Restaurants Increase Nescafe Ice price to RM2.50

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New price for Nescafe Ice at Restaurants the year 2015

We should be happy there is no need preparing a cup of Nescafe at home or office that every time someone prepares for us at a fee. I believe It is historical remark because it will remain the same in the future increasing RM 0.50 for a cup of Nescafe due to GST and inflation. One thing is missing oh, shall not mentioning about  the possibility of oil price affecting it because it go downward instead of upward trend.

It is always delicious somebody brew Nescafe for us no need go out buy sugar or Nescafe powder or washing the cup with water and detergent. We should remember today the price of our favorite Nescafe cost at RM2.00 or RM2.30 !

Will the price threshold for a Nescafe stop at RM2.50 or awaiting for RM3.00 for a cup of Nescafe in the future ? It sound so intriguing finding out ! I remain resilient and optimistic that it will hit RM3.00 threshold when everyone denied that everything is not certain there is one thing constant that will be price of food never goes down. At least I have not seen it with my naked eyes in this 20 years !