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Watch CS Go Matches to win Souvenir items

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Obtains In-game CS GO weaponry meanwhile learns from the professional Counter-Strike Global Offensives players

A sniper rifle with skin that could be sold in steam market for more than 10 dollars

The most iconic shooting game of the decade roughly gathered 400,000 views on its live streaming. Enthusiast from all around the world witness the battle of professional CS GO players coming from many parts of the world.

There are many reasons why they have so many fans watching the competition for instance, cheering their favorite team, getting souvenir drops and some simply just love competitive gaming. The company behind massively successful game is Valve. Their business model are pretty straight forward in CS GO. Without any discount, CS GO is priced at RM30+

In the old days we like to play counter-strike in a local area network or "LAN" with a bunch of strangers in a cyber cafe. In a rapid technology advancement, Counter strike is no longer restricted to just in a computer cafe. Dream to play Counter Strike at home is a reality now. The game is no longer the same with added features such as weapon skins and marketable items.

cs go souvenir 2018
400,000 viewers are cheering their favorite team to win and some are watching just so they are eligible for the possession of randomly allocated CS GO souvenir 2018. Some of the viewers are mad they have watched CS GO for 4 years streak and did not have a chance obtaining souvenir items from the vicious random generator(RNG) 

There are not really much anything in the game that change one's life unless you are playing as a professional and CS GO players usually have a virtual accomplishments as playing a competitive match earns them a virtual army titles reminiscent the real world army ranking such as sergeant, major and even captain.

As for those titles, it mostly for the purpose of bragging. In order to support their team, one can either purchase RM169.00 Championship Mega bundle 2018 or the team's sticker ranging from RM1-RM10. If you wish to watch the competition in Malaysia, the competitive matches always begin on midnight from 01.00AM - 7.00AM

As if desperate to own a souvenir weaponry, you may opt for far safer option just purchase it with your pocket money in the steam market. Those souvenir weapon acted as a cosmetic not necessary addd your winning chances in CS GO match

Buy Any Steam Games with Malaysia Debit Cards

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 Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

November is a good month for shopping spree. With just weeks ago recovering from Double 11, now Black Friday said "Hello" to our hard-earned cash. It always hard for just a seconds to think there were just too much games in Steam library already ! Dust is seen slowly covering the surface !

November marks the school holiday and beginning of Christmas. Although we have a constant tropical weather, defiance on playing at outside is a common global social issue. The only fun stuff to do at home is PC games !

Rampant non-genuine PC games were sold in a form of Compact disc. Nobody stops us buying it nor any law enforcement forbids business premises to sell. It was affordable and business operator get huge profit from our gullible soul. Illegal PC games were our favorite pastime. In those days, Microsoft windows can be a cracked copy !

Accessibility and price tag of original copy of digital games were way ahead of us. Nobody knows where to get them and most of us know it would cost us lots of pocket money for one if we get to see one. Customer were satisfied rarely complaint thrown out and business operator was smart to have one to one game exchange service if game were spoil.

Where were Valve Steam back then ? I guess they were really busy making game such as half life and counter strike. No one knows that in the future, our favorite game maker Valve is creating a platform luring people to buy all sort of original digital game. It just pure insane and lovely idea ! Everyone like original !

The collapse of non-genuine Microsoft windows and illegal digital game are imminent. One thing is not quite fixed yet. How about the price tag ? You think everyone gonna afford original game. How about an annual Autumn Sale ?

They were literally no digital game sale I ever heard in my life until Steam come to the rescue. A truly game changer that relieve hearts of all game players. It may not be as relieving as our soul pure reason has been drifted away with thousands of crazy and affordable digital games.

The Steam catalog is just look so familiar. In the era of Illegal games used to have a physical catalog contains hundred of pages of amazing game covers. It was like a RM5 - RM15 for a digital game stored in a compact disc. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you might get to download entire cracked digital game for free.  

Enough ranting on the past, as a highly regarded gamer, we should refrain ourselves from using fake Microsoft windows and non-genuine digital game. The best time to buy a game is when Steam is having a sale. 

Tips : All of these digital games can be bought with just your Malaysia debit cards without the to need access internet banking and verification codes to your mobile phone. Firstly, you need to do is  call your respective bank to unlock online payment in their system and proceed to do any purchase in Steam likened to a credit card.

In this method, there were no surcharges for instance, imposed by Digi and Mol Malaysia. This method is perfect due to Valve Steam have converted the game price tag into our national currency.  



8 Reasons to buy Tomb Raider 2013

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Spoiler Alert : Article contains images and contents from the Tomb Raider 2013 game.

Lara Croft 2013 PC Game
Lara Croft 2013 inside a cave

1. Hype on Tomb Raider film adaptation. 

Lara Croft / Tomb Raider's 2018 movie lead female actress look brilliantly stunning. The film is strongly backed by PC renowned game maker Square Enix. In the trailer, there is a familiar Hong-Kong male actor having a dialogue with Alicia Vikander.

2. Lara Croft 2013 Game is only RM9.99 on Steam

Immerse yourself with Lara Croft the fearless character exploring territory and overcome obstacle beyond the limit of ordinary. The usual price for Lara Craft 2013 is RM39.00 unless steam is being generous to do sale up to 75% on the game.

If you miss the date, you should not wait for another one as it is sure worth to own it right away.

3. Lara Croft wields bow better than Katniss Everdeen.

Lara first weapon is a hunting bow instead of traditional wielding two silver pistols. This significant change could be inspired by the hugely successful box office movie "Hunger Games". Everything about Lara Croft character is closely familiar with Katniss. Both are fictional yet portraying strong female survival abilities in the wilderness.

Making Lara Croft wield bow will definitely a winning point for the game.

4. Lara Croft and Mysterious World War II Plane 

Lara Croft has suffered a shipwreck at dragon triangle out of the Japan coast. The story revolved around Japanese mythical island and mythical Japanese lore princess Himiko. Lara Croft is again up against some tough situations weakened by her wound.

Lara Croft is accompanied by a trusty pick axe for easing her climbing upward, getting locked door loosen and swinging down flying fox rope.

5. Lara Croft speaks British Accent likened to Alice in Wonderland

English accent adds novelty to the character. Great English female explorer are always set in the mind of common audiences. It is great to hear Lara Croft speaks perfect English accent understandable by most of the audiences.

6. Gravely wounds and Terrific Stamina

Lara tried heal her bleeding

The game should stop half way and let a man handle the situation. The well made cinematic scenes invoke abundant emotional affections towards Lara is suffering or even met her demise. Everything is so detailed and comprehensive.

7. Upgrade your weapons stash

After a series of encounter with Yamatai unfriendly and hostile reception, she can now use some upgrading her firepower as enemies getting stronger.

Lara Croft wield iconic two pistols finishing off her arch enemy in Tomb Raider 2013 video game

8. First to wield two pistols

This is a game since 1996 no other game character come closer to her ability to wield two pistols not even Devil May Cry's Dante.

Tomb raider icnonic places are real. Check it out at 6 real life video game location

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6 the final installment of zombie action game

Disclaimer : All the picture and illustration are from my steam game library.

If you like Zombies and Resident Evil movies on theater, you are surely like Resident Evil. The resident evil has been a brand tied to Playstation 1. As a fan of resident evil, we never really want to go back play the same game with the same gaming platform. We want improvement on the graphic, sound and action. Capcom delivered it with tremendous successful.

Before we enter main topic about the game. You could actually buy the game on Steam. I bought it while Steam had this summer sale. The game usually cost more than RM 50 before the sale.

1. Meeting of Two Protagonist

Chris & Redfield

Agent Leon was on RE4 while Chris was on RE5 fighting the virus before rampant infection on global scale. The virus may have different names but it has a same purpose and pose a great threat on human health. Resident Evil series rarely seen both of them together on a mission or fight on conflict issue.

2. Resident Evil 6's bold story

Ada Wong on Helicopter
Ada Wong on Helicoper

In a fictional world, agent Leon met with President who tried to expose the truth about Raccoon City incident. Before he did the broadcast, he had been attacked by his national security personnel.

3. Trigger Action Anytime

Improvement on character action engine since Resident Evil 4. It is now able to move while shooting and do some physical action on opponent without having to shoot first for physical action instruction on the screen

4. Four Playable characters

Leon campaign start in the middle of chaos in the city and a large presidential office. Beside agent Leon, you could select Chris, Jake and Ada Wong campaign.

5. Four Antagonist

Each campaign have 4 different boss.

6. Chaos in Hong Kong

The language spoken was indeed Hong Kong. The fictional chaos in city is taking in Hong Kong.

7. C Virus Infection

Encounter a colossal opponent while in Chris and Jake Campaign. A new virus variant turn normal living being into crystal form and burst into numerous monsters.

8. End of Trilogy

Resident Evil 6 is a complete package while bring forth every profile of main Resident evil characters. Namely Leon, Chris, Ada Wong and Jake. It is a closure of RE4 & RE5.

9. End of Umbrella Corp on Raccoon City

The threat has been eliminated by agent Leon. The raccoon city incident is a past now and the culprits have been located and justice has been served.

10. Cure is Jake's blood

In all the Resident Evil games, all of them are just eliminating threats. In RE6, they actually found a cure to the virus. The anti-virus is in Jake's blood and potentially spell the end of Resident Evil series. (It is just like in the Resident Evil movie Alice found the cure ). The game end with Jake saving the world than following his father footstep.

Top Up Steam Account for Summer Sale 2017

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Buy all the games including "Game of the year" with more than 50% discounted price

Great games are always overprice. It may not overprice but certainly higher than the normal budget for most gamer around the world. 

The Steam's summer sale 2017 is so tempting I bought 4 game titles before it ends on July 6. The game titles are Half Life Complete, Bioshock Infinite, Fallout 3 and Borderlands 2. This sale has cost me more or less RM53.00

We have the tendency bought so many games ended up no time playing it. I have the habit since the era of Playstation one. Speaking of my history of gaming, I used to go to game store to buy the latest games on the shelves but, now with a great platform, we just need bank card numbers and a steam account. Ease the inconvenience of traffic, weather, car maintenance and the possibility of CD failure.

 Yes, all the games I bought are almost obsolete but the review and ratings are high. I am likely purchase more game titles. It could be Outlast and Resident Evil 6. Both specification are compatible with my laptop. Wait, I have to check how much I got left first.

One of the reason why I do not go for the expensive game due to my laptop neither can handle the test of ultra resolution nor the minimal PC specification.

Hey, I bought my laptop on 2016 with tremendous improvement on the sound and graphic quality. I am very grateful to own it indeed!  I do not want to mention my 5 years old laptop sold for merely RM100.

Valve's Steam has improved so much now all the game title are quoted in Malaysia currency and you are able to purchase it using just a debit card.

RHB debit card is one of many card allows you to purchase game title on Steam. Before that, you are required to call the RHB customer service for online transaction.

Remember do keep some savings behind and if you are using your parent card please do consult parent advice !

Easiest Way Top Up Dota 2 for Malaysian

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Reliable and safe for people staying at Malaysia reloading Valve Steam Dota 2

It is not a secret that there is a large Dota 2 fan base in Malaysia. Many would ask how to reload / top up their Steam account without compromise !

There are so many retailer out there claimed offering Steam card the most recognized one for those using pop up directing to your own bank's online banking service. This method is in favor for 2 steps verification which require you to insert pin numbers sent to your mobile phone.

If you like opting for this method please share it to your friend who like to play Dota 2 and other game offered by Valve steam !

Before that, This is a method exclusively for those who do not own credit card ( it is forbidden to buy game with your parent credit card without their consent) ! Besides, for debit card users, you could opt to call your bank service center in order to lift restriction on your debit card for online shopping. Anyways, if your debit card restricted to perform any Internet transaction, this is your solely method buying a steam gift card as below.

List of things to do for the fastest and safest way getting a steam wallet code !

1. Get an account on MOL
2. Your debit card with online banking feature such as Maybank or RHB
3. Top up your MOL balance
3. Allow pop up as need for redirecting to your secure bank website
4. Buy Steam wallet code using MOL balance
5. Done !

Mol and steam points

Mol is huge and if you are local resident in Malaysia you would be able to utilize the pop-up code required verification payment !

Let's say you are using Maybank or RHB. you will be redirected to Maybank or RHB payment channel website for further instruction. This method combined with HTTPS, username and password, unique website verification after inserting ID, pin number sent to your mobile phone are latest security features.

Above image is very good example as to oppose direct debit feature using your 16 digits credit card or debit card.

Walk -in to any Maybank outlets nationwide and request for debit card and ask them to help you open up online banking facilities which include your ID, password, unique identification on the website and register your mobile phone !

After transaction is completed, you will be redirected to MOL receipt web page.  It is a receipt for your safekeeping ! Please do no attempt to insert the PIN into redeem steam wallet code because it has been used !

As you can see there will be 6% GST charge for RM 20 Steam wallet code !

Successful process and go buy yourself a winter 2017 Dota 2 battle pass now !.. Add me up if you want !! my ID is on above image !