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Yana and Izzue The Secret to a Smile Contest

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Join the contest you are able to win Nissan Almera and other great prizes. 

Source Facebook page Super Malaysia

This contest is organized by SUPER Food Marketing Sdn Bhd was started on August 1, 2014 till October 15, 2014. In order to fully participate this contest, you are required to follow instructions carefully. All the detail are all at their Facebook page Super Malaysia Facebook page . The first step always is like their page first.

Unlock to the contest by liking their Facebook page. The second step will be watch the Hollywood standard video clip starring Yana and Izzue as spies. They creep into Super Coffee factory to know the secret making perfect Super Coffee. As shocking as it is, they unveiled ground breaking and cutting-edge technology behind making this Super Coffee.

Watching the whole video clip is encouraged as if you want to be one of the winner in this contest. The contest will solicit participant few questions and you are prompted to answer all of them correctly. The video clip is below and it is 18 minutes long duration.

Super Coffee Contest The Secret to a Smile with Yana and Izzue

Serious to join the contest this is one of the instruction given. Go to nearest supermarket store purchase Super Coffee with the front hint. " The Secret to a Smile " and Yana Samsudin and Izzue Islam holding Super coffee cups. It hardly to miss because the hint is fairly big enough for you to see in a distance. There were some super coffee without the hint and it did not contain the secret code.

As you can see above, find the code inside it will be at somewhere. Guessing everyone code are the same it must have eight digits secret code. After acquired the secret code and watched the video, you have follow half of the instruction. The next step is go to the Facebook page and register your information.

The winner of the contest will be announced on November 15, 2014. Keep the secret code closely because you will need it later as a proof. You drink the finest made in Malaysia coffee and join the grand contest. It is like having the feeling of killing two birds with a stone.