Watch CS Go Matches to win Souvenir items

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Obtains In-game CS GO weaponry meanwhile learns from the professional Counter-Strike Global Offensives players

A sniper rifle with skin that could be sold in steam market for more than 10 dollars

The most iconic shooting game of the decade roughly gathered 400,000 views on its live streaming. Enthusiast from all around the world witness the battle of professional CS GO players coming from many parts of the world.

There are many reasons why they have so many fans watching the competition for instance, cheering their favorite team, getting souvenir drops and some simply just love competitive gaming. The company behind massively successful game is Valve. Their business model are pretty straight forward in CS GO. Without any discount, CS GO is priced at RM30+

In the old days we like to play counter-strike in a local area network or "LAN" with a bunch of strangers in a cyber cafe. In a rapid technology advancement, Counter strike is no longer restricted to just in a computer cafe. Dream to play Counter Strike at home is a reality now. The game is no longer the same with added features such as weapon skins and marketable items.

cs go souvenir 2018
400,000 viewers are cheering their favorite team to win and some are watching just so they are eligible for the possession of randomly allocated CS GO souvenir 2018. Some of the viewers are mad they have watched CS GO for 4 years streak and did not have a chance obtaining souvenir items from the vicious random generator(RNG) 

There are not really much anything in the game that change one's life unless you are playing as a professional and CS GO players usually have a virtual accomplishments as playing a competitive match earns them a virtual army titles reminiscent the real world army ranking such as sergeant, major and even captain.

As for those titles, it mostly for the purpose of bragging. In order to support their team, one can either purchase RM169.00 Championship Mega bundle 2018 or the team's sticker ranging from RM1-RM10. If you wish to watch the competition in Malaysia, the competitive matches always begin on midnight from 01.00AM - 7.00AM

As if desperate to own a souvenir weaponry, you may opt for far safer option just purchase it with your pocket money in the steam market. Those souvenir weapon acted as a cosmetic not necessary addd your winning chances in CS GO match