Easy way to own CryptoKitties in Malaysia

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Now you can own and gifts virtual CryptoKitties to other  

Disclaimer : Author is not expert in Cryptocurrency nor any affiliations.

Update: Luno has been no longer an option to use as December 2017.

Bought two kitties and 1 is in the market for sell after a breed

From my humble view, I will say it is not for everybody to own a CryptoKitties. It cant really bought by value less than RM50. A friendly reminder, please use fund that you can afford to lose in this extremely addictive game.

I must hereby warned you that CryptoKitties is not in any form an investment that yield return of investment. It is more like a virtual game that use one of the Cryptocoins, Ethereum. Anyone can play the game but certainly not everyone could afford it.

1. Get a Luno Account

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First step is to have access to Ethereum. How can average Malaysian get their hand on Ethereum ? The answer is "Luno". Deposit your hard-earned Ringgit Malaysia into Luno by online transfer and remember to put assigned unique codes into the recipient column

Some of you may have question like the credibility of Luno. Firstly, Luno account name must compatible with the bank account name and each Luno account get a unique codes for deposit Ringgit Malaysia. The codes is for the recipient column for Luno staff easy verification. In less than 2 business days, you will be able to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin. Please click the link below

Sign up / Register Luno

There was a case Luno does not allow anyone buy Ethereum. The best method would be purchase bitcoin in Luno. Use MetaMask to convert bitcoin into Ethereum using Shapeshift.

2. Get a MetaMask Account

I have 0.25 ETH , left 0.10 ETH after bought two cats and breed one cat 

Next step is getting MetaMask in your Chrome browser. A registration is required to activate MetaMask. Since CryptoKitties requires Ethereum, MetaMask is your wallet to unlock CryptoKitties seamlessly. Without MetaMask, you are not allowed to visit CryptoKitties for any transaction.

MetaMask has the ability to receive Ethereum from other source notably, Luno. Transfer Ethereum on Luno to MetaMask with the public address. The transaction took less than 3 minutes.

3. Buy your first Cryptokitties 

Cryptokitties gas price 75
Author have failed numerous time buying kitties on default gas price at "40"

It is time to buy some Cryptokitties. There are tricks purchasing Cryptokitties and it incurs high transaction fee as above. There are lots of complaints on failed to purchase first CryptoKitties. The reason behind the failure is highly influenced by the "Gas Price".

Default Gas price should be "40". Author key in "75" higher gas price then the default and gas limit should be between 160,000 to 300,000. The chance for you to complete the transaction is almost certain and took less than 5 minutes. However, it took 5USD equivalent to RM20 for just a simple one-off cat transaction.

Following the default gas price would result in transaction in loop. This is a bad sign and require manually cancelling the transaction. Higher gas price in other words, beat other kitties buyers and proceed for your transaction.

4. Get Two Cat for Breeding

I get two cats without breaking a sweat. Trick is ensure Gas price 60gwei above and making sure default gas limit is not over million. If you click a cat to purchase and the default gas limit is over "million" please refrain from purchasing the kitties because indicating there were many buyers queue the kitties.

5. Breed to be parent !

One of the most prominent feature in Crypokitties is new kitties is born from a feature "breeding".

6. Pay to use the blockchain

There is a cost for breeding

With breeding leads to a new cryptokitties in your collection. It can be sold, gift or breed with other user. All of it are requires a small fee to complete it.

Okay from this point you probably think it is a form of investment, but the supply is endless as CryptoKitties creates new kitties every 15 minutes for selling. The buying demand can be as much as the supply and who are going to actually notice the cryptokitties you are selling in the market place if it not so special crytokitties ??

7. Gift it to somebody 

At least Cryptokitties maker knows the importance of kitties trading between users as a result beating Pokemon Go's non-existent "gift" feature. But, what can you possibly expect from a free and versatile mobile game.

List of requirements

  • RM100-500 (preferably RM300)
  • Luno Account
  • MetaMask Account
  • Google Chrome
  • Email Address