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Blog : RTS Link Malaysia and Singapore

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How beautiful will it be the new Rapid Transit System Malaysia and Singapore?

Woodland North MRT
Year 2019. A completed Woodlands North MRT station. This new MRT line will enable passenger travel to Marina Bay

Had an opportunity to be at Singapore on 2019 witnessed newly built MRT station. the new MRT line is closely located at where the RTS will be built on. The joint venture provides a win-win situation for the dire need to address traffic congestion issue at Causeway bridge.

Woodlands North Malaysia and Singapore

Grateful that good initiative were taken promptly. Thousands of people travel to both country in seek for honest living. Any nature of business can be facilitated. Leisure, Culture and Religion.

Is causeway bridge safe for foot passenger ? Yes. but, it did not have any safe parameter. The other alternative is bus. The bus fare is varies. From my account, the cheapest fare was RM2.00 from Malaysia to Singapore.

RTS link Singapore and Malaysia
"Honest Living" is the reason alone for no further delay in the project

Public livelihood is at stake any further delay in the project.

Besides, a grand shopping mall situated at princess cove by R & F group has a grand opening in the year 2019.

In the wake of economic downturn, delay in the project can be justified due to low economic benefit. The project is rumored to be opened on the year 2026.

My humble opinion, I would like to have a dedicated safe walkway. The world is changing rapidly and world class standard should be taken into consideration. A healthy approach should be taken seriously. Automobile and motorcycle owner should not be weigh more important than foot passenger ! The world look seriously whether a facility or amenity providing a due concern for incapable individual.

Weakness in Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

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Bitcoin is more of a digital lesson than a real money

Bitcoin started from 2009. From that day they had published numerous articles from their own website "Coinbase" about challenging the financial system. In fact, big companies are not buying their product. Amazon, Google and even gaming platform Steam never liked them.

Bitcoin is really good in marketing their strength. About transparency and security. What most of us did not know the system is slow when lots of people were using it. The team in Blockchain failed to address it cant sustain large amounts of transactions. If millions of users made transactions, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin will fail miserably. This is a certain because all of them are using Blockchain technology. 

The bank we are using today has the ability to make instant transfer. Payment never went through ? A call to bank will help.

Despite failed to woo big corporations to use their payment service and fix the loading time from a sender to receiver, they continuously creating articles in their own news network about new corporation taking up initiative to recognize highly fluctuated cryptocurrency. The value fluctuated so much it benefit investor and ward off big corporation.

Using our hard earned cash ( fiat currency) to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. In this era of digital wallet, they are trying to create a confusion for those slowly adapting cash to digital wallet.

One nasty thing that put everyone on rage was transaction cost. A cost is incurred every time you make a transaction that go through the Blockchain network. For your knowledge, the transaction cost varies. If you want a faster transaction, there is a premium price.

In current economic climate, domestic bank never charge a fee for domestic transfer.

Human makes mistakes. We bought wrong date for flight ticket. Who are going to help when we wrongly transferred 1 bitcoin equivalent to 9,000 USD ? Can we give a call to Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik ?

The first question is Where are all the traders accepting bitcoin or even Litecoin in the year 2020 ? Mcdonalds or even kfc ? Have they shown interest since 2009 ?

Imagine a guy with bitcoin walks to a McDonalds with all the problems mentioned above. Slow transaction, high transaction cost and even worse the bitcoin payment service is not available. What do you feel ? As if the deal is possible, it will change your price perspective, a 0.00030 for a McDonalds burger ? Then additional 0.00005 for transaction cost from you to millions of bitcoin miners out there.

Bitcoin is in mercy of innovation. Stopping it will somehow detrimental to innovative ideas.

Your Favorite Malaysia stock with Rakuten Trade

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Reliable and fast account opening with Rakuten Trade attracts retail investors.

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Rakuten Trade
Rakuten Trade portfolio

Rakuten Trade is your best alternative for cheap stock broker in Malaysia. It is proven account can be fully opened by online activation. My account took less than 3 days. Cash account remain a first choice for Financial students, computer-savvy investors and stock newbie.

Before choosing a broker, you are required to pick the best broker that suitable for an investor. A thorough background check on Rakuten Trade, you would find approval from Security Commission and linked to Kenanga Investment.

As a small time investor fascinated by stock trading at Bursa Saham Malaysia you could own your first favorite company stock at few clicks away. Stumble upon your favorite company ? Maybank in banking sector or SP setia in construction sector or even Digi, TM, Axiata in communication industry. There are two things you can do. Work with them or buy a piece of the company and own them.

As a nominee account, you are getting the benefits of fast approval and lower brokerage fee. Besides, we are not choosing new company with no proven track record therefore no option to buy Initial public offering (IPO) company or may not be invited to Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A little bit of personal sharing about my favorite stock "Airasia". I bought it during the COVID-19 or first known as Coronavirus. Airline all around the globe were grounded due to government restriction on outbound travel. Schools were closed and even major construction site were halted. Airasia share is trading at below RM1.00 (Year 2020).

There was rumor legendary stock trader Berkshire Hathaway had sold off all airline stock due to the pandemic. He is a rich trader and is out to make profit with outstanding profile. Whereas, we buy something we like to own and hold it. In fact, Airasia is the only publicly listed airline company in Malaysia.

If you like it go and get it. It is now or never.

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Coronavirus Quarantine in Malaysia

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Movement Control Order / Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan / 行动管制令 

Heavy authority personnel were deployed to enforce restricted movement order on 18 March 2020. The spread of Coronavirus should not be taken lightly as the World Health Organization labelled COVID-19 as a pandemic in the year 2020. 

1. City under Quarantine

 In an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19, everyone is advised to stay at home until further official announcement.

2. Limited Train services

pkp / mco day 8 malaysia

Mass Rapid Transit service closed on non-peak time. It will be reopened on selective time. Most of the commuter are employees of essential services. 

3. Dengue Fever

Mosquito fogging during MCO/PKP 2020

Aedes mosquito are actively seeking vulnerable individual as food and the virus transmission are through infected mosquito bite. Mosquito fogging is when there are reported cases in the neighborhood.

4. Hand Sanitizer 

hand sanitizer 2020 MCO/PKP

Rubbing alcohol is now so widely accepted by consumer thanked to the COVID-19. Due to the rise of demand, healthcare companies are introducing different brands of rubbing alcohol to the market. It seem like Dettol could not fill the supply fast enough. 

5. Roadblock

Roadblock MCO/PKP 2020

In the early stage of restricted movement, food delivery riders are allowed to operate. Besides, Interstate are not allowed due to fear virus were to be transmitted to family members at rural states. 

Only 1 person in household allowed to go out buy essential items and the travel distance cannot be more than 10 KM. 

6. Takeaway 

Texas chicken no dining in MCO/PKP 2020

Prevention is better than cure. In fact, less likely any cure can be found to be effective against COVID-19. At this rate, social distancing is very important. A sneeze or cough could have devastating impact to the surrounding.

7. The Blame Game

China product at shelves MCO / PKP Coronavirus 2020

Fear on products from China is profound. Any products manufactured under the label "Made in China" were seen on the market shelves without much buyers. The latest blame game at political stage has inevitably affect consumer sentiment. 

8. AEON 8AM - 8PM

queue AEON MCO PKP Coronavirus

Due to the large influx of shoppers at specific time, grocery store at AEON is now limiting numbers of patrons into the store as a way to maintain social distancing.

9. Temperature Check and Hands Disinfectant

Sanitizer tunnel

Temperature checks and free hand sanitizer are common sight. A guard will ask you to stay out if high body temperature is detected. Lately, a sanitizer tunnel has been rolled out in order to disinfectant patron but soon later the plan is discontinued.

10. Landscape workers

landscape worker at work wearing mask

Let not forget contributions of essential workers at the front line battling to stop the spread of this pandemic risking their life in a duty for the public. Without proper city sanitation system, streets will be long run by street rats and pest. 

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur during covid 19

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Kranji MRT > Woodland train checkpoint > Malaysia's Woodland train > Johor Bahru Terminal >Larkin Terminal > Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

Singapore buses will alight passengers at Woodland train station.

The reason to leave Singapore was due to expiration of visit pass. At Kranji MRT bus station, the usual crowd waiting for 170x and causeway link bus were all gone. I had to go to the opposite of Kranji MRT bus station for a bus.

Coronavirus pandemic is as scary as economic impact brought upon us all.

woodlands CIQ to JB sentral
Woodlands CIQ to JB sentral

There were literally no bus at first causeway bridge. Walk to Johor Bahru Custom Immigration and Quarantine or take the train. The first option can break my arm and leg though. Good thing about the train was passport checked by both countries custom before departs with KTM till reach Johor Bahru centre.

SGD 5 for one way train trip to Johor. An usual one way trip bus would probably cost you only 1 dollar or RM3.00.

KTM singapore woodland to Johor bahru
KTM to Johor Bahru. Empty seats 

One Singaporean had been rejected to Malaysia due to the movement control order. Likewise, Malaysian cant enter Singapore for any visit. In recent, Singapore does not impose any movement restriction but will not taking in any visitor with short term visit pass.

SMRT bus
On the way to Johor Bahru Larkin terminal

RM1.70 to Larkin Terminal from Johor Bahru Centre Terminal.

Larkin Terminal Johor Bahru to TBS
Johor Bahru Larkin Terminal to TBS

I have planned this trip even before the announcement of MCO. Today is the fourth day of movement control order due to the Coronavirus and I was not done it deliberately. I was desperately wanted to go Malaysia due to Singapore would fine me for staying longer than intended.

It took less than 4 hours from JB to KL. Less than 6 persons on board the bus and there is no resting time. Cost me RM35.00 one-way ticket to Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.

Larkin Terminal MCO
Social distancing measure

Malaysia implemented social distancing at Larkin Terminal bus waiting area.

Billion star bus

The bus did not departed on time. Probably wanted more passenger before off to TBS. Estimated departure time was 3.30. It was a really fast trip as there were no traffic congestion.

Johor bahru to TBS
Google Map from Johor Bahru Terminal to Kuala Lumpur TBS

Currently not feeling very well. Having sore throat and flu after the trip due to new environment.The 14-days quarantine news was very shocking and saddening.

If time machine did exist, I would travel back to February 2020. I would have find a job and stay in Singapore.