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Chinese New Year 2015 Celebration with Coca-Cola

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Something is really strange Coca-Cola labeled some Mandarin words

Source : cocacolamalaysia Facebook page

This is really something else from Coca-Cola Malaysia. As early as in the month of January, some Coca-cola red canned carbonated soft drink contains some blessing mandarin word as a pre-blessing from Coca-cola to all who would celebrate Chinese new year 2015.

I have some thought of collecting all of it totaled 8. On my second thought, that would really mean committed in increasing my already-high sugar level.

Coca-cola Chinese New Year 2015

"Man" means full or abundance. A very good blessing that we will have an abundant rice in a big bowl to eat. I believe many out there are happy to see this lovely blessing. Happy Chinese New Year 2015 to all of you and Coca-cola.

Do not drink it straight, pour some to this custom-made Coca-Cola cup designed for Coca-Cola lover. Imagine ice-cold Coca-Cola in this masterpiece !