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Pokemon Go : Gen 2 is live in Malaysia

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Gen 2 sparks interest to enlarge "Pokemon Storage Upgrade"

A series of articles reports Pokemon Go Gen 2 releasing next week. However, the company behind Pokemon Go, Niantic decided to release it the next day prior to the rumored "next week" date.

The 60mb latest update were not mentioning anything about adding new Pokemon. New Pokemon images were all over Facebook and Twitter.

The exact date for the release of Pokemon Gen 2 should be after the day Valentine event closed.

As soon as the gen 2 update downloaded, go to Eevee and try to evolve it by changing name into "TAMAO" or "SAKURA", there you go your first two new generation 2 pokemon !

The new badge for all the trainer.

The day Pokemon Gen 2 released there are so many Generation 2 Pokemon lurking around.

New Interface and added variety of berry are fun for both new and veteran Pokemon Trainers.