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TNB claims 70% population is not affected by 2014 Electricity Tariff

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70% is more than half population will not affected by Electricity tariff change that will be effective January 2014. 

2014-electricity tariff-TNB

In line with government initiative reducing energy subsidies, Tenaga Nasional Berhad introduce new tariff in order to materialised the government's subsidy rationalisation programme.

TNB further claimed that there are no increase in eletricity bill for most of the Malaysia population. It is clearly stated that the RM20 rebate from government is still in effective and not being taken out by the introduction of new electricity tariff.

The pricing system being adopted by Malaysia electricity department is fairly easy to be understand. Those who are taken least electricity consumption will pay lower than those who use more than 200kwh per month. Besides, those who have RM20 bill will be included as a government subsidy which translate as no monthly electricity bill

Research shows that :

  •  50% population using less than 200kwh electricity consumption. Charges is 21.8sen for 200kWh
  • 20% uses more than 200kWh charging up to 33.40sen
Comparing 2011 electricity tariff rate,  there is no changes of rate if implementation of 2014 electricity tariff. Lesser electricity consumption will resulting lower rate. the lowest rate will be 21.8sen. more info at 2011 tariff and 2014 tariff

Source: Facebook Page "MalaysianDrivers"

Above illustration could be true or false. the house being displayed have used more than 800kWh a month. As you can see the new bill affect heavily on those use more than 300kWh electricity consumption monthly. the difference prices between old tariff and new tariff is RM62.73


It is rest assured to say the impact of new electricity tariff is not targeting most of us. So, who are the one will be impacted the most by this new implementation?

According to the TheStar news agency, it reported that most of the time shopping mall operator suffers the most because the fact to run a shopping mall, single and biggest expenditure derives from electricity bill. Representative of Malaysia Shopping mall Association and Highrise complex Management President H.C.Chan said 16% increase in industrial category electricity tariff was too steep and the shopping mall operator would have to pass down the increased costs to consumers, which would lead to inflation.

National's Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili commented on 2014 electricity tarff, consumption of electricity not pass 300kWh will not be impacted by new tariff. 

Besides, consumer spend 300kWh and below the price is ranging from Rm43-Rm77 capped. 300kWh-400kWh, the fee need to be paid ranging from Rm77.52 - RM128.60 . formerly the price is Rm77.48 - RM117 capped. In other words, it is ideal using between 200kWh - 300kWh for no further increase electricity bill. The bill will be capped on RM77.

Unitedmy comments on electricity tariff 2014 - I am looking forward how industrial and commercial cope with this electricity bill increase. I think every price tag of goods and service will be increase. Inflation is a good tool to wipe out poverty stricken family and enrich companies by the name of progression nation and national agenda.