Boiled Pork with Soya Sauce Noodle in Sabah

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The shop titled as Jia Xiang (Mandarin) or Ka Hiong (Cantonese). 

Jia Xiang Sang Nyuk Mian

The best and only one in Sabah. They should have branches at various countries. The meatball is quite nice too. The unforgettable crunchy onion and deep-fried pork oil in a hardened cube shape. No resist it unless you are a vegetarian or due to religious belief.

The half-boiled soup with vegetable is used to keep the pork warm while one enjoying the soya sauce noodle. It is a brilliant and wise combination and unlike dry mixed noodle.

3 layers tea

3 layer tea is another trending beverage. Do not know should or should not stir it up. When one stir it up the only color on utmost top covered the bottom.