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 Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

November is a good month for shopping spree. With just weeks ago recovering from Double 11, now Black Friday said "Hello" to our hard-earned cash. It always hard for just a seconds to think there were just too much games in Steam library already ! Dust is seen slowly covering the surface !

November marks the school holiday and beginning of Christmas. Although we have a constant tropical weather, defiance on playing at outside is a common global social issue. The only fun stuff to do at home is PC games !

Rampant non-genuine PC games were sold in a form of Compact disc. Nobody stops us buying it nor any law enforcement forbids business premises to sell. It was affordable and business operator get huge profit from our gullible soul. Illegal PC games were our favorite pastime. In those days, Microsoft windows can be a cracked copy !

Accessibility and price tag of original copy of digital games were way ahead of us. Nobody knows where to get them and most of us know it would cost us lots of pocket money for one if we get to see one. Customer were satisfied rarely complaint thrown out and business operator was smart to have one to one game exchange service if game were spoil.

Where were Valve Steam back then ? I guess they were really busy making game such as half life and counter strike. No one knows that in the future, our favorite game maker Valve is creating a platform luring people to buy all sort of original digital game. It just pure insane and lovely idea ! Everyone like original !

The collapse of non-genuine Microsoft windows and illegal digital game are imminent. One thing is not quite fixed yet. How about the price tag ? You think everyone gonna afford original game. How about an annual Autumn Sale ?

They were literally no digital game sale I ever heard in my life until Steam come to the rescue. A truly game changer that relieve hearts of all game players. It may not be as relieving as our soul pure reason has been drifted away with thousands of crazy and affordable digital games.

The Steam catalog is just look so familiar. In the era of Illegal games used to have a physical catalog contains hundred of pages of amazing game covers. It was like a RM5 - RM15 for a digital game stored in a compact disc. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you might get to download entire cracked digital game for free.  

Enough ranting on the past, as a highly regarded gamer, we should refrain ourselves from using fake Microsoft windows and non-genuine digital game. The best time to buy a game is when Steam is having a sale. 

Tips : All of these digital games can be bought with just your Malaysia debit cards without the to need access internet banking and verification codes to your mobile phone. Firstly, you need to do is  call your respective bank to unlock online payment in their system and proceed to do any purchase in Steam likened to a credit card.

In this method, there were no surcharges for instance, imposed by Digi and Mol Malaysia. This method is perfect due to Valve Steam have converted the game price tag into our national currency.  



10 Easy Steps purchasing online on Tmall China

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Do not be confuse between Tmall and Taobao. On Double 11, most of them are prefer to use Tmall or Tian Mao.

Double 11 is quite an intimidating scheme to purchase items online. None of the giant retailers such as Ebay and Amazon make an influence on their version of annual sale here such as Black Friday. Malaysia has its own version of cyber sale but, unnecessarily mentioned due to different in market share.

Good news is Tmall or "Tian Mao" has make lots of improvements on behalf of Malaysian consumers and oversea buyers. Although the website is dominated with Mandarin, the registration process has been simplified. It is almost like purchasing on Lazada, Shopee and 11street.

Get yourself an account on Tmall !

1. Purchase during the Double 11 or known as bare sticks day

Double 11 boasts huge discounts on variety of items. Redemption of discounted voucher plays a huge role in the success of the event. Prepare your wishlist and storm the website with your mouse clicks on November 11, 2017.

Key in your mobile number. At the second column, swipe from left to right

2. Local mobile number

This is one important step as user ought to have a personal mobile number. Opening an account required Tmall sending a random numbers to your phone and you are opted inserting the numbers into completion of your Tmall account.

In this product, consumers are able purchasing this product using local e banking service and provides sea shipping option

3. Delivery Obligations

Tons of Tmall stuff are offering unique service such as the above picture. Better safe than sorry do not choose those items without these tag.

4. Internet banking

A reminder to you all those who do not choose credit card and visa card. A small fee imposed for those using Internet banking. Major banks such as Maybank, CIMB and RHB opens Internet banking 24 hours on the double 11 date for the ease of your convenience. Author bought some stuff on 01:00 AM and quite shocked Internet banking is still active.

Google exchange rate 249 yuan = RM157.19 , 115 yuan = 72.60. After paid, it becomes RM162.19 and 74.91 respectively

5. Exchange Rate

The price is in China Yuan. Due to the constant fluctuation of both currency. There were slight difference and cost consumer a few ringgit Malaysia.

6. Shipping fee

The huge difference between buying at Lazada Malaysia and Tmall China is that there is an incurred small shipping fee to be paid. In local e-commerce website such as Lazada Malaysia, the cost sending items to your home is pretty quite calculated into your final checkout.

However, international e-commerce such as Tmall would separate the bill. Consumer could choose a cheaper option by consolidated all your items and send it in one package in order to avoid sending your items 1 by 1 for the benefits of consumer and on behalf of the shipping company.

Be prepare to pay a minimal fee of more or less RM50.00. It get a little bit intense because most people are skeptical on this amount. The staff working at warehouse sometimes, might have make some human mistake on the weight of your items. Well, let keep it sincere and hope for the best our favorite items from China and be prepared contains excitement. The items will be on our doorstep when least expected.

7. Alipay Account

Consumers are demanded to have an Alipay account with just 6 digits of password. Alipay is a form of intermediate payment processor between the buyer and seller. In an event of unfortunate incidents, Alipay could holds the payment or return the payment to the buyer till the dispute is settled.

Tmall final receipt

8. Busy Retailers

The ethical way to handle this situation is do not treat it as traditional way of buying items at shopping mall. Do not expect it to appear at your doorstep on second or third day after the date of purchase. It does not work that way particularly on this date !

Original Symbol and Consumer satisfaction guaranteed 

9. Original and Satisfaction Guaranteed

The launch of Tmall is fundamentally aimed on overseas buyers and ward off bad perception on Chinese's products. Most of the products listed on Tmall are original in quality control. Besides, there are ways for consumer writes a comment or two about the products.

Should you notice the 7 symbol ? As if all the items were to big or small to fit your body, fret not, 7 days return policy is on your side till your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As for you double 11 sign, it is quite obvious symbol the items are on sales and price is lowered for the double 11 festival.

10. Midnight or Morning on Double 11

Everyone should know that website goes slow when thousands of online traffic flows into a particular web page. In order to have smooth buying experience, please make shopping on 7 AM or the midnight.

Disclaimer : This guide is best for Malaysian consumers buying online on Tmall China.

Paypal charges more Ringgit Malaysia

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Higher service charge leads lesser Paypal transactions in Airbnb

A few clicks away not to be RM 7 poorer. Paypal used to be a very good method in dealing with Airbnb as few options were given to be an eligible Airbnb user in Malaysia. However, there is one way to be RM 7 richer.

Airbnb does make a good perception. Alternative to hotel bookings, Economically and reliability makes most of us fall for it. Why spend so much on accommodation, all cost to foods and transportation yelled a budget travelers.

Fret not budget-friendly traveler, let say you are not a credit card user, fully utilize a debit card ability to make a booking on Airbnb by just a simple call to your respective bank for a full access on your card to online payment. When it is done, you get to book Airbnb rooms with your debit card instead of Paypal.

Mind you that, after unlocking your card to access on online payment. You are required to safeguard the card numbers and only store the amounts required for online payment. Now, you could buy your favorite stuff or buy a service on Internet. For instance, Lazada, Grab and Google Playstore. 

Friendly reminder : If you are not matured enough or less than 18 years old, please consult your parents for any online transactions.

Paypal charge RM7.00 more on a simple stay at Kuala Lumpur due to convert to USD

I am a Kuala Lumpur residents. Travelling to Kuala Lumpur is simply one of my favorite dream come true. 

Card payment vs Paypal

After a quick switch, you get hard-earned money back as much as RM7.00. If you have any other method or any suggestion please leave a comment below.