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10 Facts Pokemon Go Legendary Event

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Articuno found and captured at Malaysia
Articuno has been spotted at Malaysia. Successful attempt in defeating Legendary Pokemon Articuno with 12 Trainers.

1. Legendary Pokemon

Worldwide Trainer have seen Legendary Pokemon showing up on Pokemon Go radar. Since Team Mystic won the event, the first legendary Pokemon to be encountered is Articuno and Lugia following by Moltres and Zapdos on later date.

2. 5-Star Raid Pass

Literally anyone playing Pokemon Go are able to join 5-star raid by spinning Gym disc in prior then join the battle with the free daily gym raid pass. The premium gym raid pass are meant for those who seek 2nd or 3rd raid in the same day.

3. 100% defeating Legendary Pokemon

Gym mechanism has changed for better but still need improvement. At a total of 10 players and more, trainer should proceed the raid battle in any circumstance one trainer should able to finish off 10% health points.

The tips is you must not accept the battle until there are 10 players and more. You will be able to quit the raid and rejoin again without the need to waste a raid pass and hassle free.

4. 300 timers is more than enough

Legendary Pokemon raid is set on more or less 300 seconds timer. With more than 10 players in the raid, the raid should be finished with just using 200 seconds. 

5. One trainer could send 6 or more Pokemon into battle 

300 seconds timer is a little too long for veteran Pokemon go Trainer, As if all your six Pokemon has fainted, you are still get the chance to send other Pokemon to the raid or revive the 6 fainted Pokemon to the battle before the 300 seconds timer ends the raid.

6. Nine Chances to catch Articuno at bonus stage

Some of us get just 9 Pokeballs in the bonus stage. All you need to do is feed berry, curve ball and throw with the score of nice

7. Double Rewards

Trainer get temporary boost in experience, Pokemon's candy and many more in compliment the on-going legendary event.

8. Increased Pokemon Spawn Rate

Pokemon Spawn rate is at new record. Do you have enough Pokeballs ?

9. Ash's Hat on Pikachu

Trainer still be able to catch Pikachu with Ash's Hat on it. 

10. Articuno is no 144 on Pokedex

The legendary event is very hard to miss on big cities and well-known landmark. Whereas on the countryside, there are relatively big gap of differences and hard to ignore Trainer at big cities could have 4 Articuno and 2 Lugia.

We should be contented at least we caught one of the legendary and enjoy the event thoroughly. 

Pokemon Go : Gen 2 is live in Malaysia

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Gen 2 sparks interest to enlarge "Pokemon Storage Upgrade"

A series of articles reports Pokemon Go Gen 2 releasing next week. However, the company behind Pokemon Go, Niantic decided to release it the next day prior to the rumored "next week" date.

The 60mb latest update were not mentioning anything about adding new Pokemon. New Pokemon images were all over Facebook and Twitter.

The exact date for the release of Pokemon Gen 2 should be after the day Valentine event closed.

As soon as the gen 2 update downloaded, go to Eevee and try to evolve it by changing name into "TAMAO" or "SAKURA", there you go your first two new generation 2 pokemon !

The new badge for all the trainer.

The day Pokemon Gen 2 released there are so many Generation 2 Pokemon lurking around.

New Interface and added variety of berry are fun for both new and veteran Pokemon Trainers.

Baby Pokemon and Pokedex

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Obtained Baby Pokemon leads Pokemon Go's Pokedex enlarged.  

Pokemon Go December 2016 Theme

A refreshing Pokemon Go theme in conjunction with Christmas season. Veteran Pokemon Go Trainer is anticipating Pokemon Go Xmas event. Besides, Will Niantic roll out legendary Pokemon on New Year Eve ?

Pikachu with festive hat

Limited Edition Pikachu with festive hat are out there to be caught till December 29, 2016. Hoping there are more limited edition Pokemon out there to catch on next time ! For your info, Raichu get to wear festive hat too by evolving Pikachu with festive hat.

Pichu Pokemon Go

Strong desire to hatch a baby Pokemon has emotional affected some Pokemon Trainer resorted to get one of those incubator in store in a bid to accelerate the chance of having one baby Pokemon. Author of Unitedmy have hatched two eggs before getting baby Pokemon at the third 5KM egg.

Pokedex Pokemon Go enlarged December 2016

Having a Pichu triggered an expansion of Trainer Pokedex. Although Pokemon Trainer might not have completed the first given Pokedex database, the Pokedex will be updated after getting any of the baby Pokemon by hatching. Previously, the Pokedex shown Dragonite is the last Pokemon in the list

It will be not an easy task to get a baby Pokemon as there were not in the wild to be caught by Pokeballs. After the releasing of baby Pokemon, there were a strong determination to walk even further in order to get one. Moreover, Pokemon Trainer could earn the 1,000 KM badge in the same time.

10 Pokemon Gym You Need to Conquer in Malaysia

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Pokemon Gym is strategically placed for you to visit

The real deal behind Pokemon Go is the Gym. You will not see Pokemon Gym placed at random places. It has always been something interesting there for Pokemon Go trainer to explore !

To truly understand Pokemon Go from my own perspective, the Pokemon and Pokestops are additional features, whereas, the Pokemon Gym is a place where Pokemon Trainers should be heading to.

Surely, This is only applies to Pokemon Trainer have all or most of the Pokemon in the bag already. As for those who are new seeking to register Pokemon into their Pokedex than they might have different idea than battling the Pokemon Gym.

These are some of the Pokemon Gym I have conquered during 3-day stay at Kuala lumpur and Penang. More Pokemon Gym to conquer means more place of interest in Malaysia has been explored by author !

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad Pokemon Gym

1. Merdeka Square

Eventually everyone will face the mid-game of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Trainer seeking out to battle than to catch Pokemon at the wild. Visiting one of the historic place as Merdeka Square or locally known as Padang Merdeka is absolutely awesome. 

Pokemon Go inspired and lead author to Padang Merdeka. The way of it is much more overwhelmingly fun than opening Google maps.

Giant Mushroom KLIA2

2. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

While waiting at the bustling KLIA 2. Open up Pokemon Go app and start to catch some Pokemon accidentally discovered KLIA 2 has a Pokemon Gym.

Petronas Towers Pokemon Go Gym

3. Petronas Twin Tower

Giant buildings all over the place. KLCC is a place must visit. there is a park within the city for you to take some walk and watch the beautiful scenery and unbelievable fountains. 

Stadium Titiwangsa Pokemon Go Gym

4. Stadium Titiwangsa

Found Dratini at this grand lake. There were some bicycles for rental.

Penang ferry Pokemon Go

5. Penang Port Ferry

One of the mean from Butterworth to Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

War Memorial Pokemon Go Gym

6. Padang Kota Lama 

Nearby to Penang City Hall and Esplanade park. At night time, it turned into a joyful night.

Penang sib portraits Pokemon Go

7. Portraits

You can miss everything in Penang but not this one portrait. The busiest intersection where all travelers must experience especially on Sunday and year end .

8. Will House Mural

Got an insane plan try to conquer every Pokemon Go Gym in Penang some other day !

9. Very Cute Dinosaur at Queenbays Mall

A huge mall definitely need some of your time to visit it.

the awaiting Trishaw

10. Trishaw Paddler station

There were some many Trishaws there but seem like no one is operating it. I guess it some form of Penang's way preserving the historic moments ?

Keep walking ! for Pokemon Trainers out there are not necessary to buy a travel books when travelling to Malaysia because almost every interesting places are mapped in Pokemon GO as a Pokemon Gym or Pokemon Stops.

One day gonna travel back to Kuala Lumpur and conquer some other Pokemon Go Gym !

Ditto disguise as MagiKarp

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A new Pocket Monster to catch, Ditto

The new update allows player discovers Ditto and gain double experience every successful catching a Pokemon. Ditto, the highly awaited Pokemon is finally available to be fill in your bag and registered in your Pokedex.

Ditto can disguise it self to a Pidgey, Magikarp, Ratata and Zubat according to player comments all over the world. My title fully explained how I got my first Ditto. 

With additional experience points on Thanksgiving, large number of players returned to their favorite place to catch Pokemon. 

Pokemon Go's most anticipated Christmas event will be as grand as Santa Claus giving out presents for Pokemon fans. Rumors that either one of them is rollin out second generation of Pokemon or Mewtwo and Mew.

Are you still remember the video clip Mewtwo were being seen at a busy shopping district ? It could implying that people were there to a new year eve countdown or even the Christmas eve. 

Pokemon Go Updates #Oct 12 2016

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Pokemon Badges introduced 

Golden Badge

Unlike in the Pokemon series Badges are earned by winning a gym. In Pokemon GO, Badges are earned by catching Pokemon in the wild, hatch eggs and training on gym. Players could take the badges as achievement, mission or a Pokemon go quests.

The newest updates give a brand new purpose to Pokemon Go. The more Pokemon one catch, the more points one will get into to enable a catch bonus. The golden badge is the final one can get and it gives out +3 bonuses whenever one catch normal type Pokemon.

Nevertheless, it also display how many normal Pokemon player have catch.  

In the previous update, Pokemon player could never see the Pokemon types. Here is a Zubat in a new update showing a Pokemon type of supersonic and flying.

The Pokemon Go newest update is pretty straightforward.

Oh man ! I have been playing many months since August 6, 2016. These are my badges collection. It render me unbelievable because I thought I would have more than that.

17 Badges to unlock equivalent to roughly 3400 Pokemon. Minus the 5 completed badges, I still need to go catch 2400 Pokemon to catch estimated.

Dragon is hard to come by. Only met Dragonite once and I blow my chance to catch it.

There has been lots of comment to Niantic saying that to add quests/missions into Pokemon GO. This newest update surely make them feel like their comment is reached and appreciated.

Before the update, I just catch few pokemon such as Pidgey, Ratata, caterpie and Eevee for levels. But now,  I could catch Magnemite more often in order to complete mine electric type badge.

10 Good Reasons You should Play Pokemon Go

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I have play the Pokemon Go since it first launching

10 good reasons stem from you. These are mine. What are yours ?

1. The Challenge

Achieve this accomplishment with Pokemon Go

Get out of your sofa because it just an illusion of comfort. We are making a history, we are leaving a mark. Let catch all the pokemon !

It does not matter how much Pokemon you have catch. It is a personal time you and Pokemon Go. Take your time, enjoy the great game.

One day in the near future, you will thank Pokemon Go for it encourages spending time walking around for your health.

In my experience, I have endured 2 hours of walking with Pokemon Go. The distance recorded was 2 to 3 Kilometers. That is something I cant achieve without Pokemon Go. It is harder than you think, 2 to 3 kilometers is merely less than 5,000 steps. Still, it better than nothing.

2. The Surprise

Dragonite Pokemon Go
Dragonite on the screen

When an extremely rare pokemon appears, the amount of excitement is unimaginable. Dragonite is the last pokemon to have in current Pokedex.

Pokemon Go egg hatching

Egg hatching is one of the motivator for distance walking ! One can get some rare pokemon in 10 KM eggs.

3. Childhood Dream

I think you guys share the same dream as me to be the Pokemon master. This dream however, faded through times. In my time with Pokemon, I was 8 years old and thought the other part of the world lies a Pokemon island where Pokemon did exist there. Well, that happened after finish watching some episodes of Pokemon in my CD player. The pirated CD was like RM12.90 with 3 Pokemon episodes in one CD.

That was not just it, when I was much younger, fighting my sibling over a Gameboy device with Pokemon game in it.

4. The Achievement

The game is not about catching the strongest Pokemon, it is about catching all the Pokemon appears on your screen. Even the strongest Pokemon will just contribute 100 experience points to your level. The tips is to catch all Pidgey, Ratata, Weedie and Caterpie as these gives you 500 exp points for every evolution made.

5. Social / Peer Pressure

Everytime I turned on the Facebook or having a lunch at one of the restaurant, I got "Pokemon" whispering everywhere. I do not have enough reason not to join the Pokemon Go craze. It just too much to bear everyone is on their phone with Pokemon Go in it.

6. Fight for your claim

When you have all the necessary skills, it time to hit the GYM. In Pokemon Go , the GYM never give out any badges so do not go all-out screaming. It fairy easy to conquer as long as potions and revives are enough to replenish.

I am team instinct and I am not afraid to admit although we are few, we still win anyone with enough potions and revives. So much relieving that potions and revives do not discriminate.

To be honest, Pyro is not even my strongest Pokemon. It is wise only use strongest Pokemon to attack and not defend because everyone get the chance to win the GYM.

7. Place of Interest

Every Pokestops and GYM means something special. The Pokemon is just another pulling factor or a beautiful cover to be attractive to the content. The game is created to encourage people to explore the world. It is a game to get your boots dirty and physically heathlier.

8. The Excitement

It's hard to contain the excitement of so many people shares a common goal to capture a single rare Pokemon.

9. The Disappointment / Anxiety

The legitimate Malaysian Pokemon Go player start date should be same as above

The game first launched on July 2016. The overwhelm feeling that the company behind Pokemon Go decided to launch it region by region excluding where you live. As if  I was like born to a wrong place. "When the game going to be released in Malaysia" ?

It still clear how much anxiety I got during this period of depression. To the extend that, I would always check Play Store when the game can be downloaded to my phone and frequently visit the Pokemon Go Official Facebook page for their newest announcement.

I never condone myself downloading the apk file for my android phone. It was so insecure !

Before the release, the only thing to do is observe the Facebook Trending and Popular post overloaded with Pokemon Go contents. The feeling of described as "out of touch" or "disconnected with the world" (This can't be serious)

The wait is over, I have found Dragonite on the eve of Hari Merdeka to be exact 30/8/2016. It still crystal clear that the countdown was over and a Dragonite appeared. But, the image explains thoroughly. The point is I did not bring home Dragonite with me that night. What a night !

The lesson learnt that do not try to catch Dragonite using curve ball, you will never reach it !

10. The Updates

The game get some good updates in order to perfect the game in accordance to player demand. I think the greatest update is to make the game available for everyone. The update that take away Pokemon footsteps is one of the example to make the game much more efficient. In return, the game is opened to more region due to the reduced overload of game data.

The newest update to ensure players get their boots even dirtier by implementing buddy system that rewards player with candy. That fine by me !

Every new updates carry a sign of effort by the company behind Pokemon Go to work out the best interest of the players around the globe.

Pokemon Go Officially Released in Malaysia on August 6, 2016

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Malaysian are able to download and enter Pokemon Go since 0900AM today

Unexpected news broke out on Pokemon Go Official Facebook page today, 15 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more are able to download the game.

There is an overwhelm of excitement for the announcement because author have been waiting since July ! 

As you can see, author is 35 minutes late to try Pokemon Go. It was firmly believed to be released around 0900AM. Some Malaysian trainers have jumped into the game and catch few Pokemon.

Some of us expecting the game to be released much earlier something like First and Second of August 2016 in order to be compatible with the Hotlink event. 

Have you been playing Niantic's Ingress ? There is a similarity between Ingress and Pokemon Go based on the monuments stuff.

First pokemon is Bulbasaur. Leaf type Pokemon, there was a nickname associated with Bulbasaur. What was it ? Nasi Lemak ?

Thought there was a Pikachu to catch as first pokemon. First log-in trainers are able to choose one of 3 pokemon offered Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. You might be asking why not Charmander ? Guess what, Bulbasaur has the cutest voice when it spell it own name.