8 Common Dim Sum Served in Restaurant

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Get Ready for some Canto Food

Everyone love to order Dim Sum as a side dish meal. The main course usually variety of noodle. Types of Dim Sum are seemingly maintained in a hot steamed prolonging it juicy taste. It is a eat-it-while-hot food. 

Yellow coated Dim Sum

Most common type of Dim Sum. It is prepared with individual portion. Nowadays, Dim Sum is huge in order to catch up with selling price at RM4 - RM5 per plate. 

Do not be surprise to eat a taste juicy shrimp hidden inside.

Beef Balls Dim Sum 

Dim Sum Ball

It does not taste the same like the original yellow dim sum. This one got its own taste. Did you think I just flipped it over some sort of funny joke ? 

A Dim Sum Spring Roll with sauce

Seaweed Dim Sum 

Spartan Hat Dim Sum

                                 Lo Mai Gai or in English steamed sticky rice with chicken 

Green layered Dim Sum