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Stability Test on Webe Mobile Internet

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Counting 3 month using Webe mobile Internet  

Are you still playing safe and observe ? Try it now, feel the power of unlimited data on your hand. A great power comes a great responsibility so utilize it for good stuff.

Author was reluctant to show you Webe service in case of too many users flock to use the service and disrupted author selfishly enjoying it. Perhaps, when there are too many users Webe gonna continue to upgrade it speed to ever greater height ?

I have listened enough of sharing is caring, major issue with Webe is that it was not really reachable to many places. Recently author was holidaying at Sabah, surprisingly, there was strong signal and could watch Youtube at 480p.

Due to the Webe sim card is not easily to be obtained at to he market, only sizable of consumer could own them especially those who are familiar with buying goods online and those who actually got an online banking.

Nevertheless, Consumer who wish to use Webe service, there are 3 notably outlets where one can pay over the counter. Besides, Webe do have an online customer service and an efficient platform to help you successfully buying Webe sim card and have it deliver to your home address.