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17 Things will be Cheaper without GST on June 2018

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GST system is a burden ? It depends how many times you had buy these things as listed below. The truth about GST is very much unveiled itself after living with GST system nearly 3 years from year 2015 .

The higher the single product is, the higher is the GST charge and is possible higher than SST system in an end-consumer perspective. It may have reduce/lower the national local consumption rate due to bad perception.


All of these are personal opinions. The listed products may not be as accurate as the time article were written due to the situation may be impacted by changes in the tax system. This article may displayed for your entertainment purpose only. If you feel offended please do not view it and leave.

Air ticket
I like flying with Airasia

1. Plane Ticket

I am not really smart everytime I take Airasia, my receipt shows a GST charge RM11.83. Is this a chinese owned company ?

GSC Ticket
I like GSC

2. GSC Ticket

I am not really good in math. Everytime I watch a movie in cinema. There was a charge as little as RM0.69 for adult and RM0.37 for kids.

McDonalds Rio Burger
I like McDonalds

3. McDonalds

I always like to eat McDonalds. But, Pop culture warns us not too much because too much links to our level of intelliegent ??  GST is RM1.22

I like Starbucks

4. Starbucks

Is the chinese-owned company sentiment over ? I am not over. From wikipedia it is not a secret company behind Starbucks Malaysia handled by a Chinese in Malaysia and they pay tax too. Are rich people the only group purchase Starbucks ?  I leave it to you decides. Before you ever leave this page, remember Wakanda people actually like Starbucks

This Starbucks I bought during half-price promotion. It charge me RM0.53 for GST

Corn product Malaysia
I like Corn

5. Canned Food

I remember somewhere actually stated canned corn is one of the product charged with 6% GST. Yes, it might be a chinese company. Everyone starts to freak out when they found out the owner is Chinese.

Kimball Thai Chili
I like Spicy sauce

6. Processed Chili Sauce

I bet processed Chili actually need to be charged with 6% GST. It is processed and likely to be included in GST list.

Huawei G8
I like Huawei. But, each year new phone come out my love gradually fade

7. Huawei Smartphone

In this few years, there were influx of China made technology products in Malaysia especially smartphone brands from Huawei and Oppo. Your newly owned smartphone is proudly brought to you GST charge totalled RM84.xx. 

I like Asus

8. Asus Laptop

First of all, Asus is made from Taiwan. Although most of them are mandarin speaking at there.(Namewee used to study there) but, Asus is a product by import. I am not rich enough to buy a gaming laptop and this laptop i bought could not actually play PUBG. it may run Dota 2 or Crysis 2. The point is, I got charged MYR 93.00. 

Good example from Huawei smartphone and Asus laptop. As long as the price point is higher, your 6%GST charge is gonna be higher.

SESB receipt with GST 6%

9. Power Plant

Most people do not really write anything about power plant because they are afraid SESB going to unplug electricity at our home. I do not know about West Malaysia, i guess they have the same type of paper receipt right ? There were not much differences between us. West Malaysia may use red-colored banner with TNB logo.

Have you seen your home electricity bill lately because your whole life revolves around it. The first 300kwh is not qualify for GST collection. the next kwh is going to be included into GST list. Anyone opens Air-condition at night are guaranteed over 300kwh. My electricity bill GST is RM6.00

watson cosmetic
I like cosmetic

10. Watson

Do you know that watson headquarter is based at Hong Kong. We love shopping at watson because there are so many choices on the shelves. A big company with heavy revenue always in the GST list. I get taxed RM2.39 each time I bought something at Watson

11. Postpaid Plan

A bit sceptical whether Maxis and Celcom Postpaid have any 6% GST. The newly introduced Digi Postpaid 100 infinite seem to have 6% GST. Rumor you actually can claim it back.

12. Tofu

There was a quotation actually stated processed tofu are able to be taxed in 6% GST.

Cassava flour
Delicious flour

13.Ubi Flour

Corn and Cassava flour are not wheat or rice flour. It could be in GST list.

Domino Pizza
I like Pizza !

14. Domino Pizza

Pizza is definitely needed to be collected in GST because it too delicious and people easily get too much of it. Refrain from eating, if it too delicious, the secret to longevity

Receipt 4GB RAM from Lazada
I love Lazada

15. Internet Shopping

Do not buy if you cannot afford just stick to 4GB system RAM laptop. When I do buy it, it said I got taxed in shipping cost as well as the product. Shipping cost plus GST is quite expensive ?

GST RM5.30 for my shipping and my 4GB RAM stick GST is RM9.40. I thought buying online was cheaper but, RM14.70 is just GST. I cant imagine as if thousands of peoples purchase stuff online.

16. Lot 10 eateries

Charcoal he fen/ho fun/kuey teow stall is really pack with office employees during peak hour.

I like to fly

17. Air Plane Ticket

It pretty much acceptable practice. Walking around the airport, using the airport facilities and the fund can be used for future development a better airport in Malaysia. Above, I am guessing the RM 11.00 is airport tax with 6% GST, RM 0.66. Besides, there was a base fare price RM 141.00 and the GST is RM8.46.

Either GST or SST
Nor RM10.60 or RM10.00
Nor Today or June 1,2018
40billion or 20billion
Guess what ?

Tomorrow still need to wake up and go to work!! Ain't nobody got time for that. Am I the only one did not move on in this GST subject ?

10 No GST Goods and Services in Malaysia

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Some of the zero-rated GST products. You have yet to notice them

Government & Service Tax or in short GST, it has been implemented a while ago. Do ask any receipt after watching movie at GSC or eating out at McDonalds, there will be a GST charge on display.

Concern for GST burdens the people is inevitable topic. The observation of price increase is a never ending process due to business is always looking for profitable balance sheet. Sometimes, we heard a one-side story from the business owner about the price increase of certain products or service is caused by the authority.

The truth is GST does not needed to be perceived as a bad news. It transparency and accountable practice should be a good mechanism.

These are example of GST exempted products and service for your references.

The poster above explained everything. Your ride with KTM is GST free.

Sugar no GST


Sugar and salt are exempted from GST. However, Ajinomoto is not excluded from GST list.


Either Napa or round Cabbage are exempted from GST.


Apple of any kinds are not needed to be put on GST list.


Do you know that a small avocado cost more than RM 5 each ? No one could resist this delicious imported fruit.

japanese mushroom


There are no sightings of report mushroom is in GST list.


Cooking oil is exempted from GST. In 2016, there are a change of cooking oil price in the market. If you do buy cooking oil, buy the 1KG cooking oil as the price remain the lowest one.


Asian could not stop craving for rice consumption. In this lovely dish above, it may seem GST free right ? the cabbage, chicken, the green tea, Japanese rice and some soybean soup. In reality, this dish is served in a restaurant and charging you usual 6% GST.


Buying seafood at local seafood marketplace is free of GST. But, if you happen to buy Japanese roast eel or casually called "Unagi", it is listed in GST.


I am just prove a point here that some service rendered without any charge of 6% GST. It can be Grabcar or Airbnb or the transaction you made for your favorite game on Playstore.

Besides, if you are using FPX service to pay your ptptn or any transaction that involve directly on FPX, you are compulsory to pay 6% GST.

PTPTN Payment Through FPX Charged 6% GST

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A little as RM0.03 for the 6% GST when paying through FPX 

Probably the easiest way to pay your higher education fund. Hassle-free with any amounts you are afford to settle rather than a standing instruction which is deducting your monthly salary at a fixed amount that you have previously set.

FPX does charge you as per transaction made. It is just RM0.50. Whenever you like to pay your PTPTN with an internet banking such as Maybank or CIMB, you are required to use FPX service.
With the implementation of 6% GST, the service charge of RM0.50 will be add on 6% GST which in totaled at RM0.53.

Paying RM50.00 to PTPTN is added RM0.53 totaled up to RM50.53 (FPX service charge + 6% GST)

Higher education fund (PTPTN) management is very concerned for errant borrowers as the newspaper agency reported claiming there are many default borrowers. They would send you letter to your address if you are refusing to settle the amount every month.

Anyone has difficulties settling PTPTN are encouraged to use online banking method without the need to visit PTPTN. Perhaps, you should give them a call or two just to inform them you are going to pay them by online banking. The tracking system is efficient and effective. You guys could read this article if you are interested >> How to pay PTPTN through online 

Digi Prepaid Reload still charging 6% GST in May 1

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Reload to stay connected

Digi Reload Prepaid 6% GST RM 31.80

In the wake of the news about discharging 6% GST on prepaid reload cards, quickly rush to Digi website in order to make an online purchase of RM30 prepaid reload. Ironically, nthe counter is still charging the 6% GST.

Without any thoughts cancelled the transaction immediately knowing that maybe Digi website is not updated swiftly. Trying to get the prepaid reload at Maybank2u website. However, Maybank2u declined offering its service to process Digi subscribers's need to buy prepaid reload.

One can buy Digi mobile prepaid card via Maybank2u and many other mobile Internet brands such as Tunetalk or Celcom. The ultimate question is will authorities abolishing 6% GST in prepaid reload ? Hate to take the RM0.20 extra change when you pay RM32.00.

Any Digi prepaid users should have RM30 in the account for 1.5GB Mobile Internet subscription.
Reload is pretty much necessary imagine that failed to pay up the monthly fee of RM30 for Digi mobile Internet prepaid users, There will be no usage of mobile Internet. When one accidentally clicked "mobile data" in order to surf Youtube or E-mail, users are getting charge as per data used. The rate is so high could go up to RM8 for a day.

Update 1/1/2018 - 6% GST for mobile prepaid cards has been fully abolished

6% GST Prepaid Users Gets Free Calls and SMS

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RM1.80 in exchange for 15 minutes Free Calls and 15 units SMS 

RM30 + 6% GST = RM31.80

Usually 3 pieces of RM10 will do the trick for RM30 coupon reload. It is a not a familiar experience when one paying RM30 + RM1.80. most of the telecommunication shops selling coupon reloads are all not cooperative when one simply enter asking coupon reloads

Alternatively, anyone could actually log in their bank account online and buy prepaid or postpaid reload. However, not all the users are able to do it hassle-free. 

Digi 15 minutes and 15 units SMS

The changes has caused some trouble in the meantime magnified by local news agencies. Prompted some high ranking authorities making a statement that the charges of 6% GST will be reimbursed in some form.

Looking at the above picture, realizing that the compensation is not that really satisfying. At least, it better than nothing. 

I wonder is there any GST imposed when ordering prepaid reload through online banking method ?

Sabah Restaurant Receipt shows GST 6%

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It is under business right to exercise prior to the agreed date ?

It never one intention to harm anyone but to states the fact or truth or reality. I will never reveal because it will be a common thing at the future nagging it just feel no right. Demand and supply still rule. . You have the right to impose but we have the right to say and comment!

When demand and supply rules the above receipt is nothing at all. World crude oil fell 40 dollars and more it is amazing to know that nothing get affected at here everything is still normal because there is no decreasing price in our local oil price. When the oil price just increase a little bit locally, everything seem goes up !

There is one significant question in my head a little voice saying that "When it the right time for our favorite restaurants trim it price down ?" I had this questions when I am still young I always glimpse on the price of my favorite food. Apparently, it was just a fairy tale ! As I grow up, I realized that when food and service goes together nothing really goes down.

It never goes down I was hoping a miracle that could bring this dream materialized. The reasons behind it I heard that the restaurant owner wants to maintain profit. Due to some minimum wage policy or local oil price increased or 5-star service. One of the most sound reason of all will be go and you try to open a restaurant business yourself !  I was so guilty being so naive by stating all this facts

Business operator used to be charging RM3 for a bowl of kon lao men or RM 3.50 for big portion chicken rice or RM1.50 for 3 Dim Sum or RM0.70 for a roti canai. Nowadays, no one hardly get the prices

Do you ever miss paying RM 1.00 for a fried rice or fried noodle ?? I mean it not like the salary is catching up the inflation of food. There is only one certain thing in the future "price of your favorite foods goes up in the restaurant if demand is still strong" . 

We talk too much about demand what about the supply well, my favorite restaurant might want to maintain it price if there are many new and good restaurants doing business around there. Besides, people changes their diet too during a life cycle or due to some significant event happened like disease that would be something entirely unpredictable but it does occur !

So stop everything start eating your favorite food with the food price set by the restaurant ! Although their business depend very much on customer do not forget they listen when you comment on the food taste but not food price !

Will these Goods Affected by GST 2015

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Implementation of Goods and Service Tax will be carried out next year 2015. What are those goods affected ?

Hearing the debate of Goods and Services Tax and reading those articles about GST on the internet do not help at all. No one seem to shed some light to those uneducated. It not just those uneducated, those who were not into financial sector or attending financial school in college not even raise a "light bulb" . Usually those who are from banking sector or investment sector know it all !!.

All I understand is that there were some goods were excluded from GST. What are those goods ?? They simply labeled it in general something like sugar, beverage, school. That really clear from them right. Cant they just list out like "GPT Gula Pasir Kasar 1KG" is excluded for the GST.

I guess it must be a lot of work to be done by listing all of the goods that will be excluded from GST.  I mean that will be way lot of efforts because too much. Giving them the biggest A4 paper is was still not enough. They said the list will be announced later when GST is almost being implemented. I guess we need to wait till last minute !

As writing this article on September 2014, there is about 8 months left for it. We still have some time cherishing this old tax system which we have been used it since from 1957 ?. Many countries has adopted the practice of GST and we have yet to use it. In order to achieve this status developed nation in 2020, (for a better future sometimes it means we need to torn down the old one) - Captain America 2  

Yes, we are talking about developed nation. Did that just mean same status as America, Britain, Japan, France and Singapore ? . We are actually a developing nation currently the proof at Wikipedia Developing_8_Countries . Would you achieve the target of Vision 2020 together ? Vision 2020 is brainchild of Tun Dr Mahathir which to propel Malaysian to greater height. The Vision 2020 first challenge is "Establishing a united Malaysia nation made up of one Malaysia race". What that suppose to be mean that really need some good understanding. Wikipedia wawasan 2020

This article is meant to test whether or not the goods listed below will increase it price after the implementation of GST in 2015. All of these goods were bought from the year 2014. 


Coarse Sugar Malaysia 1KG

  • Product : Coarse Sugar
  • Calories : 100G = 400Kcals, 100g carbohydrate
  • Net Weight : 1KG
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Gula Padang Terap Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.84
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 604-790 4235 / 786 5008

Will Implementation of GST in 2015 affected Sugar price ? Current sugar price is at RM 2.84 for 1KG. Are we expecting RM 3.00 per KG or RM 2.60 per KG ??


  • Product : Adabi Fine Salt
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 400g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.20  for 400g
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 603 - 60923677

RM 1.20 for 400G Adabi salt. Will there be increasing of price in Adabi salt later GST or inflation ? 


  • Product : Red Eagle Cooking oil
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 5KG
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Yee Lee Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) : RM 14.70
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 605 291 1055

Cooking oil is likely to be affected by GST in 2015. Personally forecasting inflation and GST will bring the price up to RM15.50 for 5KG Red Eagle Cooking oil.


  • Product : Corn - Starch
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 400g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : GLOW-SAN SDN. BHD
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.90
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 603 - 79815030


  • Product : Ajinomoto
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 170g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : AJINOMOTO (Malaysia)
  • Value (2014) : RM 3.25
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 03 - 7980 5643


RM 2.10 - 1 liter 

more will come..!! 

There will be like 20 items listed at here. I hope you guys reading this will give me some suggestion and feedback. I will provide 10 goods/items I think the value will increase, whereas you guys could contribute the other 10 items/goods. It is time to be accountable in this matter. Share to your closest ones, spread this message.

Some groups rejected Government proposed GST in Malaysia

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From the early beginning before the handouts being implemented, the strategy of GST being implemented nationwide on April 2015 is conceived due to achieve progressive nation in 2020

Is this possible that it is part of government strategy in order to implement GST and getting trust of people, they rolled out handout for the poor? This is not the question of the day. The question would be whether government is sincere in helping lower and poor income bracket rakyat who made up the bottom of the society.

Handouts by government is increasingly main topic discussed especially older generation voters some even said it will bankrupt the nation, some said the government is generous in helping them. There are always mixed feeling and perception. The ideologies of elite and poorest remained in the big gap just like income of poor and high elite society.

We have seen government poured out millions and millions in handout to the specific group made up of the society. No doubt there were increasing in the amount of handout received by them from previous year. It is a good strategy before the implementation of GST. Will GST successfully implemented ?

GST is a good tax system and the implementation of GST in other country like Singapore is way before us. They are way ahead of us implemented GST in their own country. Singapore is top 10 richest and advanced country in the world. However, Malaysian are not educated about Good and Serviced Tax (GST).

May 1, 2014 GST protesters commented on the soon to be implemented Good and Service Tax system.

Have you watched the video, most of them are having a concept that GST will put burden on them. This also proven that government is still need more time in educating older generation and young generation what is GST all about !

Let take for an example of Obamacare, There were millions of Americans actually opposed this and that. In effort to educate them on Obamacare, they are now millions enrolled in this healthcare programme. Back to GST, exactly in 11 months GST will be implemented by the government. Will they able to understand what is GST all about ?

Illustration on GST of 6%

A group of people think that the current SST which is 16% will better than GST 6%.  Due to some reasons, GST will become 24% because in each chain will charge 6% more to other chain. Understand the first one.

There are so many version of GST and people are influenced by many version of GST. They got confused. They have the right to know every piece of information and Government have the role and responsibility to make their rakyat smarter.

We are willing to learn and this is our role ! In recent days, we have seen there are many business seminar catering the topic of GST. The part where they are asking a entry fee it will discourage public. We need a free seminar !

10 Tips You should know about GST Malaysia

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Implementation of GST is vital in order to achieve high income nation in line with Malaysia Vision 2020.

GST Malaysia
Source: gst-m blogspot

Goods and Services Tax will be implemented  in the year of 2015. Effective in the month of April. It is exactly one year ahead. What should you do in this period? As a normal civilian and most of us just wait and observe.

It is really hard for us to understand how tax work especially when we were not concentrating on business class if we had taken one in the past. But, GST is not a foreign topic. Singapore has implemented it almost 10 years ago. If we look upon Singapore tax system we would have some clues. It is important to know that every nation tax system is different.

The new rate of GST will stood at 6%. What is our current Government Sales Tax rate? there are four. 5%, 10%, 20% and 25%.

1. Many countries have implemented GST

160 countries have adopted GST tax system. GST is invented by French tax official in 1950. It also can be known as Value Added Tax(VAT). Singapore adopted on the year 1994, China on the year 1980, Indonesia on the year 1985.

2. How Government benefit from GST?

Some of the Goods and Services will be included to be taxed. The current tax system (SST) has it own exemption of tax. When GST implemented, the exemption is no longer valid. One of the most significant example, Electric tariff after 200 kWh will be taxed. (This is just assumption from the author)

Do you remember the government said they will earn $$ by broaden the tax ? Your electricity bill will be taxed if it exceed 200 kWh a month. (This statement is not proven until implementation of GST)

3. How Malaysian benefit?

The revenue of GST will have obvious and direct impact to the public it would be upgrading current public infrastructure and public facility. Overall, it improve the standard of living. When people get richer, they would demand a certain standard of living

Personal Income Tax and Corporate will be reduced when GST is in effect.

4. What are the exemption in GST?

  1. Public transportation : Bus fares, train fees.
  2. Essential items : flour, rice sugar, chicken

5. Why abolish current SST? 

Sales and Service Tax is simply a tax system of the past. The new GST we are implementing is actually a tax system implemented by many developed countries way before 20 years ago. Tax system that has proven to stand the test of time.

Besides, government is seeking additional revenue to offset it budget deficit and reduce it dependence on revenue of Petronas.

6. How GST affect business

I am not tax expert, but from many GST custom website, it would lower cost of doing business by benefit from recovering input tax.

7. GST affect current price of goods and services

There will be increase and decrease price of goods and services. Besides that, you might find some goods and services price is still the same. I cant provide you a good and proper example. However, I am guessing KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald and Starbuck are not interested in raising the price.

Reduction of price can be seen due to abolish double taxing in Sales and Service Tax(SST)

8. What are the public perception towards GST?

It is true that most of the Malaysian will oppose implentation of GST. They were not teach on this subject in the school or college.

Most of the public view on GST is negative based on recent study. Despite that there have been few positive article written that lower and poor income group will get lesser impact.

It is believed some of the items that previously not taxed by SST would be taxed increasing financial burden.

9. What are the advantages/benefit of GST at a large picture ?

I am guessing that when tax is implemented by stages. Each party from manufacturer till retailers will require to pay tax. That also mean authorities will have full information on the movement of Goods and Services. As a result, That would reduce red tape and greater transparency.

10. How it impact non Malaysian?

Tourists and foreign students in the country can claim tax. On selected outlets and prescribed RM300 goods and services purchased in the same outlet. They must travel via air transportation. Other terms and conditions apply.

More information visit at or Government Custom on GST at GST CUSTOM

Malaysia's 10 Biggest News stories 2013

There are many incidents happened in Malaysia that people are curious. But author will enlisted few of them starting with 10. If you do feel some news stories should be in the list, feel free to use the comment box below.

Compilation of the Malaysia news storys are for educational informational purpose.

1. Sabah Incursion Due to Territory Claim

Government of Malaysia have been making peace with neighbouring countries since its independent. War is a word in our history until in 2013, the unresolved claim of Sabah was finally surface, it is believed the territory claim of Sabah by Sulu King Jamalul Kiram III family is the cause of war. 

There is no reason Malaysia should not respond militarily on the matter because the Sabah claim worsen as sizeable number of gunmen landed on the shore of Sabah believed to be army of Sulu King. The place where Sulu army landed is called Kampung Tanduo have been seized by them. Despite general election of Malaysia will be held in May, Prime Minister of Malaysia commanded military involvement in this incident.

War broke out between Malaysia military force and Sulu king army. Both claimed they are not first to trigger the war. News reported violent gun shots and dead on both sides. Besides, commercial shops are forced close and the town was in silent.

The war is short lived as Sulu King's claim on Sabah is not recognised by international community although it have been few attempt of the territory claim in the past. End of war was declared by Sulu King's son.

2. Heavy Pollution of Haze triggered state of emergency in Johor

Haze pollution research group announced highest record since 1998 in Muar Johor state after continuous fire smoke blew from neighbouring country Indonesia. Haze pollution index rated 300 above is considered hazardous, Muar town has reached API reading 750. 

In this level of pollution, public community are strongly advised to wear mask, prevent going out the street for too long, school shut down. Most severe impact to Malaysia is the economic growth of tourism industry and airline industry. Haze could be lethal and dangerous to human body particularly those who are prone to sickness and asthma-carried patient. Beside, heavy haze also disrupt local airline industry from flying.

The incident has been lambasted by Singapore as well as Malaysia. Because of political intervention in the matter, the cause of haze have been revealed. The main culprit were Indonesia companies clearing forest for palm oil plantation industry and also worsen by the July dry season. 

Author Dewan Rakyat, uploaded by Hytar

3. Malaysia's 13th General Election

Political matters had never been concerned by eyes and ear of Malaysian until recently the 2008 general election ruling party of government of Malaysia has been severely defeated one third by opposition . The opposition promised to it people that in 2013 when new general election emerged, they will take the government and transit power from current ruling party to them. However, the wish of opposition does not become materialised.

Foul play accusations spread by both parties sparked numerous serious lawsuits. Despite that, In the last fight on 13th General Election, we are seeing intense political fight to protect the interest and agenda of people. Ruling party BN or UMMO won the 13th General Election and take on another term in order to serve the people well. In fact, they never lose the fight on Opposition since foundation days.

It really surprising when the near end of announcement of General Election result, sudden blackout occurred. During that time, that is really uncommon activity. Beside that, what came next after power restoration were the result of GE 13 has been showing significantly differences on the screen watched by most of the Malaysian. Perhaps it broken after the blackout ??

4. Cameron Highland Dam Triggered Inevitable Tragedy in Low-land Housing Area

October 2013, Unexpected strong water current swept across Cameron Highlands Housing area causing chaos among the community and score of death. The Incident was triggered by relasing dam's water to the river and caused overflow to low-land housing area. Combination of yesterday heavy raining pouring on the river with releasing of dam water has caused flash mad flood.

Resident of Cameron Highland were alerted but it was too late by the authorities at around midnight where people are asleep. They also commented that the dam built half century designed for the purpose of preventing flood giving them trust and hope has fade. Authorities on the dam said on the matter, The incident was inevitable, if we do not release the dam water, the flood could have been worsen because the dam will automatically releasing more water to the river. It also said that they are trying the best not to jeopardise the dam as the dam has reached dangerous level.

5. Murder Crimes Involving Gunshot shocked the Nation    

Although our country banned people from having gun like most the countries. In this year, we are disturb by crimes that involves Gun and Gangs. Let us review some of the high-profile crime that shock the nation. Firstly, the death of the Ambank founder. He died on the spot in parking lot near a temple. Assailants has yet to be found.  Second, we are well aware the news Ambank security guard killed a female bank keeper with shotgun carried for his duty. The assailant was caught by polices later.

Beside that,  Business man Tan Kok Soon killed while having dinner with his family at Oakland Commercial Centre in Seremban on April 14. Two day before the incident, James John shoot at traffic light near Seremban.. Not only West Malaysia are reporting gunshot cases it also happened at East Malaysia. You can watch all the gunshot victims at 2013 gunshot incidents

6. Rise of Car Fuel 0.20 Sen Per Litre

In the month of Semptember 2013, 0.20 sen added on fuel price of per litre of RON 95 as well as diesel. It seem like nothing to be concerned because only 0.20 sen. If you do the math, it is not 0.20 sen anymore. How many people pump their car in Malaysia only for one litre??.. We all must make logical assumption we will pump 10litres of fuels in our transport. If 10 litres then it must be RM2.00 for every litre. To make it clear, as if you go pump petrol into your car now for 10 litres, you will need pay rate of RM21 to the counter instead of RM19.

As soon as news broke out, massive traffic congestion appeared on the nearest fuel station as rising cost of fuel will be effective after midnight. The funny things is some petrol station hung a board written, " Actual fuel prize in the market is RM2.75 and government subsidy is 0.89 or diesel 0.93. Your price would be RM 2.1 pet litre of RON95 . The reason increase of fuel price was not fluctuation of fuel market, it is because government is trimming subsidy. The real government subsidy in RON95 is 0.79.

7. Implementation of New Tax System GST 6%

In order to be progressive nation, Malaysia will take new tax initiative taken by most of advanced countries replacing old tax system. The new tax system is scheduled to be effective on 2015. Authorities has been proactive in educating public about the next tax to be implemented. The advantages and benefits of new tax does benefit both nation and the people . It is believed that it will reduce fiscal deficit and growing large debt pile.

Abolition of longest-serving tax system in Malaysia sales and service tax replacing Goods and Services Tax (GST) is announced in Budget 2014. In the same speech, he also said exemption of key staple items such as certain foods and public transportations from GST. This move of modification is designed to appeal low-income group.

8. Electricity Tariff is expected to rise on January 2014

Cost of Electricity is expected to be on rise effective January 2014. It is widely believed that new rate of electricity will no impact most of the people in housing area. However, rate will be higher to be paid by shopping mall operator, huge factory and business who consume too much electricity power. Those who use power tariff exceeded 300kWh will be imposed in the new tariff category and old tariff is applied for those use less than 300kWh electricity power. More detail at TNB claims new power tariff does not impact most of the Malaysian but business

9. Selangor Banned Freedom of using the word "Allah"

Religious topic regarding other people belief is very sensitive issue to be spoken by most of Malaysia. Freedom of religious is a practice since the foundation of Malaysia. It also one of the Malaysia constitution. Since first few news broke out that Christian is trying to convert Islam practitioner, now again the news is spreading Islamic department is sending warning not to use the word "Allah" as well as in bible context. Allah is refering to God in Christian as well as reffering to God in Islamic holy text.

The other side of the story, Christian bible which translated in Malay language has been using the word "Allah" for as long as it has been published. The matter is worsen when it was brought to court and the court of justice ruled that "Allah" is banned for Herald, Catholic weekly. Furthermore, the court made confusion among Malaysian who practice Christian in West and East Malaysia. Now the word "Allah" is ban in West Malaysia , how is all the Christian in East Malaysia? In my point of view, Christian who live in East Malaysia still using the word "Allah " unaffected with the result of court. In fact, it is contradiction to the court who judged in west Malaysia that all the christian in Malaysia should be banned using the word "Allah ".

If you don know what is Herald means. It is a Christian newspaper published weekly in Malaysia.

10. Heavy Flood in Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan States     

Pahang is severely hit by Flood in December more than 40,000 victims evacuate to safe zone. Second state is Terengganu with 20,000 more victim waiting to be evacuated by authorities. The least impacted by flood were Kelantan and Johor. Numerous relief centre has been set up to shelter flood victims. Mininster commented the impact of flood will be assessed for future flood prevention measure.

Preventive measure could be done if all of people work together said the minister. In this time of desperation, people should care each other from this catastrophe event. Tenaga Nasional Berhad made the move to cut power supply. Main connected road and food supply has been cut off. The water level has increased until unable to identified the normal landscape.

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