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PTPTN Latest Feature Checking Overdue Payment

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All the horror news about PTPTN personally sending enforcement officers knocking your door soliciting payment is an old story.

There are enough headline about PTPTN on major newspapers notably Thestar and New Straits Times. Magnifying the issue of borrowers never pay a single cent back after graduation. Here is one of the example of PTPTN borrowers gradually paying it student loan back so that in the future some may still get loan for higher education in Malaysia.

Personal perception on PTPTN fund would be "student loan for the bad grade student". The fund actually help bad grade student get back on feet again explore the tough job environment out there.

Not just the bad grade student unable to score prestigious scholarship landing a class at one of the state-of-the-art university, the poor are one of the criteria who will utilizing the PTPTN fund to further their studies.

The whole point is a direction showing that only the capable of scoring prestigious scholarship the good grade student get education for free.

The real question is can we the borrowers get more time to pay rather than the limited time frame ?

PTPTN Latest Feature, checking your overdue amounts

Usually the formal replies from the PTPTN would be remember the first time you signed a contract with PTPTN you must pay back all the amounts before the due date.

In 2016, there was a PTPTN office nearby lots of people queuing at there. I was trying to get a glimpse on the inside and try to found out whether the blacklist is on my tail. A friendly personnel shown my overdue a totaled more or less RM 5000. I did tell you earlier that I am a casually paying back my education loan right ? Before I left the National Higher Education Fund office, I quickly looked around there were few people trying to pay their debt on the counter.

Certainly a great feature, in 2017, PTPTN website get an upgrade which there will be a showing on how much overdue one has to pay now. Besides, borrowers could utilize hassle-free service such as "Jompay" to avoid any charge.

Previously, the hassle-free service provided by FPX could help borrowers pay their loan back at ease in their home with Internet access. However, there will be a small charge. Click here for more info

I do not know about the business behind of JomPAY for being free to use. There are many local banks supporting jomPAY one of them is Maybank2u.

Before proceeding to make a payment, please check on PTPTN official website on your personalized designed JomPAY biller code, ref 1 and ref 2.  All you need is your 12-digits national identification card numbers.

For your information, you can get a similar guide at PTPTN website how to pay education loan back using Maybank2u and JomPAY.

You might notice the Ref 2 is your official mobile numbers and there will be a requesting for TAC confirmation code at later stage.

Your transaction is successful ! Thank You for the payment. Although, author was not from a rich family and not having a position that pay a decent salary, still, obliged to pay back my share for what I have promised in the contract.

Paid back my share of loan on the eve of Lunar New Year 2017. I plight PTPTN could loose it terms and conditions so that unfortunate peoples who gains nothing but useful knowledge using the funds could get an extend period of time paying back education loan. Sharing my point of view from the borrowers myself.