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Big Sales Promotion for IPhone 6 in Malaysia

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Pay it first and think later !  For newly available IPhone 6

IPhone 6 available in Malaysia

This is the 7magical voucher code for you as if you would like to become IPhone 6 owner. Sorry for those who had bought this in the price range of  whopping RM3,000 - RM7000. The good news is you will own this IPhone 6 with a rock-bottom price tag. It will cost you like any normal newly launched flagship smartphone price tag the range is RM2,300 - RM3,000

I have no idea how the procedure would be like but certainly after you have inserted this code, your IPhone 6 price goes down to RM2399 more or less. The lower is the better. More for consumers, less for the retailer. Have you seen this brand new IPhone 6 cost around RM2600 or more ??

It only applicable for some retailers and you must know where to look. There were many retailers with a mission " More for the business, lesser for the consumers", they want to earn as much profit as possible. Who have the money, IPhone is yours.

Don make a quick decision, notice all the terms and conditions before you get yourself an IPhone 6. Recommending you to check all smartphone retailers who are selling IPhone 6 as it is a must for a smart consumer before placing your order. Take a look and there is no harm for both parties. One and only IPhone 6 16GB

For those who had previously bought IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 plus with a rip-off price. No offence ! There are retailers selling cute, solid and protective casing already. Check it out at IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus casing