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Official Apple IPhone 6 Launching in Malaysia

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Source exposed Apple newest flagship smartphone is available next month.

Prior to the launching, big mobile service provider such as Maxis, Digi and Celcom probably will give a hint. They could not hold the excitement for themselves. Based on the previous experience, Apple would usually announce it official launching in Malaysia after 2 months of the announcement. Guess who has the same mind, Digi acts swiftly changing it main page design allowing interested IPhone 6 customers to pre-order IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus at its site.

As predicted, there will be no Apple Iphone 6 vs Samsung note 4 just yet. The biggest smartphone rivalry in Malaysia this month will be Huawei Honor 6 vs Samsung Note 4 . 

It seem like Digi and Celcom are first to spread the date of the launching of Apple IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus. The message is shared to many as they took initiative to spread it to their millions of fans in social media. 

This will mark the ending of rampant selling of unofficial IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus. It was believed an sizable amounts of unofficial IPhone 6 sold to Malaysian who willing to bear the risk of defects and no warranty. So far, none of serious cases brought up by them of defected IPhone 6. Without any complains whatsoever, it could proves that Malaysia retailers are selling good quality and original IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus before official launching. 

Although the date has been released, no one could confirm the retail price. It seem like retailers are prepared to sell it at the price range of RM2500 - RM3500 varies according to specification such as size of internal storage. Some of them offered free gifts and discount codes in order to satisfy demanding customers. While waiting for the official launching date which is November 7, 2014. Let take a look for yourself retailers selling Apple Iphone 6 online prior to official launching at IPhone 6 16GB

Rivalry Between Note 4 & Honor 6 in Malaysia

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They are most disccused top-notch smartphones in Malaysia in the month of October, 2014. 

Honor 6 vs Note 4

The biggest smartphone rival might be Apple and Samsung but in Malaysia, it will be Honor 6 vs Note 4. It was shocking that Samsung Malaysia unveiling it latest flagship galaxy note series "note 4" in 17th this month. Yesterday, we have seen Huawei Malaysia announced its flagship too "Honor 6"

I would say both smartphones are popular and really gain some momentum. Why do not stick with the Apple vs Samsung ? It will be unfair because Apple has yet to release it IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus officially in Malaysia. Although some of the retailers started to sell it to Malaysia consumers.

Please do visit Unofficial Apple IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus in Malaysia

Deep-pocket consumers will choose to be impatient. You will see someone bought IPhone 6 with a whopping RM6000 ++. Now, the price gains a steady pace no longer fluctuate as big retailers set the price at RM2599 more or less. As for Samsung Galaxy note 4, there are some smart retailers selling it too before the release date. Proof Samsung Galaxy note 4 sold unofficially . Samsung make a step ahead launching its flagship compared to Apple which we normally expecting 2 months after the announcement.

Back to the main topic, Huawei Honor 6 and Note 4 will be the biggest smartphone topic in this month October. The legendary Huawei Honor 6 top the list in the ranking made by China website. More info about Huawei Honor 6 ranked second . There is a huge price gap between them. Honor 6 was announced the same year as Note 4, it was June and September respectively.

In first day of Honor 6 sales, consumers swiftly bought every last piece of smartphone they could offered. The sales lasted for merely one hour. If you visit vmall, Huawei Malaysia official website for placing online order, you will see it under "SOLD OUT". The next time you will see "BUY NOW" indicating availability will be on October 21, 2014. 

As for Note 4, it received tremendous response opening ceremony at its Malaysia HQ. There were testing the brilliant and revolutionary camera and S Pen. The most eye-catching moment when they try to fit in for 120 degree selfie. The friendly Samsung Malaysia Facebook page exposed the retail price of Samsung Galaxy note 4 it will be priced at RM2499. 

If you are interested to own Samsung Galaxy note 4. There is one best place you should know only exclusive for Unitedmy readers. You will get "Cash On Delivery" and voucher code and also local warranty. What more, it sells cheaper than the expected retail price. Please visit at >> Samsung Galaxy note 4 32GB Black

Top 10 Smartphones in Malaysia 2014 above RM1000

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Luxury smartphones one cant wait to buy. All the smartphones are up to RM2000 no lesser than RM1000

Have you been to shopping malls or watch TV 3 news on 8PM lately ?? Oppo smartphone is mass marketing itself nationwide through mainstream news media. The shopping malls should have hanging Oppo banners at elevator and those smartphone retailers in the shopping mall should have these Oppo smartphones banners and smartphones.

All these started on May these china owned smartphone companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo expanded it business to Malaysia. Penetrating the Malaysian smartphone market easily through various marketing campaigns. One of the reason they could get Malaysia smartphone market share easily due to Malaysian does not have a local smartphone company. Local smartphone brand existed such as Ninetology. But, Ninetology smartphones were not Malaysian ideal smartphone brand

The last time Samsung made it appearance was when they released their Samsung Galaxy S5 on April. Besides, Apple has been moving behind Samsung. It was shocking that Xiaomi has leads the smartphone sales in China rendered Xiaomi the top 1 smartphone brand in China. Among all the smartphones, Xiaomi prefer to sell it smartphone in bulk at selected day. In Malaysia, Xiaomi sells it smartphone every Tuesday only.

Apple is making an announcement to their large fans base there will be something on the date September 9, 2014. Will Apple return to their glorious days ? I am guessing they will release the long overdue iWatch.

The best smartphones in 2014 safely to say it should belongs to Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo as they could offer cheaper price tag without reduce performance based on technical specification.


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 5MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 170g
Color                : White

Battery              : 2800 mAh

Features : Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Android 4.3,

It a brand new smartphone introduced and released around March 2014. Oppo advertisement in Malaysia can be labelled as violent marketing. In every corner in Malaysia, there were Oppo advertisements in almost every smartphone retailers, shopping mall elevator, etc. To the extend, Oppo ads were broadcast and spotted in LIVE TV3 news on 8PM. Check another similar to Oppo FInd 7A > Oppo Find 5


Processor : HSilicon Kirin 910T
Graphic     : Mail-450MP4
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core Cortex A9
Display     : 5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 8MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 170g
Color                : White

Battery              : non-removable 2500 mAh

Features : Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Android 4.4,

New smartphone released in 2014. Huawei is ranked in top 10 smartphone manufacturer worldwide. You have to choose between Snapdragon 801 or Kirin 910T chipset. Both Huawei and Oppo are great smartphones. The obvious advantages Huawei Ascend P7 over Oppo Find 7A is difference in Android version. Check it out Price and specs for Huawei Ascend P7


Processor : Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 3GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.2" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16GB/32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 20 MP at back, 2.2MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 152g
Color                : Black & White

Battery              : non-removable 3100 mAh

Features : Water & Dust proof, Triluminos display, X Reality Engine, Android 4.4 Kit Kat

Newly released in September 2014. 2 weeks after the announcement of Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Malaysia announced the availability for purchasing. A great news for Malaysia sony fans. The official release in Malaysia is ahead of many smartphone company such as Apple and Samsung. More details about the price and spec at Sony Xperia Z3 Black


Processor : Octa 5430
Graphic     : Mali-T628 MP6
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core
Display     : 4.7" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 12 MP at back, 2.1MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 115g
Color                : Black

Battery              : removable 1860 mAh

Features : Android 4.4 Kit Kat

Release in September 2014 globally now available in Malaysia. First Samsung smartphone using metal frame a very sophisticated engineering adopted for the consumer demands. A collaboration between Samsung and reputable Paypal lead to an implementation of a fingerprint sensor technology enabling a hassle-free mobile payment to would-be Samsung Galaxy Alpha owners. Samsung Galaxy Alpha with local warranty


Chipset      : MSM8974 Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 3GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16/64GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 5MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 162g
Color                : Black

Battery              : non-removable 3100 mAh

Features : Android 4.4 Kit Kat

One Plus One users enjoy the highest specification with very compatible value offered. You do notice this smartphone is best bargain. Value friendly towards most consumers. With that 3GB Ram and bigger screen just selling for RM1300 more or less. Check the current price and specification again at One Plus One 64GB


Chipset      : MSM8975 Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core
Display     : 5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16 (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 5MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 145g
Color                : Black

Battery              : non-removable 2600 mAh

Features : Android 4.4 Kit Kat, DUAL-SIM

Basically, M8 and E8 are brother. E8 is plastic version of M8. Give it a try ! It HTC flagship smartphone. The price seem to be about RM1700 more or less. Check it out on HTC ONE E8 16GB


Chipset      : Snapdragon 805
Graphic     : Adreno 420
RAM        : 3GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.7" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16 (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 16 MP at back, 3.7MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 176g
Color                : Black, White, Gold, Pink

Battery              : 3220 mAh

Features : Revolutionary S Pen, Fingerprint sensor, Android 4.4.4 KitKat

Announced on September and will be released worldwide. Samsung greatest flagship smartphone of the year 2014. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Absolutely fantastic mobile experience for the user who like to use the revolutionary S-Pen functions. Did I miss to say that ? there are already people selling Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Malaysia although it is not officially launched in Malaysia. Don be surprised. Check it out now !! It has the same price as IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 plus . Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Chipset      : A8
Graphic     : Power VR GX6450 (Quad core)
RAM        : 1GB Dual-Core
Display     : 4.7" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16/64/128 (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 8 MP at back, 1.2MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 129g
Color                : Silver, Gold, Grey

Battery              : 1810 mAh

Features : iOS 8

Referring on the One plus One smartphone's infamous marketing dubbed as "flagship killer" , I think that statement nailed it on this newly launched IPhone 6. Comparing both of the device in generally IPhone 6 would lose in specification and the price factor. The good news is IPhone 6 does not bend as easily as it counterpart. IPhone 6 will have an ability to pay via "Apple Pay" technology for the convenience of its users. Some news reported that the cost of building up an IPhone 6 required only USD $250 more or less. It branding power and its unique features will still win many consumer hearts regardless critics comments.

Check this out ! One can buy this smartphone through your Maybank credit card installment. IPhone 6 64GB Silver


Chipset       : Snapdragon 800
Graphic      : Adreno 330
RAM          : 2GB Dual-Core
Display       : 5.0" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 20 MP at back, 1.2MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 167g
Color                : Orange, Green, White, Black

Battery              : 2420 mAh

Features            : Microsoft Windows 8

Apart of iOS and Android, let us witness another giant operating system in the world. Nokia Lumia 930 is a newly launched smartphone in 2014. Nokia is definitely one of the most solid smartphone maker recognized in the world. You know it best if you have happy childhood memory with Nokia 3310. More detail about the smartphone at Nokia Lumia 930 32GB Orange


Chipset       : Snapdragon 801
Graphic      : Adreno 330
RAM          : 3GB Dual-Core
Display       : 5.5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 2.1MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 149g
Color                : Black, White, Gold Red

Battery              : 3000 mAh

Features            : Android 4.4.2

LG G3 is an amazing smartphone with incredible performance. Big screen and bigger screen size. The price has been lowered to below RM2000. Check the current price and specs on LG G3 32GB

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Big Sales Promotion for IPhone 6 in Malaysia

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Pay it first and think later !  For newly available IPhone 6

IPhone 6 available in Malaysia

This is the 7magical voucher code for you as if you would like to become IPhone 6 owner. Sorry for those who had bought this in the price range of  whopping RM3,000 - RM7000. The good news is you will own this IPhone 6 with a rock-bottom price tag. It will cost you like any normal newly launched flagship smartphone price tag the range is RM2,300 - RM3,000

I have no idea how the procedure would be like but certainly after you have inserted this code, your IPhone 6 price goes down to RM2399 more or less. The lower is the better. More for consumers, less for the retailer. Have you seen this brand new IPhone 6 cost around RM2600 or more ??

It only applicable for some retailers and you must know where to look. There were many retailers with a mission " More for the business, lesser for the consumers", they want to earn as much profit as possible. Who have the money, IPhone is yours.

Don make a quick decision, notice all the terms and conditions before you get yourself an IPhone 6. Recommending you to check all smartphone retailers who are selling IPhone 6 as it is a must for a smart consumer before placing your order. Take a look and there is no harm for both parties. One and only IPhone 6 16GB

For those who had previously bought IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 plus with a rip-off price. No offence ! There are retailers selling cute, solid and protective casing already. Check it out at IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus casing

10 Smartphone Apps Malaysian should download

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Finding Smartphone apps that really useful and helpful ? Start with these 10 apps ! 

Currently Malaysians download 85% foreign contents which mean they downloaded application made and rendered outside of Malaysia. These application are made by Malaysians. All of these are domestic contents designed cater growing demands of people. Some of these application are useful and help them solve difficult tasks render their lifestyle improved. 


Developer : GTW Holdings

App Size : 10M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

Searching food and beverage in you area, rate their foods, check F&B prices, Popularity check, guide. Everything you need to know about which restaurants are in ranking or trending are all in here ! This excellent plus nicer dashboard and interface help you do the heavy thinking. Instead of searching at Google, why don search at HungryGowhere Malaysia. Don worry about going through non-halah foods, filter it by tick "show halal food only" and search again !!

Apple user : Hungry Go Where MY iOS
Android user : Hungry go where Android


Developer : MyTeksi

App Size : 6M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

It is very hard to know whether any teksi will be crossing the road you are waiting at. Instead of waiting teksi, why don search any teksi around your waiting area using My Teksi application?. Imagine you are very lost at midnight because of car malfunction or in emergency just search using your smartphone to get more reliable and quick detail from this app.

I guess getting teksi at bustling town like KL is very difficult. Think about it You can get considerable information about the teksi driver. You even can rate the teksi driver if you would. Beside Myteksi app, you could search Ezcab or Grabteksi apps to download it offered similar feature.


Developer : Evozi

App Size : 1.9M

Compatibility : Android

A PLUS toll calculator You can even use it offline without on Internet. Besides, You will get first hand on newest news and announcement from PLUS toll Malaysia. It also boast that Live Plus traffic update and Live traffic camera

LIVE 4D Malaysia

Developer : Live4D

App Size : 1.1M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

I am not trying to advocate TOTO however, there is sizable numbers of Malaysian downloaded this app to look for newly updated result. From the app description, It supported result of Damacai, 4D, PMP, Magnum, Toto and Singarpore Polls.


Developer : Jordyland

App Size : 1.7M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

There are around 3 or 4 different app maker made similar functionality. When you search playstore, you must search Jordyland's AES location detector as from I can see here, there are many good response who have downloaded this application. AES location dectector helps notify driver incoming police camera put at any traffic light or road side. It also boasted that the app is multilingual contained English, Chinese and malay language. Beside, the app maker rendered the app where you will not dependent on internet connection but GPS alone.


Developer : Success Action Enterprise

App Size : 7.7M

Compatibility : Android

This application is useful and helpful to people who really know how to use it. It can check AES saman, Saman JPJ, Blacklist JPJ, Blacklist PDRM, Check registration plate, JPJ complain. Beside that, this application will show newest and latest traffic news.

Radio & TV Malaysia

Developer : Railfandship

App Size : 6.2M

Compatibility : Android

I cant find any kind of application like this in iOS but certainly in Google Play, this app does exist. What this app does for Malaysian? This is very profound discovery. This app supporting TV3, TV1, TV2, 1News, TVi, 8TV, NTV7, TV9, Malaysian observer and Al Hijrah channel. Furthermore, All kinds of radio channel such as MY FM, Suria FM, Hitz FM and many more. There is more, it also supporting Malaysia Kini, The Star Online, New Straits Times and Media Rakyat. All I can say this application is awesome and smart. Rugi tak download tahu ?


Developer :

App Size : 2.7M

Compatibility : Android

Malaysia largest second-hand marketplace expanded it horizon to mobile business. Sell everything and buy anythings You found worthy. A very concentrate places You would be delighted !!


Developer : Measat Broadcast Network Systems

App Size : 50M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

If you looking at the image, it resemble candy crush. It is a very popular OH MY ENGLISH show. Learn English and improve English in these funny and interesting way. A very great apps to be installed into your children Ipad, Samsung tablet, Smartphones. It does not mean only for children !!


Developer : Creativate

App Size : 3.5M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

Always meet the timing to fulfill daily prayer for Muslim. A very good tool for them. It has a lot of features such as showing Qiblat, nearest mosque. Besides, it does show salah times, Jama and Qasar guides,

Good things are meant to be shared. Sharing is Caring !!

Which smartphone apps Your favourite? free polls 

10 Laptops used by College freshmen in Malaysia

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Generally, Malaysian people bought discounted laptops at IT fairs. But if in the case like buying a laptop for attending college purposes or working, it will be a very difficult decision making.

Since Malaysian government handout smartphone voucher rather than laptop voucher, you could always buy a tablet or cheap smartphone. 

For your information, laptops are easily categorized by pricing. RM1000-RM1500 for casual user, RM1500-RM2500 for average user, RM2500-RM7000 laptops are for professional and heavy users.


Brand : Lenovo

Highlighted features : 2GB, Nvidia Geforce, 1.0 webcam, Display 11.6",

Released date : 2012

Although it looked like a laptop, it is smaller in screen. Most of the laptop are 13" in screen size. Lenovo Ideapad 11 is slightly bigger than tablets but slightly smaller than most of the laptop. Good for balance in work and play. Nvidia Geforce is popularly known as company producing world finest gaming chips. It has numerous feature a laptop does not have like 360 degree flip and flop. It is built-in with Microsoft windows 8 and boast longer battery life. It cost not more than Rm1500.00 . Check current price at Lenovo ideapad Yoga 11



Highlighted features : Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor, WIFI & Bluetooth, Solid State Drive(SSD)

Released date : 2011

This laptop only recommended for working and doing assignment purposes. It is not for gaming related. SSD enables user enter their working paper in laptop efficient and effectively by shortening the process open up the laptop. If you are not a graphic designer student or working in graphic design company, you are encourage to buy because it is really cheap nowadays due to new Samsung chromebook generation. The price is not more than RM1300.00.  Full detailed information at Samsung Chromebook Free 1TB Harddisk


Brand : ASUS

Highlighted features : Windows 8, 500GB SATA HDD, 2GB RAM, 11.6" screen size

Released date : 2012

ASUS laptops are ranked the best in term of durability. It is a rumour astronaut are using Asus made laptop at space and even at harsh condition it is still working perfectly fine. It is running on Microsoft's windows 8 and has SDD boosting faster computer boot and average 4GB RAM plus 2GB DDR3 /16GB eMMC plus 500GB SATA HDD. It is for average user. Asus transformer book owner can store their personal data like images, video or important document on cloud for emergency backup or in an event of unfortunate. It also boasts longer battery life. Price not more than RM3400,00 and above. Check out current price and availability at Asus Transformer book TX201

Fujitsu laptop



Highlighted features : 15.6" screen size, Intel I3 processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB storage capacity

Released date : 2012

Bigger screen and optimal performance. 4GB RAM and i3 is possibly what an average user really need. It is not equipped with good graphic card and only encourage for multi tasking people. One can open up 15 google chrome browser tab in the same time with 4GB RAM.  You will hardly need an external hard disk with 750GB storage capacity for video and images. It only cost not more than RM1500,00.  Check current price at Fujitsu ah552


Brand : HP

Highlighted features : Intel's i5, 4GB RAM, Windows 8 , 750GB Hard Disk, 14" screen size

Released date : 2012

14" screen size with great speed for better performance. Built-in Windows 8 and touch screen enabled. HP bring user to whole new level by implementing HP features. It also look very sleek and very light good for bringing around to nearest Startbuck for WIFI. With above average new tech inside the laptop it only cost not more than RM2000.00.  Check current price at HP pavillion DV4 5114TX


Brand : ASUS

Highlighted features : Windows 8, Intel i5, 4GB RAM, 14" screen size, Nvidia GeForce GT72M

If you like the brand new Microsoft windows 8, you must choose ASUS model S46CA. It has 4GB RAM which is generally an outstanding laptop. You can run 20 browser tabs and the performance is still smooth. Couple with high-end Intel i5 processor, it is lag worry free laptop ! . Install latest Microsoft word and excel with hassle free. It cost not more than RM1900.00. This laptop is good for you doing assignment and occasionally a mid-end gamer. You can play dota 2 or any high-graphic-requirement games out in the market. Check current price at Asus X450LC Grey



Highlighted features : Windows 8, AMD Radeon HD8250, 13' screen size, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Quad core.

It is one of the most recommended Samsung laptop. All the specification inside this laptop does not only worth RM1700.00. Genuine windows 8, 4GB RAM and usable graphic card are the requirement for young adult and college freshmen. It fast and compact with 128GB solid state drive you could turn off and on in a time frame favour than other laptop using HDD. Although it has lesser storage capacity, one can buy external hard disk. It is ultra slim too. Do check here for current price at Samsung ATIV book 9 Black


Brand : ACER

Highlighted features : Windows 8, Intel's i5, 8GB RAM & 1TB HDD, Nvidia Geforce GT750M, 15" screen size

The largest PC maker rolling out my favourite laptop. This glamour laptop is supported by windows 8 and touch screen feature. Powerful graphic card and powerful processor make your desire for better performance in high-end PC game achieved. considerable amounts of storage capacity for more movies and songs. It does not come cheap cost around RM3000.00 +. Don take this lightly, this likeable laptop is multi purpose. It can be a tablet or laptop it depends on your like.  Not to mention, it has bigger screen 15" screen size. It is a genuine laptop so that you would not get caught asking whether your laptop is using fake windows 8. Check availability at Genuine acer aspire R7


Brand : DELL

Highlighted features : 14" screen size, Intel's i5, 4GB RAM and 500GB SATA HDD,Windows 8.

If you just need one normal laptop don want to have touch screen feature or turn-to-tablet feature. You might consider Dell Inspiron series with normal screen size but built-in high specification for average user. It is protected by an aluminium body and sizeable amounts of storage capacity. If someone told you buy a laptop does not have 4GB RAM, better ignore him. It is all about higher RAM for better performance. It cost not more than RM2200.00. Do check current price at Dell Inspiron 5437


Brand : APPLE

Highlighted features : Intel's fourth generation I5, 4GB RAM, flashstorage 256GB, 13" screen size

Released date : 2013

Taylor university, MMU university and any college related to graphic design are Macbook supporter mainly because Macbook simply designed for future designer. Apple announced 2013 Macbook Air with faster performance thank to flash storage 4 times faster than traditional hard disk laptop. It is not foreign to us Macbook run iOS and it also mean better battery life, better picture quality, better video performance and of course there are lesser virus or malware created for iOS. It also has multi task touchpad, thinner and lighter. It is selling more than RM3700.00 today.  Apple Macbook Air 13"

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