6% GST Prepaid Users Gets Free Calls and SMS

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RM1.80 in exchange for 15 minutes Free Calls and 15 units SMS 

RM30 + 6% GST = RM31.80

Usually 3 pieces of RM10 will do the trick for RM30 coupon reload. It is a not a familiar experience when one paying RM30 + RM1.80. most of the telecommunication shops selling coupon reloads are all not cooperative when one simply enter asking coupon reloads

Alternatively, anyone could actually log in their bank account online and buy prepaid or postpaid reload. However, not all the users are able to do it hassle-free. 

Digi 15 minutes and 15 units SMS

The changes has caused some trouble in the meantime magnified by local news agencies. Prompted some high ranking authorities making a statement that the charges of 6% GST will be reimbursed in some form.

Looking at the above picture, realizing that the compensation is not that really satisfying. At least, it better than nothing. 

I wonder is there any GST imposed when ordering prepaid reload through online banking method ?