Update BR1M 2016 Status

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Update BR1M 2016 as soon as 1 December 2015

The ongoing government one-off payment (BR1M) is still very much valid after announcement to continue the scheme on Budget 2016. The application process made easy when introduction of E-BR1M materialized which any eligible citizen of Malaysia with the Internet could apply online and get the funds into their respective bank account.

Previously, anyone who are eligible obtaining BR1M are those applying through getting form at LHDN.

Anyone who had registered through online method, there is no need for another registration. The only thing to do is The "status update".

Annually, there is a need for status update in order to obtain legally newest BR1M. It is likely that anyone who has updated obtain the newest BR1M. In this case, it will be BR1M 2016.

As you can see on the top, The status update has been received on 23/12/2015.

After all necessary items filled in, there will be a pop-up screen more like a declaration notice. (Make sure allow pop up screen )

Using Google Chrome is ideal choice to visit the E-BR1M website.

Successful BR1M online application as below :

Get to see the >> Proof BR1M 3.0

Get to see this >> Proof Obtained BR1M 2015

Oldtown Wing vs Wing Battle Promotion

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Oldtown never cease to capture more opportunity to get bigger

Oldtown Curry Mee

Ordered a curry mee seem like the new promotion isn't fulfilling huge appetite of me.

Oldtown Honey Spicy

It was actually quite big portion.

one wing battle oldtown promotion

There are many other chicken wing flavor to choose, one of its was Honey Spicy flavor.

Review Maggi Royale Johor Seafood Laksa and Sarawak Sambal Laksa

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Definitely not to miss out amid success of Maggi Royale Penang and Korean Beef

Instant noodle products in the market believe to be saturated. Definitely after launching of Maggi Royale newest products both Johor seafood Laksa & Sarawak Sambal Laksa, there will be lesser seeing Maggi Royale Penang and Korean Spicy Braised Beef on the shelves.

Definitely got to try both of them but the no 1 choice ruled to be Johor Laksa.

Check out the other reviews !

Maggi Royale Penang : Maggi Royale Penang

Maggi Royale Korean Braised Beef : Royale Korean Beef Review

McDonalds Samurai Burger with Seaweed

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Mixture of Sprite with a little bit of Ribena enough to turn white into red, there you goes Sakura McFIZZ

Beef Samurai McDonalds

Got to try dipping fried fries with seaweed into the red hot chili sauce for explosive taste. Only with a purchase of newest promotion samurai burger.

Eat the samurai burger in a right manner. Have to imagine eating triangle sushi rice simply holding the cover and tearing only the top part of the burger. Unbelievable tasty sauce coupled with juicy beef meat that will surely make you mouth-watering like never before

McDonalds Malaysia made great effort promoting the newest promotion

Older McDonalds Malaysia promotion : Durian flavored ice-cream

10 Popular Japanese Seafood in Malaysia

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Mainstream fish such as Salmon is exception but too, one of the greatest Japanese seafood sought by Malaysian.

Salmon sushi or more commonly addressed as Shake is a must-have in Japanese restaurants. It might be confusing to some non-Japanese, Which are the hot-selling Japanese seafood available in Malaysia ?  


Though Nama Kaki or Fresh and raw oysters are much more a mouth-watering delicacy, Akagai or Arc Shell Sushi is a little thing you wanted to try if you really like its counterpart which is mentioned above.



Seeking a white, soft and fresh scallop ? Normally Hotate or in English as scallop were not available with the shell still attached. Find a restaurant which Hotat is removed of its shell by the sushi chef on the spot. Usually the fresh Hotate (not removed it shell )is displayed at the sushi frozen counter 

Itoyori fish


Threadfin Bream is a fish sought by many due to its tastiness. Perhaps, the demand for this fish is higher than the supply

Renkodai fish


Yellowback seabream is what they called it. Slight different than Itoyori the there was a yellow thread across at the top rather than the body.

Seki Aji


Fine taste that drives people keep drooling  



The fish with red pigment and really big and wide mouth. 

soft shell crab


A crab that can be consumed wholly due to it softness after a deep fry with flour covered. The crabs were harvested during it period of changing to a harder shell. A transition where the crabs needed to dislocated it entire shell first leaving a soft and wide-opened meats.

Flying fish Tobio


Flying fish is not an exception 10 popular Japanese Seafood in Malaysia.



Freshwater eel is very much associated with Salmon they are both unable to be separated.

Isaki fish


I believe they might get this fish wrong because it's not look like a normal Isaki. 

There are more fishes are favorite to Malaysian. Such as Saba Shioyaki or Grilled Mackarel. The 10 popular Japanese seafood listed here might not be available across Japanese restaurants nationwide. It simply depends on your luck. The reason behind it because simply there were not enough supply to cater the demands.