No Sugar in Coca-cola Light

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No Sugar they said, It will be Healthy, they said

Coca-Cola Light RM1.40 in Malaysia

I still tasted sweetness in this. Wait, there is a label at the bottom. "Zero Sugar" that must be mean something !

Coca Cola Light nutritional information

Is this even real ? no sugar ? There is sodium substance inside. Let see clearly, oh, it like a plain water ?

One should not be confused with this coca-cola because it contains some 30G sugar inside. This should be very good to differentiate. The coca-cola light is white whereas, the real sugary coca-cola is red canned Coca-Cola.

There are so much beverages out there have so much sugar as much as a Coca-cola. See this article for yourself everyone seem thinking that Coca-cola or Pepsi are the sweetest beverage ever in the market. Inconvenience Truth about Coca-cola sugar

Besides, you are no need worry about sugar level since everyone is concerned on health. You will have Coca-cola light that solve your problem once and for all.