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PTPTN Payment Through FPX Charged 6% GST

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A little as RM0.03 for the 6% GST when paying through FPX 

Probably the easiest way to pay your higher education fund. Hassle-free with any amounts you are afford to settle rather than a standing instruction which is deducting your monthly salary at a fixed amount that you have previously set.

FPX does charge you as per transaction made. It is just RM0.50. Whenever you like to pay your PTPTN with an internet banking such as Maybank or CIMB, you are required to use FPX service.
With the implementation of 6% GST, the service charge of RM0.50 will be add on 6% GST which in totaled at RM0.53.

Paying RM50.00 to PTPTN is added RM0.53 totaled up to RM50.53 (FPX service charge + 6% GST)

Higher education fund (PTPTN) management is very concerned for errant borrowers as the newspaper agency reported claiming there are many default borrowers. They would send you letter to your address if you are refusing to settle the amount every month.

Anyone has difficulties settling PTPTN are encouraged to use online banking method without the need to visit PTPTN. Perhaps, you should give them a call or two just to inform them you are going to pay them by online banking. The tracking system is efficient and effective. You guys could read this article if you are interested >> How to pay PTPTN through online