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Yana and Izzue The Secret to a Smile Contest

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Join the contest you are able to win Nissan Almera and other great prizes. 

Source Facebook page Super Malaysia

This contest is organized by SUPER Food Marketing Sdn Bhd was started on August 1, 2014 till October 15, 2014. In order to fully participate this contest, you are required to follow instructions carefully. All the detail are all at their Facebook page Super Malaysia Facebook page . The first step always is like their page first.

Unlock to the contest by liking their Facebook page. The second step will be watch the Hollywood standard video clip starring Yana and Izzue as spies. They creep into Super Coffee factory to know the secret making perfect Super Coffee. As shocking as it is, they unveiled ground breaking and cutting-edge technology behind making this Super Coffee.

Watching the whole video clip is encouraged as if you want to be one of the winner in this contest. The contest will solicit participant few questions and you are prompted to answer all of them correctly. The video clip is below and it is 18 minutes long duration.

Super Coffee Contest The Secret to a Smile with Yana and Izzue

Serious to join the contest this is one of the instruction given. Go to nearest supermarket store purchase Super Coffee with the front hint. " The Secret to a Smile " and Yana Samsudin and Izzue Islam holding Super coffee cups. It hardly to miss because the hint is fairly big enough for you to see in a distance. There were some super coffee without the hint and it did not contain the secret code.

As you can see above, find the code inside it will be at somewhere. Guessing everyone code are the same it must have eight digits secret code. After acquired the secret code and watched the video, you have follow half of the instruction. The next step is go to the Facebook page and register your information.

The winner of the contest will be announced on November 15, 2014. Keep the secret code closely because you will need it later as a proof. You drink the finest made in Malaysia coffee and join the grand contest. It is like having the feeling of killing two birds with a stone.

Kit Kat Chocolate with Zizan Razak

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Zizan Razak ate piece of Kit Kat Chunky as you can see. He seem having a good time with Kit Kat and want to share with us

  • Product : Kit Kat Chocolate
  • Calories : 38g = 200 KCAL, 21g Carb, 2.7g Protein, 11g Fat, Sugar 18g
  • Net Weight : 4 packs x 38g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products Sdn.Bhd
  • Flavor : Chocolate Chunky
  • Value (2014) : RM6.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-343

Kit Kat chocolate taste different than a Cadbury made chocolate. Kit Kat Chunky is a wafer clothed with chocolate milk. Zizan Razak is an actor and well known comedian. To be an ambassador for Kit Kat in Malaysia must have attracts many people buying Kit Kat chocolates. 

Besides, he made a Kit Kat new promotional video. He is the passenger and he is too the driver. After he tasted the Kit Kat Chunky immediately he took out a scissor modifying the Taxi cab into a no roof. For your information, he had been a Kit Kat ambassador since 2013. 

As an ambassador, he created the tagline " Relak lah Kitkat kan ada " or " Berehatlah dengan KitKat "

Top 10 Soya Bean Drinks in Malaysia

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If you believe every beverage brands has unique and distinctive taste of Soya Bean Milk Drink.

Indulge yourself the beauty of Soya Bean Milk. Your life would be getting better and better. 

This list is yet to be completed. 

Yeos Black Soya Bean milk
1. Yeos Soya Milk

  • Product           : Yeos Black Soya
  • Calories          : 250ml = 133 KCAL, 19g Carbohydrate, 5.5g Protein, 3.5g Fat
  • Net Weight     : 1 Litre /1000ml
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Yeo Hiap Seng
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.70 (Giant) 
  • Imported by  : Nil
  • Website        :
  • Phone           : 1300-80-2828

From Yeos packaging : ( Black Soya contains natural antioxidant that enough to make you look young and make you a healthy hair as well as provide you essential nutrients. Protein of Black Soya helps reducing cholesterol level.

Food intake contains low fat and cholesterol with 25g protein of soya bean everyday would reduce the risk of heart disease. )   - US Food & Drug Administration

Drinho Soya Bean Milk
2. Drinho Soya Milk

  • Product           : Drinho Soya Bean Milk
  • Calories          :  200ml = 102 KCAL, 14.8g Carbohydrate, 4.4g Protein, 2.8g Fat
  • Net Weight     : 1 Litre / 1000ml
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.9 (Giant) 
  • Imported by  : Nil
  • Website        :
  • Phone           :  03-7882 2399

Owned by Lam Soon and office at Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd Selangor. This soya milk is one of the soya milk imported to Australia. Reminder that this soya milk should be keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days 

This soya milk less sugar, no preservatives.

F&N Seasons Soya Bean milk
3. Season Soya bean milk

  • Product           : F&N Seasons Soya Bean Milk
  • Calories          :  200ml = 110 KCAL, 17.6g Carbohydrate, 4.6g Protein, 2.6g Fat
  • Net Weight     : 300ml 
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : F&N Beverages Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2014) : Nil
  • Website        :
  • Phone           :  refer to F&N Malaysia phone numbers

Protein of Soya helps reduce cholesterol and this can of soya milk is rich of soya taste. A source of protein, food without Lactose, no adding of preservatives.

A day with protein soya estimated just 25g help reduce cholesterol. - Ministry of Health Malaysia, 2010

SoyRich Yeos
4. Yeos Soy Rich

  • Product           : Yeos Soy Rich
  • Calories          :  250ml = 118 KCAL, 17.0g Carbohydrate, 5.5g Protein, 3.1g Fat
  • Net Weight     : 250ml 
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.50
  • Website        :

In the 20th century, soy bean known as "golden bean" or "miracle bean". Soy protein helps to reduce cholesterol and 25 grams of soy protein a day could prevent heart disease.

Chill Soya Bean Milk
5. Chill

  • Product           : Chill Soya
  • Calories          :  300ml = 169 KCAL, 29g Carbohydrate, Sugar 24g 
  • Net Weight     : 300ml 
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.00 (Restaurant)
  • Website        :
Ther is a great amount of sugar in this soya bean milk can. Surprisingly more or less like coca-cola sugar ??

Marigold Soya Bean Milk
6. MariGold Soya Bean Drink

  • Product           : Marigold
  • Calories          :  250ml = 143 KCAL, 23g Carbohydrate, Sugar 8g 
  • Net Weight     : 250ml 
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.00
  • Website        :
As a soya bean milk lover, could immediately identify the reducing of sugar in this beverage which is a good thing if you do not want to consume heavy sugar soya bean milk.

Drinho Soya Bean Milk with Corn flavor
7. Drinkho Soya Milk with Corn Flavor

Taste the lovely combination of Soya bean milk and corn.

8. Vita Milk

  • Product           : Vita Milk
  • Net Weight     : 300ml 
  • Status             : Made in Thailand
  • Manufacturer : Green Spot Ltd
  • Flavor            : Soya milk
  • Value (2015) : Varies
It was a glass bottle rather than tin or pack. I don remember where I bought it. Either 7 Eleven or Happy Mart 24 hours store.

Free Nestle Nescafe Cup for every purchase

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Nestle Nescafe wanted all Nescafe drinkers in Malaysia to have this adorable cup

  • Product : Nestle Nescafe 3 in 1 
  • Calories : 81 KCAL, 15.2g Carb, 0.4g Protein, 2.1g Fat
  • Net Weight : 19g, contained 30 sticks.
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products.Sdn Bhd. Situated at Selangor
  • Flavor : Original
  • Value (2014) : RM 13
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1 800 88 3433

Shaheizy Sam is being ambassador for this brand. For those who do not know him you can see his face all over any Nescafe associated websites in Malaysia. He is quite a popular actor and singer. Have you heard his song " Bangun ". That is the best song for the year 2014 according to me. It really raise one spirit up if you hear it on morning. You should hear it sometime if you had a bad day or monday blues.

This is the best time for you to replenish Nestle Nescafe in your home because Nestle is being nice and generous giving out a small red cup with country in line with the ongoing football fever. I like England soccer squad despite that they had not qualified for quarter finals in FIFA World Cup 2014. Since the world cup have been won by Germany, I believe many would choose Germany imprinted Nescafe cup. You might need to find harder because you are not the only person finding it.

Coffee is your buddy in the morning that is a very true. It is not only cure sleepiness but it contains anti-oxidant. Yes, the substances in coffee contained anti-oxidant. You could see for yourself at the back of the package. At the back, it written that every cup you drink contained anti-oxidant. I believe most of you do not notice them.

It seem like RM13.00 for 30 sticks Nestle Nescafe is pretty reasonable. Just for your information, they had not raised the price tag due to giving out a free cup which we know some product they said it was free but price has been marked up. 

Nescafe Malaysia never said whether this is limited edition but I assumed the stock is scarce. Do not waste any of your time now as soon as you finish reading this go and grab one. Do not be selfish share this out to your friends as well !!

A honest review on them the only thing need to be concern when drinking a cup of Nescafe will be the carbohydrate inside them. It has 15.2g carbohydrate higher than a raw burger. Well, it seem to have more advantages enough to cover the bad things away. It certainly light up your day with wide smile on your face. It a mood booster !! 

More about "Coffee" in Unitedmy

  1. Power root Nescafe
  2. Wonda Coffee

Power Root Alicafe is product of Malaysia

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Energize your day with one cup hot Alicafe today. Go to work carry a smile

Power root Alicafe 15 x 40g RM14.00

  • Product           : Alicafe White Coffee, Power Root
  • Calories          : 40g or one sachets = 189 KCAL for , 28g Carbohydrate, 1.5g Protein, 7.5g Fat
  • Net Weight     : 40g x 15 sachets
  • Status             : Halal , Made in Malaysia, ISO9001, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000:2005
  • Manufacturer : Power Root Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor            : White coffee
  • Value (2014) : RM 13.90 (Giant) 
  • Imported by  : Nil
  • Website        :
  • Phone           : 07-386-6688
The above chart acted as reminder for you that one should maintain their weight and advised not to consume exceeding 2000 KCAL a day. A cup of Alicafe is about 200KCAL. 

Besides Nestle Nescafe, Alicafe is preferable choice for everyday coffee in Malaysia. Most of you do not know that it is under the company Power Root. The company is so successful they decided to have it public listed to enable Malaysian invests some of their hard earned cash for a profitable return. The share is currently RM 2.39 per share on July 8, 2014. 

The success of the company does reflect people trusted this company. It has to be clear this company are holding various beverage and one of them is Alicafe. Moreover, power root have been mass campaigning to the local. You must be familiar with their slogan "Anda boleh jadi Jutawan " . A rise and fall of the company very much depend on their marketing strategy.

It is true that Alicafe is made in Malaysia. However, the price tag said a different story. Look at the price tag of a Nestle Nescafe which is an international brand is relatively lower than the a pack of 15 sachets Alicafe. You could prove me wrong with that statement but I am not seeing a big difference in the price tag.

Sorry for the upside down image

Despite that, Alicafe sachets is much bigger in size. A 40g of white coffee powder inside. The normal Nestle Nescafe or Nestle Milo has a smaller size compared to Alicafe sachets. If you do the math right, you would know that Alicafe, Nestle's Nescafe and Nestle Milo have no big gap in thier price tag. Why would not Alicafe become much cheaper ??

My personal review on Alicafe is that it not that sweet even though there were 40g powder. It has a cream taste. It worth a try !! 

If you do not like prepare yourself, there are readily available Alicafe in nearest local stores. Grab one of them today !! 

A1 and Ramly are Best Chicken Burgers in Malaysia

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Both A1 and Ramly chicken burgers are made from Malaysia. Both have unique distinctive taste separate them.

A1 burger vs Ramly burger Malaysia
Cooked with cooking oil at fixed time 

Deep fried using cooking oil A1 and Ramly burgers rather than using butter. I have been observing the techniques to cook a burger meat at local burger stalls. I do not know how McDonald staff cooked McDeluxe or McChicken but I had knowledge on how our local burger stall cooked a delicious mouth watering burgers.

They had used butter as alternative to cooking oil. Firstly, they put the butter and spread it, they had used egg spreading the hot pan before putting raw burger meat. Then, cover the burger meat with the egg then flip it. I would rather want to know more what burger brands they had use and how they marinate the burgers !

Figure out for me tell me if you found the answer. If you were failed to answer then it is better for us eat at local burger stall. People like eating McDonald burgers because they never really found any answers how to cook good burger. Besides, it not because they lazy prepare homemade burger they just do not like the taste of their homemade burgers.

The best burger brands in Malaysia are A1 and Ramly. Do not get confused Ramly burger brand were not owned by Rafizi Ramli family. Despite that, natural instinct told me that those local burger stall had been using Ramly burgers.

Ramly burger Malaysia

  • Product : Ramly Chicken Burger
  • Calories : 183 KCAL, 5.4g Carb, 7.8g Protein, 14.5g Fat
  • Net Weight : 300g, contained six pieces, one piece is 50g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Ramly Food Processing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chicken
  • Value : RM5.90 (Giant) - RM6.20 
  • Website :

Have you seen raw burger meat were imported ? Both are Malaysian made raw burger meat. One could say McDonald were using local produced meats but the brand is not local.

The title should be revised to A1 vs Ramly burgers that was the first idea. I have changed the title as I deemed it will be better that way. Look closer A1 burgers have more quantity than Ramly. In my point of view, they have the same price tag with different quantity.

Unlike Ramly burger packaging, it contained a soft layer separate each raw burger meat, A1 does not use soft layering to separate each raw burger meat. As you can see above all the burgers are glued with ice. You are required to wait the ice thwart to take one piece.

A1 burger malaysia

  • Product : A1 Chicken Burger
  • Calories : 132 KCAL, 9.4g Carb, 6.5g Protein, 7g Fat
  • Net Weight : 600g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : A1 processing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chicken
  • Value : RM6.20  (Giant)
  • Website :

Looking for large quantity and cheaper local raw burger meat for homemade burger ? A1 seem to have advantage over Ramly. However, Ramly burgers had unique taste and crispy as an advantage over A1 burgers

What are your choice A1 or Ramly burgers ??.

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