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Baby Pokemon and Pokedex

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Obtained Baby Pokemon leads Pokemon Go's Pokedex enlarged.  

Pokemon Go December 2016 Theme

A refreshing Pokemon Go theme in conjunction with Christmas season. Veteran Pokemon Go Trainer is anticipating Pokemon Go Xmas event. Besides, Will Niantic roll out legendary Pokemon on New Year Eve ?

Pikachu with festive hat

Limited Edition Pikachu with festive hat are out there to be caught till December 29, 2016. Hoping there are more limited edition Pokemon out there to catch on next time ! For your info, Raichu get to wear festive hat too by evolving Pikachu with festive hat.

Pichu Pokemon Go

Strong desire to hatch a baby Pokemon has emotional affected some Pokemon Trainer resorted to get one of those incubator in store in a bid to accelerate the chance of having one baby Pokemon. Author of Unitedmy have hatched two eggs before getting baby Pokemon at the third 5KM egg.

Pokedex Pokemon Go enlarged December 2016

Having a Pichu triggered an expansion of Trainer Pokedex. Although Pokemon Trainer might not have completed the first given Pokedex database, the Pokedex will be updated after getting any of the baby Pokemon by hatching. Previously, the Pokedex shown Dragonite is the last Pokemon in the list

It will be not an easy task to get a baby Pokemon as there were not in the wild to be caught by Pokeballs. After the releasing of baby Pokemon, there were a strong determination to walk even further in order to get one. Moreover, Pokemon Trainer could earn the 1,000 KM badge in the same time.