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10 Pokemon Gym You Need to Conquer in Malaysia

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Pokemon Gym is strategically placed for you to visit

The real deal behind Pokemon Go is the Gym. You will not see Pokemon Gym placed at random places. It has always been something interesting there for Pokemon Go trainer to explore !

To truly understand Pokemon Go from my own perspective, the Pokemon and Pokestops are additional features, whereas, the Pokemon Gym is a place where Pokemon Trainers should be heading to.

Surely, This is only applies to Pokemon Trainer have all or most of the Pokemon in the bag already. As for those who are new seeking to register Pokemon into their Pokedex than they might have different idea than battling the Pokemon Gym.

These are some of the Pokemon Gym I have conquered during 3-day stay at Kuala lumpur and Penang. More Pokemon Gym to conquer means more place of interest in Malaysia has been explored by author !

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad Pokemon Gym

1. Merdeka Square

Eventually everyone will face the mid-game of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Trainer seeking out to battle than to catch Pokemon at the wild. Visiting one of the historic place as Merdeka Square or locally known as Padang Merdeka is absolutely awesome. 

Pokemon Go inspired and lead author to Padang Merdeka. The way of it is much more overwhelmingly fun than opening Google maps.

Giant Mushroom KLIA2

2. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

While waiting at the bustling KLIA 2. Open up Pokemon Go app and start to catch some Pokemon accidentally discovered KLIA 2 has a Pokemon Gym.

Petronas Towers Pokemon Go Gym

3. Petronas Twin Tower

Giant buildings all over the place. KLCC is a place must visit. there is a park within the city for you to take some walk and watch the beautiful scenery and unbelievable fountains. 

Stadium Titiwangsa Pokemon Go Gym

4. Stadium Titiwangsa

Found Dratini at this grand lake. There were some bicycles for rental.

Penang ferry Pokemon Go

5. Penang Port Ferry

One of the mean from Butterworth to Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

War Memorial Pokemon Go Gym

6. Padang Kota Lama 

Nearby to Penang City Hall and Esplanade park. At night time, it turned into a joyful night.

Penang sib portraits Pokemon Go

7. Portraits

You can miss everything in Penang but not this one portrait. The busiest intersection where all travelers must experience especially on Sunday and year end .

8. Will House Mural

Got an insane plan try to conquer every Pokemon Go Gym in Penang some other day !

9. Very Cute Dinosaur at Queenbays Mall

A huge mall definitely need some of your time to visit it.

the awaiting Trishaw

10. Trishaw Paddler station

There were some many Trishaws there but seem like no one is operating it. I guess it some form of Penang's way preserving the historic moments ?

Keep walking ! for Pokemon Trainers out there are not necessary to buy a travel books when travelling to Malaysia because almost every interesting places are mapped in Pokemon GO as a Pokemon Gym or Pokemon Stops.

One day gonna travel back to Kuala Lumpur and conquer some other Pokemon Go Gym !