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Nescafe Malaysia New Year 2015 Video

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One and only Nescafe brighten up your day. Anything works miraculously like Nescafe does??

Nescafe Malaysia new can surface 2014

The best thing in life when you are receiving an unexpected free gift. Certainly, Nescafe Malaysia is a company producing and selling instant coffee. What's more, it is a household brand normally no adult rejects drinking Nescafe nor failed introduces this to friends and relatives.

A true adults know Nescafe, a true children know Milo. I am one of the millions Milo and Nescafe drinkers. As my age advances, Nescafe took the king throne and wearing the king's crown. Milo is somewhere at the King palace. I will never forget how Milo taste like !

Basically I believe Milo is a mind booster and Nescafe is a day booster. When one main priority is not fall asleep in workplace then you will know which one to choose.

In the video, you will notice the poster is Nescafe Mocha flavor one of the flavor I like to drink and introduce to friends. I would certainly have it in my mind because it quality and taste is something like we can buy and drink at Starbucks shop.

Some of the grocery shops are selling a can of Nescafe Mocha at RM2.50 marked an increasing of RM0.50 cents due to inflation.

Delicious Japan Boat Takoyaki at Sabah

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Available for only RM3.50 with a special sauce plus the juicy seafood meat hidden just cant get enough of it.

Sabah Japan Boat Takoyaki

It is not selling ramen or sushi. They are mainly serving the ball-like snack from Japan. It will be good if they do serve ramen. What is your first impression on this decoration ?? All they need is a linen enough to cover the body of customer till knee and import some quality Ramen with experienced Ramen chef !!

Japan Boat Takoyaki

The demand of Japan Boat Takoyaki in Sabah is great leads great expansion of Japan Boat Takoyaki business in Sabah ! It used to be RM3.00 only around the year 2012. There is a RM0.50 price increase between 2013-2014.

Japan Boat Takoyaki at Sabah

I never know what was inside till today. It was minced octopus !

Another Japanese delicacy happening in Malaysia. Takio Ikayaki's Ikameshi (Giant Squid)

Restaurants Increase Nescafe Ice price to RM2.50

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New price for Nescafe Ice at Restaurants the year 2015

We should be happy there is no need preparing a cup of Nescafe at home or office that every time someone prepares for us at a fee. I believe It is historical remark because it will remain the same in the future increasing RM 0.50 for a cup of Nescafe due to GST and inflation. One thing is missing oh, shall not mentioning about  the possibility of oil price affecting it because it go downward instead of upward trend.

It is always delicious somebody brew Nescafe for us no need go out buy sugar or Nescafe powder or washing the cup with water and detergent. We should remember today the price of our favorite Nescafe cost at RM2.00 or RM2.30 !

Will the price threshold for a Nescafe stop at RM2.50 or awaiting for RM3.00 for a cup of Nescafe in the future ? It sound so intriguing finding out ! I remain resilient and optimistic that it will hit RM3.00 threshold when everyone denied that everything is not certain there is one thing constant that will be price of food never goes down. At least I have not seen it with my naked eyes in this 20 years !

Price of Kopiko Brown Coffee in Malaysia

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Light up your day with Kopiko Brown Coffee today

Kopiko Brown Coffee 25G

  • Product            : Kopiko Coffee
  • Calories           : 110 KCAL, 20g Carb, 1g Protein, 3.5g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 25g x10 packets
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Indonesia
  • Manufacturer : PT TORABIKA EKA SEMESTA
  • Flavor              : Brown Coffee
  • Value               : RM 4.50
  • Website           :

Kopiko Brown Coffee 25G

There is a hot contest ongoing right now involving Kopiko Malaysia. As usual, you are required to purchase their product in order join this wonderful contest. Everyone has equally chance to win. In conjunction with Kopiko Purple League involving our most successful badminton player Lee Chong Wei one of the badminton tournament everyone keen to watch.

You could join the Kopiko Malaysia held contest by visiting this link >> Kopikomalaysia or directly visit their Kopiko Malaysia Facebook page for more information.

M&M's Chocolate Candies

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M&M said "The Milk Chocolate melts in your mouth... not in your hand"

M&M's Chocolate Candies 40g

  • Product          : M&M Chocolate candies
  • Calories         :   40g = 206KCAL, 3.8g Protein, 11G Fat, 22G Carbohydrate, 20g Sugar
  • Net Weight    : 40G
  • Status             : Halal, Made in China
  • Manufacturer : Mars Food (China) Company Ltd
  • Import            : Mars Foods Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor                       : Chocolate
  • Value (2014)            : RM 2.70 (Petronas store)
  • Website                    : 
  • Contact no                :

M&M's chocolate candies is available nationwide and can be bought at nearest Petronas gas station's merchandise shop. By a blind estimation, it should have 16 small M&M's chocolate peanut candies inside a 40G package. There are different in color as you can see the image above. There are red, green, yellow, orange, dark and blue. All of these chocolate candies does not taste varies. It all tasted the same.

Unlike any other chocolate candies in Malaysia market. M&M's definitely round and slightly bigger. Other chocolate candies in Malaysia so far I have eaten some not-so-round shape. It was like deformed shape of chocolate candies.

What actually motivated most of the people about M&M's chocolate candies should be the M&M video advertisement. It seem like no other chocolate candies brands approached this marketing strategy which they attracted consumers by attractive video advertisement. Have you notice yet, there was an exclusive M&M video advertisement catered for Malaysian consumers ?

M&M's chocolate candies tried escaping from "checkout" counter. It surprising that they got legs running away. I think they are running away in order to avoid getting consumed. That really horrible we shall shed some compassion. 


RM 2.10 Per Litre of RON95 shall be remembered

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The last day of RON95 staying at the price RM2.10 per litre. We shall not forget October 1, 2014. 

RON95 price per litre RM2.10

Just being dramatic because suddenly everyone is talking about the increasing price of fuel RON95 and Diesel. The announcement has been made by domestic trade ministry on evening today. The most obvious impact is there will be increasing traffic to the gas station later.

Will it be another hoax ? Well, it not likely to be because this is more than a rumor from a friend. There was an announcement already. As if you ask whether or not it could stay RM2.30 per litre, it will be difficult to say as looking at the previous event of increasing of cigarette price but next few days there was an announcement made to make the price drop.

I think the ministry trying to test the public. They want to make the public felt common about price increasing in any goods and services. So that in the future, the public is shock resistant to these kind of news. It pretty much shocking and could make anyone faint about the news increasing fuel price nationwide.

It did not come as unexpected, few days earlier, some people already spreading rumor there will be increasing of fuel price. Most people would not believe him about the increasing fuel price. However, the rumor turned to be a true alarm.

As I was writing, you only have 30 minutes more to fully pump fuel into your car at nearest gas station. RON95 RM2.10 per litre will be dearly missed. Goodbye see you next time hope to see you again in nearest future if somehow fuel price goes down magically.

Tomorrow which is October 2, 2014 is effective date for RM2.30 per litre of RON95 and RM2.20 for Diesel.