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Buy Any Steam Games with Malaysia Debit Cards

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 Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

November is a good month for shopping spree. With just weeks ago recovering from Double 11, now Black Friday said "Hello" to our hard-earned cash. It always hard for just a seconds to think there were just too much games in Steam library already ! Dust is seen slowly covering the surface !

November marks the school holiday and beginning of Christmas. Although we have a constant tropical weather, defiance on playing at outside is a common global social issue. The only fun stuff to do at home is PC games !

Rampant non-genuine PC games were sold in a form of Compact disc. Nobody stops us buying it nor any law enforcement forbids business premises to sell. It was affordable and business operator get huge profit from our gullible soul. Illegal PC games were our favorite pastime. In those days, Microsoft windows can be a cracked copy !

Accessibility and price tag of original copy of digital games were way ahead of us. Nobody knows where to get them and most of us know it would cost us lots of pocket money for one if we get to see one. Customer were satisfied rarely complaint thrown out and business operator was smart to have one to one game exchange service if game were spoil.

Where were Valve Steam back then ? I guess they were really busy making game such as half life and counter strike. No one knows that in the future, our favorite game maker Valve is creating a platform luring people to buy all sort of original digital game. It just pure insane and lovely idea ! Everyone like original !

The collapse of non-genuine Microsoft windows and illegal digital game are imminent. One thing is not quite fixed yet. How about the price tag ? You think everyone gonna afford original game. How about an annual Autumn Sale ?

They were literally no digital game sale I ever heard in my life until Steam come to the rescue. A truly game changer that relieve hearts of all game players. It may not be as relieving as our soul pure reason has been drifted away with thousands of crazy and affordable digital games.

The Steam catalog is just look so familiar. In the era of Illegal games used to have a physical catalog contains hundred of pages of amazing game covers. It was like a RM5 - RM15 for a digital game stored in a compact disc. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you might get to download entire cracked digital game for free.  

Enough ranting on the past, as a highly regarded gamer, we should refrain ourselves from using fake Microsoft windows and non-genuine digital game. The best time to buy a game is when Steam is having a sale. 

Tips : All of these digital games can be bought with just your Malaysia debit cards without the to need access internet banking and verification codes to your mobile phone. Firstly, you need to do is  call your respective bank to unlock online payment in their system and proceed to do any purchase in Steam likened to a credit card.

In this method, there were no surcharges for instance, imposed by Digi and Mol Malaysia. This method is perfect due to Valve Steam have converted the game price tag into our national currency.  



Easiest Way Top Up Dota 2 for Malaysian

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Reliable and safe for people staying at Malaysia reloading Valve Steam Dota 2

It is not a secret that there is a large Dota 2 fan base in Malaysia. Many would ask how to reload / top up their Steam account without compromise !

There are so many retailer out there claimed offering Steam card the most recognized one for those using pop up directing to your own bank's online banking service. This method is in favor for 2 steps verification which require you to insert pin numbers sent to your mobile phone.

If you like opting for this method please share it to your friend who like to play Dota 2 and other game offered by Valve steam !

Before that, This is a method exclusively for those who do not own credit card ( it is forbidden to buy game with your parent credit card without their consent) ! Besides, for debit card users, you could opt to call your bank service center in order to lift restriction on your debit card for online shopping. Anyways, if your debit card restricted to perform any Internet transaction, this is your solely method buying a steam gift card as below.

List of things to do for the fastest and safest way getting a steam wallet code !

1. Get an account on MOL
2. Your debit card with online banking feature such as Maybank or RHB
3. Top up your MOL balance
3. Allow pop up as need for redirecting to your secure bank website
4. Buy Steam wallet code using MOL balance
5. Done !

Mol and steam points

Mol is huge and if you are local resident in Malaysia you would be able to utilize the pop-up code required verification payment !

Let's say you are using Maybank or RHB. you will be redirected to Maybank or RHB payment channel website for further instruction. This method combined with HTTPS, username and password, unique website verification after inserting ID, pin number sent to your mobile phone are latest security features.

Above image is very good example as to oppose direct debit feature using your 16 digits credit card or debit card.

Walk -in to any Maybank outlets nationwide and request for debit card and ask them to help you open up online banking facilities which include your ID, password, unique identification on the website and register your mobile phone !

After transaction is completed, you will be redirected to MOL receipt web page.  It is a receipt for your safekeeping ! Please do no attempt to insert the PIN into redeem steam wallet code because it has been used !

As you can see there will be 6% GST charge for RM 20 Steam wallet code !

Successful process and go buy yourself a winter 2017 Dota 2 battle pass now !.. Add me up if you want !! my ID is on above image !

Heroes of the Storm Invitation extended to Malaysia

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Malaysian receives invitation to play Blizzard MOBA Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard approval testing Heroes of the Storm Alpha
You are required to login first Blizzard account then click the "Download Now"

Barely remember when was the day applying to play Heroes of the Storm. It should have been 6 to 7 months waiting.  Downloading it the next day received this e-mail from Blizzard. Firstly, you would need Blizzard account in order to queue up for alpha testing Heroes of the Storm.

It not really a huge file merely 2GB or more occupying your hard disk space. The best part is one could play the game instantly even though the game was not fully downloaded. Although it under alpha testing period, there are sizable of heroes to try out.

"Play" option pop out although the game is not fully downloaded

If you ever receive an invitation from Blizzard to try out Heroes of the Storm, it better to do it now because they are finding more players to test the game of any major bugs they have been spreading the message through social media. I am from Southeast Asia country and there is a dedicated server for it. It something like "America & Southeast Asia" server. Do not choose the "Asia" as I have tried it and it not a better option though. With that server, your gaming experience with Heroes of the Storm improved tremendously.

Choosing "Asia" option is tempting but every time there were many times of lost connection when clashes happened in-game. It even worst when clashes of 5 heroes one totally lag all the way. You would not know which enemy heroes attacked you or you would not know how you died run out of HP.

As you can see above image, you are 2 clicks away to play with other players. There are many modes but the most significant are "Versus" and "Cooperation". "Versus" is an optional mode to fight with other players, whereas, "Cooperation" 5 players against Artificial Intelligent (A.I).  You could invite your friends to the battle.

Golds will be collected when one completing daily quests, level up and finish a match. It important to raise level to 12 as it will unlocking few heroes to play. As you can see image above, I am level 3 currently. Besides, golds is utilized to buy new favorite heroes although there were heroes rotation every week.

It is not cheap to unlock new heroes. A winning match in Versus mode contributing 30 golds to your gold vault  If you buy let say the panda "Chen" unlocking needs 10,000 golds you are required to play many rounds of matches, quests completion and level up. Alternatively, you could spend real money to unlock them too.

If you ask me about how addictive the game, I would say it is pretty good indeed. There are plenty of heroes to try. So far, I have tried less than 10 characters. One of my favorite would be Sanya or the guitar guys.

Unlike Dota 2 or HoN or League of Legends, this game is completely designed differ from other MOBA. There were no items to boost character attributes. One of the most obvious and distinctive will be the duration of each game was shorten to 20 minutes or lesser. One will easily wipe out enemy base in less than 20 minutes. 

 Moreover, Heroes of the Storm focusing on uniquely themed maps. you will be surprised there are 5 attractive maps to be played. Each maps are unique. For example, Haunted mines, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire, Blackheart's Bay and Garden of Terror.

Notably, in order to win the game entirely dependent teamwork to finish the map's requirement. As for Dragon Shire map, one requires to unleash the dragon by controlling two towers simultaneously enemy will always try to fight you preventing you to control the tower. Furthermore, in Garden of Terror map, one is required to collect seeds as much as possible to awaken giant plant to crush enemy bases. As for other maps, it is better for you find it out.

MU Online Malaysia 2014 Browser-Based MMORPG

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First MU online in browser-based MMORPG opened in Malaysia July 2014. No heavy data download needed

MU online MY
This is me playing at least 30 minutes to get level 30

Ez Joy or full name Easyjoy Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a one of the few game developer company situated in Malaysia. They have been started expanding it business in mainly Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Their business income mostly came from hosting interesting and popular browser-based online game in Chinese language. One of them is MU Online MY.

Today July 22, 2014 marked the open beta of MU Online MY
. Everyone inside the game is practically Malaysian. However, there is a very big problem it would be language barrier. It 100% in Simplified Chinese language. You should start to learn Chinese language to play this game but probably not in favor those who cant read them.

It not like if you cant read then it means you cant enter the game and play. You still can play them like normal people do but you just cant understand what it said and shown at the screen. One thing for sure is that the players can help you because all the Malaysian understand simple English right ?

You could communicate to everyone through the small message box using either English or Chinese character. The only things is that you must level 30 and above. It really easy to get up to level 30. You just have to follow the quests. In less than 30 minutes, you will have your level at 30. That means you have unlocked the world chat.

MU Online Malaysia fan page has reached 8,000 likes on the day its announced open beta. It has heavily promoting the game at Facebook. I came to knew it by clicking the game ads shown inside my Facebook feeds. If you needs a new MMORPG online game to play this is definitely a game you should spend time with.

To become a VIP you are only required to incur RM20. You could get to reload by purchasing at nearest local 7-eleven or by purchasing it online.

One of the best marketing campaign I have ever seen in a game industry. It seem like they have recruiting a lot of pretty girls promote the game. I do not think girls would like to play this game because it not like those "The SIM 3" or "Farm Ville" or "Angry birds" . Just for your information, "MU" equivalent to ”奇迹“

Log in using Facebook : MU Facebook

Facebook fan page for MU Online MY :

EasyJoy Entertainment Facebook page :

Perfect World opened Swordsman Online in Malaysia

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World No 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei have been invited to attend opening ceremony of 4Games Swordsman online in Malaysia 

Source: xa.4games

Swordsman online or "笑傲江湖 "is a poplar 3D online MMORPG set at a distant past influenced by Jin Yong novel. The game is fantastic and addictive due to infusing historical Chinese infrastructure in the past with fiction. Mandarin speaking often called it as "Wuxia" .  

Growing popularity of swordsman online worldwide stemmed 4Games to open a new server for Malaysia players. The game will be in Chinese language but the game will be designed to cater local Malaysian players as well as other southeast Asia countries. Despite that, there is no announcement there will be IP block thus any country players could access and play !

With this initiative, Malaysian will no longer need to play the game at other server that hosted at far and long distances. As a result, Malaysia will have greater online gaming experience because lag-free and interactive between players is improved. 

Not only that, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippine who interested in playing Swordsman online could join the game in a consistent and familiar environment. For example, player can communicate and understand English inside the game. Besides, the game chat room will no longer dominate by Chinese characters.

As a part of promoting the game, opening ceremony of Swordsman online in Malaysia, they have invited Datuk Lee Chong wei to attend this grand opening ceremony at Paradigm Mall ground floor. Detailed information can be found at the banner above. Joining this event, you might have a chance to bring back something good as displayed at the banner. Don miss this event visit them on June 1 Sunday, lunch time till 2PM ! 

Besides, a meeting with Swordsman online players will be held ahead of the opening ceremony on May, 30. Time is 10AM-10PM for two days

Official 4Games Facebook page :

This video is part of marketing strategy for Swordsmen online will be opened in Malaysia. Close beta Swordsman online is scheduled to be launched onMay 29, 2014.  Downloadable game client had been released earlier and the size is 8GB - 9GB . Should you opt for Swordsman online game disc, management of 4Games announced every account could get a free disc upon requested to their home no extra charge upon them.