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 Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

November is a good month for shopping spree. With just weeks ago recovering from Double 11, now Black Friday said "Hello" to our hard-earned cash. It always hard for just a seconds to think there were just too much games in Steam library already ! Dust is seen slowly covering the surface !

November marks the school holiday and beginning of Christmas. Although we have a constant tropical weather, defiance on playing at outside is a common global social issue. The only fun stuff to do at home is PC games !

Rampant non-genuine PC games were sold in a form of Compact disc. Nobody stops us buying it nor any law enforcement forbids business premises to sell. It was affordable and business operator get huge profit from our gullible soul. Illegal PC games were our favorite pastime. In those days, Microsoft windows can be a cracked copy !

Accessibility and price tag of original copy of digital games were way ahead of us. Nobody knows where to get them and most of us know it would cost us lots of pocket money for one if we get to see one. Customer were satisfied rarely complaint thrown out and business operator was smart to have one to one game exchange service if game were spoil.

Where were Valve Steam back then ? I guess they were really busy making game such as half life and counter strike. No one knows that in the future, our favorite game maker Valve is creating a platform luring people to buy all sort of original digital game. It just pure insane and lovely idea ! Everyone like original !

The collapse of non-genuine Microsoft windows and illegal digital game are imminent. One thing is not quite fixed yet. How about the price tag ? You think everyone gonna afford original game. How about an annual Autumn Sale ?

They were literally no digital game sale I ever heard in my life until Steam come to the rescue. A truly game changer that relieve hearts of all game players. It may not be as relieving as our soul pure reason has been drifted away with thousands of crazy and affordable digital games.

The Steam catalog is just look so familiar. In the era of Illegal games used to have a physical catalog contains hundred of pages of amazing game covers. It was like a RM5 - RM15 for a digital game stored in a compact disc. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you might get to download entire cracked digital game for free.  

Enough ranting on the past, as a highly regarded gamer, we should refrain ourselves from using fake Microsoft windows and non-genuine digital game. The best time to buy a game is when Steam is having a sale. 

Tips : All of these digital games can be bought with just your Malaysia debit cards without the to need access internet banking and verification codes to your mobile phone. Firstly, you need to do is  call your respective bank to unlock online payment in their system and proceed to do any purchase in Steam likened to a credit card.

In this method, there were no surcharges for instance, imposed by Digi and Mol Malaysia. This method is perfect due to Valve Steam have converted the game price tag into our national currency.