Esscom territory. Foreigners should not be employed by resort operators.

A list of employees in a resort should be sent to Esscom every week as a effective measure in curbing immigrant employees worked alongside with abductors.

One China tourist and one resort worker being captured and was no where to found after Esscom arrived the scene. Esscom is very serious in this matter and harshly treating illega immigrants living in Sabah. They launched ops cantas khas on April 23 at Pulau Pondu.

2. Teresa Kok got robbed by motorcycle men

This video explained everything you needed to know about the process of robbery in daylight. They always ride motorcycle and always working in duo. Fast forward toward the middle of the video, you will see the robbery occurred of house equipped with CCTV

No one got hurt everyone is safe.

3. Suspected militants with possibly linked with terrorist group

Police arrested nine peoples under a security law on suspicion of involvement in a terror group with overseas contact.

Police did not elaborate more detail but exposed location being caught. They arrested them at northern state of Kedah bordering Thailand.

4. Heroin and fire arms seized in an operation

3 suspected criminal have been arrested in a rent house at Taman Anggerik. Policemen found fire arms and heroin drug in the compound. 2 male and 1 women come from Perlis, Jitra and Kuala Lumpur. 

5. Unprecedented move to celebrate Christian 

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In remembrance Policemen day, Bukit Aman policemen held Christian prayer at Full Gospel Assembly. There are many activity held nearby.

Although it is not a crime activity but it is an unity and good impression for Malaysian in multiracial and multi-religious country. 

6. Internet Love Scam Busted  

Playing with your feeling a criminal tactic exploiting social media prowess in cheating and doing fraud. A consider widespread and newly planned syndicate originated by African people living in Malaysian have been proactively involving in fraud.

There were 3,000 cases love cheating reported. In just short three years, almost 3,000 Malaysian fell to the trap this criminal acting as good person and making relationship as a game profiteering themselves and exploiting people's fragile feeling.

Ops Tiong launched by police captured 30 love fraudsters at Cheras impersonate rich people and exploiting their student passes. 

7 Suspected Policemen shooter with tiger tattoo arrested

Chinese Muslim convert at Ipoh arrested due to involvement in Ampang Jaya shooting. Policemen raid his home and found out bullet cases but never reported gun use by suspect killing policemen was found. 

8. Klang valley Pilgrimage to Mecca package fraud 

Police is seeking a man and 2 wives who are believed to have cheated 100 individuals of Rm 250,000 that was meant to perform umrah. 

The company called as 1UMRRH Rakyat Sdn Bhd. Deceiving victims offering cheaper Umrah packages RM3,999 . They were operating at Wangsa Maju and asked victim to fully paid their package to get lower Umrah package. Upon receiving the money, they will call up customer that their package has been cancelled for various reasons and will fully refund the money to them.

9. Credit / Debit cards fraud

Syndicate tactic would be calling up potential victim either you are debit or credit card holder. They will said they are calling on behalf of any bank but it is not true. They will try to deceive you by telling you are lucky winner or there are any promotion. 

In order to accept the prizes, you are required to give full name, Identification card no and Card expiry date. They will then requesting your back of the card 3 digits number. It is very important that do not expose 3 digits in the back of your card at any circumstances.

10. Geng Amir in Melaka case resolved

Geng Amir with 8 teenagers have been involved in 80 cases of robbery in November last year were captured they were in the age range of 15 till 18. Amir the leader did not attend any school and only in the age of 15.

They are very active in doing crime in few locations such as Jonker Walk, Taman Melaka Raya, Peringgit, Jalan Bendahara, Jalam Mufti Haji Khalil  and Lebuh Alor Gajah-Melaka Tengah Jasin.


11. Follow and robbing Tactic

A serious notice by Malaysian Royal policemen that there is a new trend criminal activity. The tactic would be four or more people in a vehicle and carrying parang to scare off victim. Next thing they will call you leave any valuable belonging at your car and force you out of the car. They will drive off your car 

Advise by policemen is that do not ever open the car door for people you deemed not knowing. If you feel that someone is following you behind your car in a trip, do not hesitate to call police hotline or stop your car a while where many peoples are concentrated. 

Do not be panic recognizing perpetrators vehicle plate, color, vehicle model, ethnic, shirt wear. The best advice would be installing car tracking system or car surveillance camera for the ease of finding by authorities. If you encounter, remember your life is more important than belonging values

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