Ditto disguise as MagiKarp

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A new Pocket Monster to catch, Ditto

The new update allows player discovers Ditto and gain double experience every successful catching a Pokemon. Ditto, the highly awaited Pokemon is finally available to be fill in your bag and registered in your Pokedex.

Ditto can disguise it self to a Pidgey, Magikarp, Ratata and Zubat according to player comments all over the world. My title fully explained how I got my first Ditto. 

With additional experience points on Thanksgiving, large number of players returned to their favorite place to catch Pokemon. 

Pokemon Go's most anticipated Christmas event will be as grand as Santa Claus giving out presents for Pokemon fans. Rumors that either one of them is rollin out second generation of Pokemon or Mewtwo and Mew.

Are you still remember the video clip Mewtwo were being seen at a busy shopping district ? It could implying that people were there to a new year eve countdown or even the Christmas eve. 

Airasia KUL to TWU Review

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Airasia Flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to Tawau Airport is approximately 2 Hours and 50 minutes

Distance between Malaysia and Tawau is by estimation 1800 kilometers according to disween.com. Many would like to find the answer to the price of one way ticket from Airasia.

At the global oil price tumbling down to as low as below $50, one way trip from KLIA2 to TWU costs me RM210 per trip. The total price for a return trip is paid at RM422.24

Author would really like to know when global oil price will ever increase to $100, the price for return trip from KLIA2 to TWU will it still remain the same or double? But, it seem like no human truly has the ability to foresee the future.

Besides, Airasia is really the best Malaysian can choose to fly with on the domestic flights due to its cheaper price. I would continue using Airasia flying on domestic flight. Those who are affluent are more likely to choose MAS.

Well, In the process of restructuring, MAS realized it important to lower down their pricing which sometimes when you are comparing price between MAS and Airasia, you would actually see a competitive price offering by both airlines. MAS was never late to change it is now 2016. But, for decades, Airasia brand is deeply rooted in Malaysia mind

Airasia's slogan "Now, everyone can fly" is implying now, Malaysian can fly without burn a hole in the pocket.

In addition, Airasia Big points is definitely one of the best feature. I have 188 points after completed a return trip from KUL to TWU costing me RM422.24. It pretty intriguing that from my point of calculation, I will need to take lots of KUL to TWU in order to redeem Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast which cost 30,000 points. Anyways, I was not planning to go Australia Gold coast at this moment.

There was a small matter encountered during boarding the plane, why would an immigration counter approval is required for me to travel from East Malaysia to West Malaysia ? Yes, you have to show some ID in order to pass the gate even under domestic flight

It was an overwhelming experience exploring Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 for the first time in my life as a Malaysian. Lots of eateries and most importantly spotted 3 Starbucks at different corner throughout KLIA2.

There are few options going to KLIA2. I pick KLIA express out of Grabcar and bus to go there. It cost RM55 per trip from KL Sentral. Probably it will be my last time riding KLIA express because I found out there was a bus station at KL Sentral though KLIA express is much safer and swifter.

Airasia check in machine

Let say you forget to check in through website, there are dozens of helpful check-in machines for your convenience. As if you have check-in through website, there is no need for you to use the check-in machine service and should proceed to document check counter for boarding pass. (It was a free to ask the counter for boarding pass)

Airasia KLIA 2 weight detector

Airasia has been a very friendly airline towards the baggage section. This bag definitely fit the requirement as a hand carry. I have seen someone with much larger bag still qualify as hand carry.

Before boarding the plane to Tawau, "Quizinn" a really cute name that sound like "Cuisine" is a big food court with multiple eateries section. People has spoken many times, eating at airport is definitely gonna be costly. However, the foods are really tempting.

Quizinn-Airasia-KLIA2-food court

 After a moment of silence, Airasia on-board foods are way more cheaper than eating at Quizinn. Although it is a small portion and really not that comfortable eating on-board with Airasia, it still relevant to buy on-board foods while flying with Airasia.

Another good thing about Airasia, the cabin crew were not really checking on your designated seats unless customer bought hot seats. Airasia cabin crews advised to sit upright when taking off and refrain from using mobile phone while take off and landing but on unoccupied seats, you are allowed to take if passenger deemed necessary.

The controversy news shocked many of us about Auntie Anne's Pretzel food name tag. It seem like religious department failed to secure a victory to change Auntie Anne's Pretzel food name tag from "dog" to "sausage".  I have many Muslim friends and most of them referred it as "sausage" rather than calling it "hot dog"

Bus to KL Sentral from KLIA2

KLIA 2 offers great and convenience facilities. There are taxi and bus Booths selling ticket to passengers.


One way bus trip to KL Sentral from KLIA 2 currently priced at RM12.00. It used to be RM10.00 in the old days. KL Sentral is central transportation hub at Kuala Lumpur city.

It has been a pleasant flight with Airasia though there were slight delay on schedule. I will choose Airasia in my next voyage.

10 Interesting Places in Pulau Pinang

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The official name for the state is Pulau Pinang or in generally recognized as Penang. Most of the interesting places are in Georgetown. Georgetown are located on the island and Butterworth is the mainland of Penang.

Most of the Penang population speaks Hokkien / Teochew dialect. In addition, younger generation speak well in Mandarin language and English.


jalan padang kota lama, esplanade penang

Run on the field and feel the sea breeze. Local community like hanging out at here. Strategic location and should be always your first place to explore. Time to come 5PM - 11PM . Nearby to Fort Cornwallis.


Fort Cornwallis Cannon

It is where the war erupted in order to prevented intruders were not fought easily. Many years later, the peace we are having present might be the effort of forefathers. There were prison, small church and displays of weaponry.


Starbucks Batu Ferringgi

Cake and Coffee under the scorching sun with beach and sea breeze. Walking the sandy beach while enjoy watching sea activities outside the Starbucks.


Entopia butterfly park

Embarks on the journey life cycle of butterflies and many other insects such as ants and bees.

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Opt to spend 1 night at the top of the Penang hill or walking around with enjoying the cold temperature.


Penang bus 101

Wish to explore Penang attractions ? The bus with the number 101 will take you most of the interesting places at Pulau Pinang. one of the top to-do-list you must have visiting Penang island. Higher chance mingle with the local community.


There are two large shopping malls situated at Gurney Drive. Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon. As if you are person who like to visit shopping mall these are your ideal places for visit.


Penang Jetty Ferry

Unless take taxi to Georgetown crossing Penang bridge, alternatively, one could take ferry from Butterworth terminal. Arriving Georgetown, you are nearby Penang bus station. Ferry Station has served thousands of visitors between Georgetown and Butterworth. One way trip costs RM1.20


Armenian Street painting

Lots of wall paintings awaits you to discover. so grab every opportunity visit Penang's Armenian street.


Penang Chew Jetty

One of the significant to-do-list you must accomplish before leaving Penang. There are stalls for you to enjoy Penang local delicacies. Definitely must try the Penang Char Koay Teow

5 Reasons McDonalds and KFC are losing out

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McDonald's and KFC outlets are not closing down

The way some people perceived the McDonald's and KFC are going to close down forever in Malaysia as soon as news broke out the corporation are selling franchise rights. In fact, we will be seeing our beloved fast food outlets closing down gradually due to local investor pulling out their investment. The fast food chain is suffering huge competition.

Instead of making a headline of laying off workers or downsizing, the corporation are selling shares in order to invite more talented shareholders and rising fund for further expansion plans.

These are the restaurants, corporation behind McDonalds and KFC should learn from them. The only thing McDonald's and KFC does the best is free gifts for kids. But, they limited only happy meal get free gift which totally discriminate older person eligible to get toy.


The increasing demand for fast food is great opportunity for Texas Chicken to rise. In my opinion, the Texas Chicken brand is much resounding in the western countries. Texas Chicken coleslaw is much more delicious.


Wendy's promotes healthier burger. If you want a burger that actually naturally decompose faster, come to Wendy's. There was an oldest McDonald's outlet in Penang has been replaced by Wendy's . Who knows after all it was the same owner who opened the oldest McDonald's outlet at Pulau Pinang right ?


Burger topped with maggi seasoning and egg prepared at home. Besides, one could opt eating at any burger stall using Ramli chicken meat.


If you are a great observer, you would notice there are always customers flocking in Japanese restaurants at weekend despite lavish menu. The rising trend of Japanese foods in Malaysia is simply cant be ignored.

You might see it as an irrelevant comparison but both Sushi and burger were not Malaysian foods right ? Besides, you could put it this way comparing Salmon Sushi and Fillet o Fish.


Topped with some side dishes such as lady finger and omelette and curry sauce. Mamak curry flavored chicken definitely attractive.

Webe Hidden Charges Explained

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Webe self proclaimed RM79.00 is not the final price for everyone

Webenow RM199.00 without deductions

Like everybody else over excited launching of Webe to the public usage. Never win anything from Webe promotions a little bit disappointed due to numbers of players are skillful than me. Not gonna elaborate anymore indulging in the past.

It was not that bad. the first bill came in and stated "I owe Webe RM106,00 instead of RM79". But why I did not goes all-out anger ?. I believe because Webe has done some pretty good things in my life. Author has been using Webe since Oct 5.

Calling home so often never felt this better. Hey, I got unlimited calls and it stated in my bill goes like "everytime you call a local telephone like your parent house, it will be under Webe bill". It literally every time I call home, Webe gonna cover it. I know everyone would like Wechat and Whatsapp their parent but, not all parents are using smartphone.

I not asking everyone should be grateful Webe is not charge us RM200.00 per month. In fact, RM200 the real price everyone should pay for using Webe service.  Where can one possibly find a better deal than this ?

Refer to the above image, from oct 5 - oct 31 prorated RM173.00 from the final price RM199.00. As for the November, author is utilizing Webe service for the whole month as stated there RM199.00.

I will make a simple calculation on my Webe bill with all the eligible deductions. Before that,  I would have owe Webe RM372.00 without deductions. I will be devastated without the deductions.

These are the tricky parts. it stated in my bill that the deductions for RM120.00 only occurred in the month of November. Besides, the Webe certified phone deduction RM52.00 only applicable on the month of October.

After all the deductions. My bill goes down to RM200. Well, do not forget to add in the 6% GST for two months as much as RM12.00

My bill supposed to be RM200 but due to the first payment of RM106  to obtain the sim card is paid Deducting that be my November bill dubbed as of course as first Webe bill a total of RM106. The date to pay before Webe decided to cut my line is on November 22, 2016.

After all, I love Webe so much going through first month is indeed painful. Many users believe that they should pay RM106 + RM79 + RM12 GST. The total is RM197.00.( Inclusive of first registration fee and november bill monthly fee) 

After a few thoughts, I should have pay them RM91,00 (RM79.00+ 2months GST) instead of RM106.00. By the way, I left the viewer to decide.

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