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MU Online Malaysia 2014 Browser-Based MMORPG

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First MU online in browser-based MMORPG opened in Malaysia July 2014. No heavy data download needed

MU online MY
This is me playing at least 30 minutes to get level 30

Ez Joy or full name Easyjoy Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a one of the few game developer company situated in Malaysia. They have been started expanding it business in mainly Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Their business income mostly came from hosting interesting and popular browser-based online game in Chinese language. One of them is MU Online MY.

Today July 22, 2014 marked the open beta of MU Online MY
. Everyone inside the game is practically Malaysian. However, there is a very big problem it would be language barrier. It 100% in Simplified Chinese language. You should start to learn Chinese language to play this game but probably not in favor those who cant read them.

It not like if you cant read then it means you cant enter the game and play. You still can play them like normal people do but you just cant understand what it said and shown at the screen. One thing for sure is that the players can help you because all the Malaysian understand simple English right ?

You could communicate to everyone through the small message box using either English or Chinese character. The only things is that you must level 30 and above. It really easy to get up to level 30. You just have to follow the quests. In less than 30 minutes, you will have your level at 30. That means you have unlocked the world chat.

MU Online Malaysia fan page has reached 8,000 likes on the day its announced open beta. It has heavily promoting the game at Facebook. I came to knew it by clicking the game ads shown inside my Facebook feeds. If you needs a new MMORPG online game to play this is definitely a game you should spend time with.

To become a VIP you are only required to incur RM20. You could get to reload by purchasing at nearest local 7-eleven or by purchasing it online.

One of the best marketing campaign I have ever seen in a game industry. It seem like they have recruiting a lot of pretty girls promote the game. I do not think girls would like to play this game because it not like those "The SIM 3" or "Farm Ville" or "Angry birds" . Just for your information, "MU" equivalent to ”奇迹“

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