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Beras Nasional Cheapest Rice in Sabah

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Among so many rice packs in local store, This is the cheapest for 10KG rice pack

Beras Nasional-Bernas-rice-nasi-sabarice-Sabah rice

Product name : Beras Nasional
Import             : Padi Beras Nasional
Manufactured : Sabarice
Net Weight     : 10KG
Retail value    : RM18
Calories kcal   : 361 KCAL for 100g  (one plate)
Carbohydrate    : 82g for 100g

Few years back there were news about businesses in Sabah grabbed all the subsidized commodity left few to the poor and needed community especially the "Beras Nasional"  . It is ironic to know that the next cheaper alternative rice pack for 10KG will be RM30. Most of the people living in Sabah unwilling to buy the second alternative rice pack.

No doubt that eatery shops will have better accessibility in getting Beras Nasional due to their influence and relationship with suppliers. Since then, it seem that authorities have added more availability on Beras Nasional so that everyone get the fair chance as eatery businesses. The distribution section is now in stable condition there were no news reported people not getting Beras Nasional for more than 2 years now.

The last incident on Beras Nasional being sold at an overpriced tag was 2011. Despite that, Beras Nasional retail price is RM18 but some business premise selling it for RM20 or RM 21 for 10KG rice pack. Did they violated the law for doing that ?? So far, they were no investigation or news reported business premise have been closed down.

Beras Nasional
One of the obvious reason why authority allowed it happened because they are selling it to the local people. If business premise selling Beras Nasional at the price RM20 to the local community, it cant be consider as violation of law. However, if some people buy subsidized diesel and sell it to foreign soil, they will be labeled as violation of law.

If you do not want to buy at RM21 Beras Nasional 10KG, you can always find other shops. You can always bargain with the shop owners. There is nothing you can do if businesses conspire to sell at a fixed price but you can always ask for discount with your loud and convincing voice.

The trick is that there is most likely a discounted price if you buy two or three Beras Nasional. If you buy one , it is most likely you could not get a discounted price.

Let do a calculation why Beras Nasional is so cheap people are desperate to buy it ! If 10KG = 10,000 grams for RM 20 .

RM 1 = 500grams
RM 0.20 = 100grams

Basically, 500 grams of rice is enough for 5 peoples. If any eatery shop using Beras Nasional and they charge one plate 1 ringgit, they will be collecting RM 5 each. Minus production cost of RM 1 and the profit will be roughly RM 4.00. That is double profit. Any eatery shops selling RM 0.50 per plate of rice will still profit.

Let say eatery shop using high quality rice it is reasonable that they are charging RM 1 per plate of rice .

Bernas's short promotional video clip Chinese New Year 2013.