Malaysian likes drinking Dutch Lady Chocolate

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One survey at a shopping mall proven 70% Malaysian consumers picked Dutch Lady Chocolate is tasty

Dutch Lady Chocolate UHT
Dutch Lady UHT

  • Product           : Dutch Lady Chocolate UHT
  • Calories          : 150ml = 97 KCAL for , 12g Carb, 4.5g Protein, 3g Fat
  • Net Weight     : 1 Litre 
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Milk Industries Bhd , Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Flavor            : Chocolate
  • Value (2014) : RM5.90 (Giant) - RM6.20 
  • Imported by  : FriedlandCampina Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Website        :
  • Phone           : 1800 88 1191

More than 1.3 million views on both Youtube video clip Dutch Lady Syiok Choc Taste Challenge. That is a very successful online video marketing. I had watched it and deep down in my heart I felt interested. I wanted to taste some of it and what does it mean by "UHT" they kept repeating.

 UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature. It has to be related to temperature and milk longevity. UHT is new and popular food technology to heat 1 or 2 seconds the milk to kill harmful microbes inside milk and increase shelf life of the milk. Due to the short exposure, Dutch Lady Chocolate UHT maintained most of it tastes.

For your information, Dutch Lady Chocolate UHT seem to have very uncommon advantage. You do not need to refrigerate it. It sound so ridiculous all milk needed to be refrigerated. Well, that what everyone said about UHT milk.

 Hate to see that "Once opened, drink it within 3 days" I never really finish it in 3 days. I could left it for a week and it still taste good. What do you expect ? True Asian don drink that much milk. Besides, This is what I hate to hear the most. Somebody showed me a food pyramid and there is a milk it is one of the food and beverage we should have refrain eat or drink too much. I am very sure this food pyramid chart maker must be came from one of the Asian countries. Have you drink your milk today ??

I am going to tweet with this hashtag that is the right thing to do when you have tried Dutch Lady UHT chocolate yourselves. #dlsyiokchoc

I wonder what are the reaction of Dutch Lady staff when most of the Malaysian peeled the other box rather than choosing Dutch Lady UHT chocolate. I still not convinced did they ever put another chocolate beverage brand in a test. I bet they put all Dutch Lady chocolate in those container and masked it.

They seem so happy after tested Dutch Lady UHT Chocolate. No one can deny the power of free beverage in shopping mall.

Jay Chou held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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Taiwanese pop king singer is back LIVE at Malaysia 2014. His songs is the 90's generation inspiration

Jay Chou Contest is giving out free concert ticket, interested ?? Visit at Be Malaysia Jay Chou Concert

If you are born in end of 80's and early 90's generation, you are like everyone else knew his most popular song " Qing Tian" everyone love that song and to the extend to learn how to play guitar chord of it. His uniqueness in singing skill is unrivaled and one-of-the-kind. Fusing with pop music and his music talent it is self-explanatory and hard to express how and when we started love his songs. One thing needed to clarify mandarin speaking youth are deeply in love with his songs at that time.

In fact, He had been in music industry for more than 10 years. That was his one of the wishes to be a singer. Jay Chou have tried to be host of talk shows, film director, movie star, film producer. His last studio album was on December 2012. The release of the album is related to his promise to all his fans out there especially those in love with his songs. Those who are going to his concert in Malaysia November 2014 you might have a chance to hear his latest songs. What do you like Jay Chou to be a singer, film producer, film starring, host of talk shows ??

Speaking about his last year concert in Malaysia, it was a sold out successful concert. Due to the strong reason Malaysia is having "Visit Malaysia 2014 year". He decided to held two shows in November 14 and 15.  The place is at Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Talking about concert, there were so many big international singers came to Malaysia performed. There were Taylor Swift, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, 2NE1, Avril Lavigne. 

The Opus 2 Jay Chou World Tour Concert will take place in Malaysia 5 months from now. The 35 years old singer is determined looking forward for another amazing concert for Malaysian fans. Ticket are priced lowest RM 180, RM 270, RM 320, RM 440, RM 490, RM 660, and the highest would be RM 850. If you know Putra Jaya Indoor the nearest to the stage platform will be the ticket sold at RM 490 and RM660. Ticket price is varies from time to time.

Tickets have been released since June 21. You are allowed to purchase as early as today. Visit at for more details.

More information at Speedy Entertainment Facebook at

KFC Tangy Crunch with Doraemon Blanket

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New KFC menu in the month of June 2014. KFC Tangy Crunch hot and spicy chicken recipe and Potato hash-rounds

Cristiano Ronaldo "So Good" commercial ads is ending. The popular soccer player who is now at Brazil with it Portugal squad. The ads started since March till June estimated 3 months. There were no special flavor chicken but there were Cristiano Ronaldo merchandise such as flashdrive, headphone, water bottle and pouch.

The new menu is taking over and surely Malaysian will miss this exclusive promotion featuring top soccer player. The new promotion is KFC Tangy Crunch a promotional title for special flavor chickens. Besides, Boneless Chicken rice is not longer at the menu table in any KFC outlets in case you do not know.

KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal Malaysia 2014
KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal

Have you tried it the new KFC promotion ?? The special flavor indeed spicy you would notice there is few new ingredients added at your first bite on this chicken. Moreover, they will serve you Lipton beverage rather than Soda Soft Drinks. I would say it way better than serving me Coca-cola.

Did you notice the Doraemon Blanket ? I am not a fan of Doraemon and it was not my decision to purchase it . I know little detail about it, if you wanted to get one of those it costs around RM 15 something.

Just a friendly advice if you do not want to get the Doraemon blanket, it is better you to take Tangy Crunch Individual Meal because there were no obvious benefits for those choosing family and friends meal. If the KFC staff insisted you to take then tell them you are sorry !!

Furthermore, KFC is not the only fast food restaurants offering new menu. One can go McDonald they are having Habanero Burger and free Coca-cola glass promotion. Yet, you can go to Pizza Hut they are having discount everyday after 9PM

I have tried  McDonald Habanero. Have you ?? See this Habanero Reality vs McDonald Habanero ads

A1 and Ramly are Best Chicken Burgers in Malaysia

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Both A1 and Ramly chicken burgers are made from Malaysia. Both have unique distinctive taste separate them.

A1 burger vs Ramly burger Malaysia
Cooked with cooking oil at fixed time 

Deep fried using cooking oil A1 and Ramly burgers rather than using butter. I have been observing the techniques to cook a burger meat at local burger stalls. I do not know how McDonald staff cooked McDeluxe or McChicken but I had knowledge on how our local burger stall cooked a delicious mouth watering burgers.

They had used butter as alternative to cooking oil. Firstly, they put the butter and spread it, they had used egg spreading the hot pan before putting raw burger meat. Then, cover the burger meat with the egg then flip it. I would rather want to know more what burger brands they had use and how they marinate the burgers !

Figure out for me tell me if you found the answer. If you were failed to answer then it is better for us eat at local burger stall. People like eating McDonald burgers because they never really found any answers how to cook good burger. Besides, it not because they lazy prepare homemade burger they just do not like the taste of their homemade burgers.

The best burger brands in Malaysia are A1 and Ramly. Do not get confused Ramly burger brand were not owned by Rafizi Ramli family. Despite that, natural instinct told me that those local burger stall had been using Ramly burgers.

Ramly burger Malaysia

  • Product : Ramly Chicken Burger
  • Calories : 183 KCAL, 5.4g Carb, 7.8g Protein, 14.5g Fat
  • Net Weight : 300g, contained six pieces, one piece is 50g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Ramly Food Processing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chicken
  • Value : RM5.90 (Giant) - RM6.20 
  • Website :

Have you seen raw burger meat were imported ? Both are Malaysian made raw burger meat. One could say McDonald were using local produced meats but the brand is not local.

The title should be revised to A1 vs Ramly burgers that was the first idea. I have changed the title as I deemed it will be better that way. Look closer A1 burgers have more quantity than Ramly. In my point of view, they have the same price tag with different quantity.

Unlike Ramly burger packaging, it contained a soft layer separate each raw burger meat, A1 does not use soft layering to separate each raw burger meat. As you can see above all the burgers are glued with ice. You are required to wait the ice thwart to take one piece.

A1 burger malaysia

  • Product : A1 Chicken Burger
  • Calories : 132 KCAL, 9.4g Carb, 6.5g Protein, 7g Fat
  • Net Weight : 600g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : A1 processing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chicken
  • Value : RM6.20  (Giant)
  • Website :

Looking for large quantity and cheaper local raw burger meat for homemade burger ? A1 seem to have advantage over Ramly. However, Ramly burgers had unique taste and crispy as an advantage over A1 burgers

What are your choice A1 or Ramly burgers ??.

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Sabah Electricity Tariff is lower than West Malaysia

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There are difference in SESB and TNB. SESB is Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd while TNB is Tenaga Nasional Berhad. 

Sabah electricity vs TNB electricity tariff 2014

There were large usage of electricity during May 2014. There is a report said the highest in country history due to the current hot weather and dry spell. TNB general manager Omar Sidek said Malaysia recorded power usage of 16,583 MW on May 28.

Usage of electricity from 2 PM to 5 PM remained at peak every day. Experts warned everyone of us lowering the electricity consumption at that period. For example, regulating air conditioning between 23 and 25 Celsius, do ironing at night or washing machines and boil water during off peak periods. Besides, there were an advice on factories to operate machines at night rather than at day.

Our power management in Malaysia could be proved weak due to our electricity tariff policy is not strengthen enough. In South Korea, they have this seasoned tariff rate. On the peak period, the electricity tariff is slightly higher as for off peak period the electricity tariff is charged lower. Our electricity tariff is calculated based on fixed rate.

SESB electricity bill 2014
SESB Electricity Bill for 2014

In order to change factory operator mind, we need to polish our electricity tariff to help factory operator have a thought to operate at night rather than at day light. Despite that, studying the chart above Sabah electricity is cheaper than TNB the company controlling power supply at west Malaysia.

The chart above is leaned on home consumer rather than business. Business were using different tariff and will slightly lower favoring the business in Malaysia. Those who use more than 700 kwh as a consumer rather than business will be charge at RM 0.54 more or less. Not to mention there will be 1.6 % borne by consumer if their electricity tariff hit 301 KWH.

New Electricity tariff has been revised and imposed effective on January 1, 2014. Many people had experienced hike in their electricity bill. There were reasons behind all these. It is complicated to explain and understandable by most of us. So, we were being educated how to conserve electricity.

Moreover, it is a wrong perception that the new electricity tariff affected business in Malaysia the most. If you look at that the TNB or SESB website, there were two different tariff one is for business and the other one for business. In fact, home electricity tariff is more expensive than business operator. Businesses in Malaysia should not make excuses to increase their price without doing extensive research.

Free Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

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Most anticipated movie in June 2014 it will be Transformer 4 Age of Exctinction

Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

Brand    : Darlie
Product : Toothpaste
Flavor   : Original Strong Mint
Net weight : 225g
Manufacturer : Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Ltd, China
Imported by : Hawley & Hazel Marketing (M) Selangor, Kim Teck Cheong S/B KK Sabah, Popular Trading (B) Sarawak.
Status : HALAL
Value : 2 for RM16.00 (price in 2013)

Ingredients : Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.

While waiting for the release of Transformers 4 movie, let take a trip to purchase Darlie toothpaste and get a free Transformers imprinted cup. You will need to but two Darlie toothpaste priced at RM16.00 in local market. Wait no longer as the Transformers cup is limited edition.

Darlie Malaysia made the Transformers cup is under the license of HASBRO and its logo. They have acquired the permission from HASBRO to made this cup. It is not like every toothpaste maker out there such as Colgate had the right to make Transformers cup.

There are 3 different Transformers cup giving out by Darlie. They are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The image you have seen above is Lockdown. It is unsure whether Lockdown will be the bad robot fighting Optimus Prime who is the defender of the human kind and earth.

Previously, Darlie Malaysia had given out many types of cup but Transformers cup will be first of it kind. Besides, Darlie had organized a contest giving out free ticket to watch new Transformers movie in this end of June. 

Who do not like free items right ? It might be one of the way Darlie Malaysia thanks it loyal consumers years of support. This cup is not the first one I got from Darlie. 

Cocopie and Alicafe sponsored RTM World Cup 2014

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Clixster, Cocopie and Alicafe are main sponsor for World Cup LIVE matches on RTM

Cocopie with marshmallow Malaysia

World Cup LIVE matches is free of charge on 3 RTM channel, TV 1, TV 2 and TV i. However, the tricky part is that RTM is smart to think that only to buy broadcast right on Malaysian favorite matches such as Germany vs Ghana or Portugal vs Germany.  There are total of 35 matches included LIVE matches and delayed LIVE matches.

No less fun than last World Cup, RTM top management had ensured Malaysian is satisfied with their huge efforts on doing this. About 2 months before the world cup 2014, RTM have worked days and nights to draw sponsors such as Alicafe, Cocopie and Clixster, organizing contest such as Samba Ria weekly and monthly contest.

There are a huge number of viewers during World Cup in Malaysia and RTM is committed to attract more than 3 million Malaysian viewers. Besides RTM, there were many alternative Malaysian could seek to watch World cup matches such as Astro or some websites. But, all of them have been solicited small fees from their customers to watch except Radio Television Malaysia with sponsors has brought to you LIVE World Cup 2014 matches without any fees.

On June 22, 2014, There were a total of 3 World cup matches being freely broadcast by RTM. There were Germany vs Ghana, Argentina vs Iran, Nigeria vs Bosnia . The highlighted match was on Argentina and Germany most of the Malaysian wanted to see their performance. You will be surprised how many Malaysian likes Argentina and Germany squad. Most favorite players had played the matches. For instance, Lionel Messi, Klose, Thomas Mueller, Ozil  .

Powerroot Alicafe 240ml

Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 with Alicafe and Cocopie. Perfect meal for those who are stern to watch every favorite World Cup matches. Alicafe will boost you from getting sleepy and Cocopie is to keep you energetic for loudest " goal ". It is perfectly fine all of our favorite matches begin at midnight because we are  accompanied by Alicafe drink and Cocopie snack. 

This year we have seen and learn something really new. Clixster a new mobile service provider in Malaysia founded in 2013 is sponsoring Samba Ria tv show every Friday and Saturday. Clixster is aiming big to rival with Digi, Maxis and Celcom. It seem like Clixster are offering the lowest charge on calling. The most happening TV show in RTM this month would be Samba Ria party every Friday and Saturday 12.20 AM after news 

Fake Eggs detected in Malaysia shore 2014

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Fake eggs caught in a video alerting people importance to know how to differentiate fake and real eggs

One of the Malaysian tried to warned us about fake eggs in her video. She uploaded a video recording her discovery on the fake eggs she bought. It never detailed where and when she bought the eggs but pointed out Malaysian market is now having fake eggs. Again, she did not exposed how rampant or prevalence the selling of fake eggs

She uploaded a total of 4 videos about the fake eggs. The first video is absolutely favored by her Facebook friends shared almost 3,000 times. A short less than 1 minute video the most profound quote is " All the eggs I have bought put inside refrigerator were broken ". " I speculated Fake eggs is now at the Malaysia shore". 

Through our the her video, she was not confident enough to say " yes, it was all fake eggs. " . It seem like not convincing enough for most of us because she said the outer layer of the egg the egg white is too much solid. From this point of view, it did not have solid evidence it was a fake egg until we see the next video.

In the same day June 10, 2014, She uploaded the second video further proving her fake egg discovery. In the second video, she used English language rather than Mandarin. Nothing really happened until you see her third video about the fake eggs she bought. It was same date she uploaded her third video to her Facebook demonstrated the yellow yolk of the egg is like a ball .

How to identify a fake eggs

The white liquid at the side of the egg is "Chalaza"

  1. No Chalaza inside the egg to hold the yolk
  2. The yellow will mix with the white without stir
  3. Egg shell is slightly brighter with pigments
  4. It cheap
  5. Did not smell like real egg or raw meat
  6. a boiled egg solid yellow yolk that bounce

Apparently, this women has little or no knowledge and experience dealing with fake eggs. The way she spoken could be affected by news articles and youtube video about "fake eggs". There were no real measures being taught into the Malaysian society what are the disadvantages cooking a fake eggs. Simply watching lots of Youtube video, they taught us one thing that the egg is made by chemical substances. Some of the chemical were harmful. If it was harmful why there were no precaution measures by respective governments ??

The silence of fake eggs by the authorities seem to imply that fake eggs is pretty much consumable that why there were no strict regulations to the food and beverage industries. Why there were no education program that improve our awareness on fake eggs?? Food and beverage companies is overpowered authorities nowadays ??  

Malaysian did not expected Italy lost to Costa Rica

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Malaysia devastated knowing there was no goal from Italy striker Mario Balotelli

Lowyat voted Italy vs Costa Rica

High hope is given to Italy Mario Balotelli and Pirlo. Both performed great versus England team. Despite that, in this game Italy was up against Costa Rica as if they won the match, England was not going to be sent home early.

Twisted fate occurred we were not believing there were 0 score when the final whistle blowing decided to ended the match Italy 0 - 1 Costa Rica. There were mass upset among Malaysian. You can see the chart yourself that most of the Malaysian were voted for Italy rather than Costa Rica.

England never made it because Italy did not win Costa Rica tonight. Interestingly, in Mario Balotelli's Twitter tweeted that as if they won the match, he wanted to be kissed by England queen. It was a joke but million have favorite the tweet and deemed it was really funny. Besides, there were few attempt by Balotelli to strike but Costa Rica have 5 defenders at the ground strongly guarded famous striker from doing perfect goal kick or rushing. He is so famous it reminded me that his name was mentioned during press conference MH370 by Department Civil Aviation Datuk Azharuddin.

Malaysia LINE user voted Italy win against costa rica

A staggering number of LINE users voted Italy win against Costa Rica. 30,000 voters only 4,000 chose Costa Rica win against Italy. It further showed that Malaysian did not expected this could happen. As for those who are betting on World Cup 2014, it acted as wake up call for them. Everything in FIFA World Cup were never determinants by famous and skilled soccer players or their country development status.

The next match we will see another amazing match later France vs Switzerland. Switzerland previously owned against Ecuador. As for France, they are always a solid team as we have seen in their first match. This match can be watched LIVE at RTM channel.  

Vote the following only for Malaysian free polls 

Wonda wonderful coffee with Arabika beans in Malaysia

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Arabika beans taste so good definitely a premium coffee for everyone. 

  • Product : Wonda wonderful coffee
  • Calories : 146 Kcal for 240ml  , Sugar : 18.5g , Carbohydrate : 26.2g
  • Net Weight : 240ml
  • Status         : Halal
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Mocha
  • Value : RM2.30 (7-Eleven), RM1.90 (local market)

Coffee made of milk powder and cocoa powder. It so sweet and delicious. Arabika beans is not a plant originated from Arab countries. It can be found at Indonesia. First to brew using arabika beans was known as a Sweden guy.

For a coffee lover, do you feel curious about the taste of arabika coffee ?? I cant really differentiate Starbuck coffee beans and Wonda coffee but every coffee should be just fine. My tongue is not helping me how to do that the most easy measure to test quality would be the price. One cup of starbuck cost us RM15 or above. As for Wonda coffee, you could get at least 8 cans equivalent up to 2 litres. Quality or Quantity for you ??

I have seen people choose quality over quantity. For most of the people on the lower society tend to choose quantity rather than quality. Big is good ! Quality associated to smaller no good that would be a mentality I guess everyone is holding.

I have seen several times Wonda coffee advertisement on TV screen. It is one of the reason I bought this at 7-eleven. I was not thinking to buy any drinks but for surveying then I stumbled upon Wonda coffee so I decided to give it a try. It is not a little bit embarrassing not to buy anything and walk out.

In a meantime, Wonda coffee is owned by Asahi Group of Japan. In 2013, they launched heavy advertisements on Wonda coffee. For those who want to get a taste on it, it is solely available in 7- Eleven stores. I could not find it at anywhere !

Moreover, Wonda Coffee owner in Malaysia was quoted in an article that they were targeting 20% Malaysian coffee beverage market . It implying to compete with local brand such as Ipoh White Coffee and Alicafe brand. My opinion would be Wonda coffee tasted differently and unique compared to Ipoh White coffee and Alicafe . 

McDonald Habanero Burger for FIFA World Cup 2014

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Habanero Spicy Chicken is a very spicy flavor served with medium-size Lime McFizz

McDonald Malaysia Habanero Burger
Habanero Chicken Burger 

Total price will be RM 11.50 . Habanero burger RM7.30 with fries + LimeMcFizz RM4.2 . I do not know where they get the name from Habanero, I am guessing it must be a Brazilian language. It is so spicy I felt like eating this burger like forever. I used to eat them quite fast. The size of the burger is satisfactory.

I just don know why the McDonald staff did not give me the exclusive and limited FIFA World Cup french fries holder. I apparently ordered a Habanero burger. Is that only available for those who purchase large set Habanero burgers ?? I just want to try it out the McDonald FIFA game apps they had made.

Without the limited edition French Fries holder, I think it pointless to play the McDonald FIFA game app right ? There were two choices available beef or chicken but both are spicy flavor. Cant they just Habanero burger original flavor ??

Source : Facebook page McDonald Malaysia

If it was not because McDonald is official restaurant FIFA World Cup 2014 and new Habanero burger, I would not convince myself for a meal trip there. Despite that, I think KFC got boneless chicken offer and I have yet to taste it. I am wondering whether McDonald Habanero burger or boneless KFC chicken. In the end, I would pick both it just the matter of time i will try both great offers.

In case you just on diet and never been to McDonald lately, I have a news for you that every McDonald Malaysia outlets are your new modern mamak stall. You can watch LIVE any FIFA World Cup 2014 matches. If you are seeing this, Uruguay vs England 3AM in less than 11 hours from now.

All Digi Subscribers join Digi Lalang Sampai Menang Contest

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Vote your winner of the match and win 50" LED TV only for Digi subscribers 

I felt Digi is generous giving back to the people after so many years supporting their brand. There will be 101 prizes all are 50" LED TV giving out for lucky winners of the contest. Anything could happen in the world cup 2014 , anything could happen to you and you might be the winner of the contest.

Spain versus Chile today morning with the score of 0 - 2 giving the Spain early flight ticket back to home. It is an unexpected moment the defending champion squad lost 2 straight matches. In the first match, Netherlands have tasted their victory winning Spain 5 - 1 score. In fact, as if there were no helping at the penalty granted by referee Spain would have score nothing.

Digi wants you to pick a side everyday on 9AM - 12.59PM. Today, Digi is giving out a match to be voted by you England vs Uruguay. Which side you think will win ?? Pick one of the squad at a limited time as you have voted let say England, a message will be sent to you by Digi as an appreciation. I really voted England because Uruguay lost the match to Costa Rica at staggering score 0 - 3.

The contest is fairy easy to join. Subscribe to any Digi plans and started using Digi 3G network at your smartphone to open designated portal. Only Digi subscribers is allowed to enter the portal for voting. No fees is taken from you to join this contest but you will need to be a Digi subscribers first.

Be a lalang and win this attractive prizes. If you sense Spain is going to lose to Chile but you are Spain no 1 fans just become a lalang for the sake of the contest attractive prizes !

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10 Easy Steps purchasing online at Lazada Malaysia

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Thousands of goods at Lazada Malaysia. One of the largest online shopping mall you can put your trust.

Lazada could be the only online shopping mall with gigantic number of products can be bought on the site. Few articles about Lazada company, they are keen on expanding their businesses throughout the South Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia and Thailand. How about their service ??

My first experience with Lazada would be fast delivery. Order on Friday, deliver on Saturday, Monday the courier partnered with Lazada called up my number. I picked up at Gdex and everything I have ordered were there at perfect condition. I would share to you what I have bought but first let go through step by step.

Firstly, Malaysian can choose the most swift way to pay Lazada Malaysia. Either online banking or Paypal. I would pick online banking but there were several options such as Credit card, Paypal, Online banking. Besides, surely you would need to have an account with Lazada and a address for them to send to you. For the address part, if you would like to pick at courier rather courier sends to your home, you could put at the address like " Gdex selangor, Citylink Gombak" something like that put the courier address nearest to you. Gdex or Citylink would gladly call your number because you opt to take there.

I bought some football fever merchandise during FIFA World Cup 2014. I would share to you how it done by online banking. It really easy and hassle free. I believe there were many Malaysian out there have not purchase anything online yet. I assured you that it is safe to buy online today with some basic online security measures knowledge .

10 steps How to Purchase at Lazada Malaysia using online banking

  1. Register your account with Lazada Malaysia
  2. Recognize it is a https and official website ( )
  3. Using google chrome, you would notice green highlighted tab written Ecart Services Malaysia. Sdn Bhd
  4.  Get a Maybank online banking
  5. Pick a product and understand how much time they need to deliver to your home.
  6.  Pick an option which payment methods you are most familiar and trusted with
  7. Put your phone number and correct address
  8. Using online banking, you will be redirect to a website "mobile88" with https secured
  9. Login your Maybank online account ( There will be a small box website pop out, it has verified identity and green highlighted tabs)
  10. Put the codes and done purchasing 

Lazada Malaysia 10 steps purchase online

Login into your account, pick your favorite items you wanted to purchase. Click "Buy Now" . Take note the words "In stock" and "delivery days". Sometimes, there were items listed there with the status out of stock and delivery days can be varied up to 14 days instead of 1 - 3 days.

Lazada Malaysia check out

A collection of items awaiting to be checked out. A total cost will be displayed. As you hit a certain total the delivery fees is waived for you ! Click "Proceed Checkout"

Lazada Malaysia payment options

As you can see above, pick one of your most familiar payment menthod. I believe some people would rather pick "Cash on Delivery" method however it just for some specific area catered by Ta Q Bin courier. There is a Maybank Installments how wonderful is that !!. you could pay installments for selected item on Lazada Malaysia.

It is time for you to fill some information. Most important details you need to fill up would be everything. Telephone, your name, City and Address

Opt for online banking, you would be redirected to this site mobile88. Click "Make Payment"

A small site will pop out for you to key in online banking formation. Please carefully look whether it is verified website with Green highlighted "Malayan Banking Berhad MY" and https : 

As if your status is successful, Lazada would send information regarding your items to your respective e-mail address.Besides, Lazada would send you another e-mail when your items have been delivered out to their courier partner

Hope you have a good experience on online shopping !!

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Lee Chong Wei vs Hu Yun Badminton in Japan 2014

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Lee Chong Wei won the Thomas Cup and Badminton Japan Open. His achievements is a role model and admiration of all badminton players

Although he never get to play with China's no 1 badminton player Lin Dan, he fought another opponent we would consider as a new face in badminton. Both badminton players in their age of 30 over. Hu Yun have been representing Hong Kong for numerous prestigious badminton tournaments.

Lee Chong Wei is a great badminton players. He used to have an ability to turn the tide. There were competition where Lee Chong Wei bash his opponent and never let him have more than 10 points. Due to his age nowadays but still a skillful player, he is now fought harder and never let his opponent get a relive breath throughout the tournament.

Tagged as Lee Chong Wei greatest badminton foe, Lin Dan did not make it to the Japan Badminton final. World No 1 Badminton player Lee Chong Wei is up against Hu Yun although some fans would like to see battle between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei. I guess they need to wait a little longer.

It is a strange atmosphere at Badminton Japan Open because China badminton players did not make it to the final. Despite that, China losing out paved a way for Hong Kong player Hu Yun to the final. One have to clarify that Hong Kong is one of the China territory, It is not accurate to say China were not made it to the Japan Open final.

An amazing badminton match between both players. However, it seem like Lee Chong Wei is overpowered Hu Yun. He seems to have great fitness level at final match against Hu Yun. Eliminate his final opponent with 2 - 0 rate

Asus G56 New Flagship Gaming Laptop in Malaysia

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You have more choice rather than picking up MSI or Alienware. Introducing Asus 's flagship groundbreaking and breathtaking gaming laptop 

Never underestimate Asus because they have reputation on solid laptop performance and durability. You are completely okay when consider to include Asus into your list of best gaming laptops. There were not a lot of brands out there specializing in gaming category. There are reasons why Asus should be consider.

Firstly, MSI and Asus are Taiwan based laptop maker company. Basically, MSI and Asus are both Asian laptops. It proved to be cheaper compared to Alienware which owned by Dell. It is not surprise to see Alienware peripherals are all not consider to be cheap in Asian point of view. Fortunately, we did not need condone to just Alienware branded laptops which we know their brand is most well known in gaming industry.

Heavily promoted by Asus Malaysia the new Asus G56 is available to every passionate Malaysian. It not really cheap but the specification is just mind blowing. It have everything you need and honestly preserving it nicely you would not need to change another gaming laptop for coming 10 years. For example, a cheap gaming laptop cost you around RM2,000 or even more but only lasts for coming 4 to 5 years as technologies in gaming industry surpassed your laptop. Why don you just pick something really a nice laptop like Asus G56 which you can play 99% of the high-end games today and make yourself worry-free for the coming years.

A true and hardcore gamer would already know which laptops they should get. Don be influenced by the cost try to look at the performance this laptop can deliver instead of the laptops costing you not more than RM2,500 . It is a high-end laptop worthy of the cost you pay. Imagine Ultra high setting on these games Titanfall, Watchdog, GTA 5, Tom Clancy, Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us. It surely can be achieved by this laptop in fact these games will be running like piece of cake.

Let look at this spectacular specification inside this laptop. Remember to blink your eye and close your mouth because you cant handle this laptop awesomeness. Which one to choose among Dell Alienware, Asus and MSI ??

I would pick Asus or MSI. Sometimes Alienware laptops is made for US Europe where their temperature is colder than Asian countries. As for Asus and MSI, it much more concentrate on better quality in dispersing and withstand heat inside the laptops. I might be wrong but I heard Alienware heated up pretty fast ! 


Laptops features : 15" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 12GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GTX760M

Color : Black

Weight : 4KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GTX760M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed : 4000 , Memory 

bus : 128 , GPU power consumption : 55W

A total of 12GB RAM is just hold my breath away. Look at the weakness side, it would be the weight, power consumption. A great graphic card would consumer large amount of electricity. It only sell for less than RM4000 last time I check. You can check the price at Asus G56JR Free Gaming Mouse and mousepad

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RTM 2 schedule for FIFA World Cup 2014

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Delayed LIVE match on TV 2 starting from June 15, 2014. There is a total of 11 delayed LIVE matches

RTM TV2 final world cup 2014
Source : RTM Facebook

July 14, 2014 (Update) - Next match 12AM - 5AM Final Argentina vs Germany on TV2  . Congratulation for Netherlands won third place. RTM kept their promise only broadcast interesting match

It is not really bad to watch a delayed LIVE watch. A delayed LIVE match means you will watch it 2 hours after the match has ended. For example, Argentina vs Bosnia match were scheduled to be started on 6AM till 8AM in Malaysian time, TV 2 will broadcast the match on 8AM-10AM .

It was not a bad experience because it just delayed 2 hours rather than more than 5 hours. In fact, every world cup matches broadcast by RTM 1 or TV2 does not contain any advertisements. The only moment we will rest our eyes will be waiting for the second half game. 

Argentina versus Bosnia was an incredible game. Bosnia played well but Argentina won with the score 2 - 1. It should be a draw game if Bosnia player Ibisevic did not kick the ball to their own goal line. The crowd expected to see great performance by Lionel Messi yet he scored a very accurate individual goal. Lionel Messi is the captain of the team Argentina. Most of the free kick were done by him. 

Bosnia team fought harder broke in Argentina defense and Kolasinac secured a goal. Goal keeper Argentina should have closed it wide opened leg as the ball rolled into the gap of the leg and hit the goal line. He failed to react and did not close the gap fast enough.

Argentina fans are very much excited hoping to see more action delivered by Argentina captain. He is quite popular soccer player and apparently he is in everyone list for the top 10 soccer players for the young generation. 

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Wash your Hands and Body with Life Buoy Bar Soap

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Unilever Malaysia encourage using Life Buoy soap to wash your hands from dangerous bacteria especially your children hands

Brand           : Life buoy
Name           : cool fresh with menthol & active 5
Net weight     : 80KG
Manufactured : Indonesia
Imported by   : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings
Distributors    : Unilever Singapore & M.S Makmur Trading Company
Ingredients        : Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin

Consumer careline : 1-800 88 1315 or

Lifebuoy bar soap is one of the best soap in Malaysia apart from Dettol. Lifebuoy is made by main ingredients taken from palm oil seed. We are a proud nation one of the largest palm oil exporter and producer in the world. It really interested Lifebuoy taken few good initiatives such as promoting heavily on Global Handwashing Day. It is a brand new awareness campaign and beautifully presented by Lifebuoy newest video "Lifebuoy tree of life".

How many of us in Asian countries being educated wash our hands by our parents ? despite numerous campaigns again and again about hand washing we still forgotten to wash our hands. We are getting used to it ! What are the problems or sickness we will potentially getting infected as if we do not wash our hands ?

It is ironic to know that most of us were having shallow knowledge about hand washing practice because mainly we do not really need to wash our hands to eat foods as we use spoon and fork. When we have this shallow knowledge it will trigger a chain effect. If restaurant patron do not need to wash hands then, those kitchen helpers and cookers prepared our food without washing hands ??

A logical thinking will be everyone should wash their hands with soap and eventually make it a strict practice although we will use spoon and fork at any restaurants. If we do not become the role model, our children will not learn ! Use Lifebuoy bar soap today to wash your hands frequently at least wash your hands before eat ! it is most likely Malaysian use hands to eat KFC drumsticks and McDonald burgers.

Besides, It not just for washing hands it can be a soap for your body too. If you have not use Lifebuoy soap you definitely need to try it out. According to Lifebuoy, there are more than 1.6 billion people trust them. For your information, they have been championing health through hygiene sine 1930 with the campaign in US was titled " Clean Hands Help Guard Health".

Lifebuoy soap is saving every children in the world from diarrhea and viral diseases. Save yourself with Lifebuoy soap today !! No other soap company knew the importance of washing hand practice better than Lifebuoy does

RTM 2 LIVE Argentina vs Bosnia World Cup 2014

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Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) website showed RTM 2 or TV 2 schedule is being picked to broadcast LIVE match between Argentina vs Bosnia

TV2 real schedule for Argentina is 8AM-10AM

There will be 3 World Cup matches held from 12AM - 8AM. RTM decided to pick match favored by Malaysian the most which is Argentina vs Bosnia. There is no LIVE broadcast on Switzerland vs Ecuador and France vs Honduras.

Argentina versus Bosnia is scheduled to be started on 6AM Malaysian time June 16, 2014. As you can see the RTM schedule showed obviously they are going to broadcast LIVE match. According to the Facebook page owned by RTM, there were no such announcement being made.

RTM website broadcast schedule is only limited to show 1 day. As the clock turned 00.00, next day schedule will be displayed on RTM website. As I scroll to see whether there would be any LIVE match and I believe it was a jackpot !

There will be LIVE match and replay match. Tune in free broadcast of World Cup 2014 LIVE match on TV 2 Argentina versus Bosnia.  You are advised to watch it earlier because Rio to Malaysia "Kuiz Terkumpul" password code will be revealed shortly before the match. Besides, after the match is ended there will be one more time revealing the password code.

The match is on Monday morning most of us should have wake up prepare for work. Should you missed the LIVE match, you could tune to replay match which I believe it begin on 10.00PM

Update : Sorry, due to reply from TV2, it will be a delayed LIVE match on 8AM-10AM.

More details you can check at

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Watch Italy vs England World Cup 2014 on RTM 2

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Delayed LIVE streaming at RTM 2 June 15, 2014 England vs Italy match

Free to watch England vs Italy at Brazil World Cup 2014.  It will be started 2 hours after the game ended. That would be 8AM-10AM. As you can see schedule below. It indicated England vs Italy will be a delayed LIVE match by RTM. Italy vs England LIVE in Malaysian time is 6AM - 8AM.

We should be thankful and grateful that on June 15, 2014. Colombia vs Greece and Uruguay vs Costa Rica are LIVE matches. Not to forget in the same day there would be 3 great matches. The last match of FIFA World Cup 2014 on June 15 would be England vs Italy. One of the cant miss match.

Colombia vs Greece have already produced result. Colombia scored 3 - 0 Greece. However, Greece fought harder almost all the ball movement were controlled by Greece. In other hand Colombia, they were as calm as water. Strikers find opportunity to broke in Greece strong defense team. One of the goal was scored in the help of free kick.

No doubt Colombia vs Greece were intense but most of us will try to watch all three matches. Particularly the match between England versus Italy. Refer to the history of both team, Italy won FIFA World Cup 2014 for the fourth times. As for England, they were not really the strongest team although their fame is soaring high due to the media and celebrity-like soccer players.

Italy is a very solid and strong team. Balotelli strike of Italy is as famous as Wayne Rooney. Who will win the match between Italy versus England ?? A voting system have been made by LINE Event for Malaysian to vote. It seem like Italy is slightly favored by Malaysian.

Result : Italy 2 - 1 England

Source : RTM 2 Facebook

Don miss the chance to see delayed LIVE match by RTM 2. The time is as shown at this chart.

10 Awesome Football Merchandise in Malaysia 2014

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Everyone want to have something to show their support towards their perfect team. To what extend you will do for your favorite team ? 

Taylor Swift concert held it first ever concert in Malaysia at Putra Indoor Stadium. Most of us crazed to see and hear from her at close proximity. In order to see her some bought VIP tickets to see her. They have an awesome night as you will get better chance than anyone else to get to see her performing at the higher platform. How about your favorite soccer team ??

The Taylor Swift wave is soon fade. The rising of football fever is now heating the ceiling. the staggering viewers is just astonishing. There are 7 Billion population and 3 Billion population are going to watch FIFA World Cup 2014. That is just not very small number. Although Gangnam Style at Youtube received 2 billion viewers but the song was from 2013. In a very short period of time, FIFA World Cup 2014 will garnered 3 Billion view. It is not clear the total viewers for a month or 3 billion viewers a match.

With so many people love to watch soccer come a great demands to show their support for their perfect team. Everyone have their own reason to support either Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, England, Italy, Argentina. Have you heard it before ?? The loudest crowd of fans determine the winner regardless how strong and perfect was your team 

You have heard already at every world cup match as the emotion run deeper. The crowd's boo will gravely hurt the morale of the team. Take for example the recent match between Spain vs Netherlands. As Spain attackers march to the gate of Netherlands. A loud voice of boo were produced at the platform. It clearly heard on my TV. I remembered TV sound volume was very low due to it was midnight on Malaysian time. The sound of boo is apparent !! . The result was Netherlands 5 - 1 Spain. 

Official Nike branded Neymar JR printed
1. Official Nike shirt

Neymar JR scored 2 magnificent goals against Croatia on first FIFA World Cup 2014 match. There is no greater reason for you to purchase this shirt. Wherever you go , they will recognize you as Brazil fans. No more question on you about "Hey, what team do you support " at any mamak stalls. More about this shirt check at Brazil official T-shirt. The price would be cost you at RM369 but it will worth it. Besides, if you are not Brazil supporter but want to check out other Official Nike sport shirts . Visit at Official Nike sport shirts 2014 . Some sport shirt only cost around RM229.00

2. Wallpaper 

It only cost around RM25.00 . worth to stick at your house wall !! Mancester United wall sticker

Brazil Bed Sheet
3. Brazil Fitted Sheet Set

Crazy about FIFA World Cup ? Crazed about Brazil ? choose between Queen type or Super Single type sheet. Only for RM59.90. Your bed just look better. You can choose Germany, Spain or England imprinted bed sheets. All you need to do is keep this when FIFA is over and put it back on next 4 years. Life just get interested just like Christmas tree, during Christmas period put on the Christmas tree at your living room when it over, keep it back wait another year !!.  More details at Brazil Bed Sheet

4. Brazilian Figures

Collect Neymar or the whole Brazilian team figures. You can puppeteer with your imagination. Besides, It is not just Brazil figures available there were England, Spain and Germany. The focus will be  Neymar Jr Single Figure , I think grown up men still collect figures it is a hobby for some people for lifetime. This is the 15 Brazilian team figures

5 Brazuca Glider Ball by Adidas

It is Brazuca matchball. A replicate of the Brazuca ball being used at Brazil stadiums. You could take it as a present for yourself or your kids. Don you miss the way kicking an adidas made soccer ball ?? Don you want to try make yourself a goal and your friend as a goal keeper and start playing like a self-proclaimed world cup match at your own home ?? Visit here for price it just RM70. World Cup 2014 Brazuca Glider ball . Do take note that there were two type of balls quality one is glider and one is Football ball with higher quality material.

6. Limited edition 8GB flash drive

I think this is most useful and practical merchandise. A highly demanding goods in the market is going to get more interested when you have your favorite soccer squad as the cover. It will be too boring to purchase another flash drive with the external cover everyone have. It will surely drive sales. It is a limited brazil FIFA flash drive. I have seen Minion flash drive, Avenger flash drive, X men flash drive, Iron man flash drive. Naturally, of course there will be someone commercialize a flash drive body with Brazil World Cup 2014. But, hey not everyone can make a flash drive with limited edition body design right ? Visit at Flash drive 8GB World Cup 2014

7. Iphone 5, 5s England casing and Samsung Note 3 Spain casing

Have you change your old fade color casing ?? This is your chance choose your favorite team and buy the casing straight away. Iphone casing exclusively for 5 and 5s. As for Samsung note 3, I guess only exclusive for Note 3 users. RM 48 for Iphone England themed casing and for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Spain themed casing RM78

8. PS3, PS4, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game disc

Do not get too excited because when you get addicted you will not only lose your sleep you are potentially losing to watch real FIFA 2014 is going on now. If you are football fans when look at this game disc you must be curious what team and players have been put inside this game. Besides, it is made by EA Sports not only for PS3 but also PS4 . This cost around RM160 only Visit here for more detail FIFA World Cup 2014 PS3

9. Spain mini bus

I bought one of this after a few minutes watching this merchandise. I just do not have a mini bus with so many FIFA World Cup posters around it. It just cost around RM39.90 only . I hope it is very sturdy one because I like those sturdy things. I definitely think this is worth to be a collection. Don you want a mini bus that carry all the Spain team to the stadium ?? You can check at here Spain mini bus

10 Italy powerbank 6000 mah

One of the highly sold product in the market nowadays. The powerbank demands is simply very high. It acted as a chargeable back up battery. Not everywhere got a socket for you to plug your Iphone or Samsung charger right ?? This is very good for those people working long hours or outstation. The best thing will be it is imprinted with your favorite Italy soccer squad . More details at Italy powerbank