Coca-Cola Light vs Coca-cola Original vs Coca-Cola Zero

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Ice Coca-Cola never failed to be one of your choice of drink in restaurants 

Coca-Cola Light vs Coca-cola Original Red vs Coca-cola Zero

There are not much differences between Coca-cola Zero and Coca-cola Light. Both of them are less sugar or literally no sugar at all. Coca-Cola is trying to attract consumer segment who have high regards on health well-being.

It is not stranger that every fast food restaurants are associated with carbonated soft drink. The set food is tied with a carbonated soft drink in a price. For instance, visiting McDonalds or KFC for meal the staff would ask you a compulsory question that must be answered by every customer. That would be "would you like to have "Coca-cola, Milo, Ice lemon tea or 100 plus". It always Coca-cola or some other brand of carbonated soft drinks

Will you protest if one day all the restaurants started to serve Coca-cola Zero or Coca-cola Light instead of Coca-Cola Red original ?

It would not be a street protest because apparently most of the customer would have been tricked identical taste.

Besides, for the health purpose of next generation and current generation it is one of the factor to reduce sugar intake as Malaysian could be one of the country in the world has the most number of diabetes patients.

Someone could be very angry right now because when Coca-cola Zero or Coca-cola Light successfully replaced by half that would mean Robert Kuok sugar business will have a tremendous downturn impact.


Coca-Cola Zero Prank at Golden Screen Cinema

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Coca-cola Zero literally means no sugar in it, but still same taste.

Coca-cola Zero
Coca-Cola Zero

You will have a tough decision to make between the original red Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Zero. Put my experience at stake about the red Coca-cola, more bubble and the taste of sugar is long lasting in the mouth.

As for the Coca-Cola Zero, still magically taste the same without sugar as shown at the back of description (no image provided). The truth is not much bubble and the taste is unusual fade away in the mouth.

Now you have no more reason do not drink a cup of Coca-Cola if you are concerned about sugar level in your body. This is absolute free of sugar !

Recently, there was a guy acted as a staff in one of the Golden Screen Cinema serving Coca-cola Zero but disguise it as the original red Coca-cola. In the end of the video, this guy in red shirt exposed to the audiences that the taste of Coca-cola Zero and Coca-cola Red is almost identical. Most of the audiences are surprised as they could not differentiate them.

For your information, Coca-cola Zero is manufactured in Singapore.

Malaysian Invasion MMA at 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu

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MIMMA 1 borneo kota kinabalu
Malaysian Invasion MMA at 1 Borneo Mall, Kota Kinabalu

It pretty much not a typical Malaysian routine conversation with their friends about wresting / martial mixed arts. A well-received reception in the Malaysian Invasion Martial Mixed Arts held in 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu told a different story. It is emerging of Malaysian passion on this sport.

Get ready to watch well-built body be slammed down within the arena. The energetic environment will surely run over your body wishing the person in the arena is you because the feeling is so strong for the need to be beaten up or beat somebody down.

Not an usual pin your opponent 1 to 3 in order to win the match by the referee. It more like a match to cheer up the crowd, some fancy finishing move, some continuous punch delivered to a pinned down person.

The blue and red spots are designed for the training of the contestants before going into the arena. The chairs covered black are meant for VIP.  

MIMMA 1 borneo Kota Kinabalu

The high-definition big screen is one of the attraction of this event displaying all kinds of humorous video clips. Tunetalk is pretty much a very serious in organizing a mega MIMMA event.

MIMMA at 1 Borneo Hyper Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu

Even before the contestants start tearing their shirt off showing some huge muscles and 6 packs or even tattoo if they got one, some local supporters are waiting patiently exciting match. It get a little bit intense as the DJ or speakers started to talk about the event details and promoting their stuff.

Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Art with 300 crowds in 1 Borneo Mall

I was not so sure the amounts of crowd right now. But, as if it was some newspaper reporting, they would literally say 5,000 without hesitation. Phone cameras flashing repeatedly as the contestants walking slowly into the chamber. Did I miss to mention ? Some heavy camera flash congestion happening in the moment when the female contestants walked in to the chamber.

The show is pretty eye-catching. The titles of the matches were female 1 versus 1, male 1 versus 1, heavyweight and lightweight.

Heavy weight Malaysian Invasion MMA

Catch some glimpse upon the MIMMA heavyweight match. As the match started, 3 video recording mans climbed up the edge of chamber tried to record down all the mind-blowing moves delivered by both contestants.

The chamber cant hold any longer fury unleashed by them. Both are enduring the heavy punches and lightning-speed kick, the suffering and pain to stand both feet continues the fight till the last bell rings.

The sound produced when hard slamming an opponent to the chamber floor is pretty much astonishing. Heard and seen it for the first time in my life in a close proximity.  

Digi Broadband Postpaid Sim Card without modem

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It way better without a modem

Digi Broadband postpaid Sim Card
Digi Broadband Postpaid

The reason behind subscribing without a modem because your smartphone can be a modem. Besides, you are not need to pay the expense of modem.

A front desk of any telecommunication center in Malaysia are not telling you the whole picture. When you are subscribing a postpaid with a modem, you are agree to pay the cost of the modem too when you are no longer using it.

The truth is it is not that bad using smartphone as a modem. With a modem, one is required to pay RM150 with GST something in the total RM156. Without a modem, one must be amazed to bring home Digi postpaid Sim card with just more or less settle the bill of RM50.

New Rates 2015 for British American Cigarettes in Malaysia

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British American cigarettes in Malaysia announced drop in price in order to remain competitive.

Necessary prices adjustment is made for Lucky Strike Plain, Dunhill, Benson & Hedges, Kent, Pall Mall, Peter Stuyvesant.


Dunhill red
Dunhill : Price is at RM13.50


Benson & Hedges
Benson & Hedges : Price at RM13.50


Kent : Price at RM13.50


Pall Mall : Price at RM12.00


Peter Stuyvesant : Price at RM12.00

What Happen Digi Prepaid Users Exceeded Quota

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Digi Prepaid Users no longer able to surf websites.

Digi warning exceeded quota

Although Digi raised it quota limit to 1.5G for RM30, all the Digi prepaid internet users are not longer able to surf any websites upon quota finished. A pop-up website will be immediately showed up on your smartphone screen whenever users tried accessing any websites.

Despite that, Digi users are still retain the righ to surf social media messaging such as Whatsapps, Wechat or Facebook with limited internet speed. User should expect slower speed downloading pictures on these allowed platform. 

Digi Top up after exceed quota

Top up is made easily accessible. Looking on the options of top up, it not likely a very price-friendly toward users unless in an event of desperate situation.

Would you spend RM50 for 10 days 4GB ? At least, there is a way top up and the hassle is greatly reduced due to the new implementation of automatic pop-up feature for all Digi prepaid users top up their account.


6% GST Prepaid Users Gets Free Calls and SMS

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RM1.80 in exchange for 15 minutes Free Calls and 15 units SMS 

RM30 + 6% GST = RM31.80

Usually 3 pieces of RM10 will do the trick for RM30 coupon reload. It is a not a familiar experience when one paying RM30 + RM1.80. most of the telecommunication shops selling coupon reloads are all not cooperative when one simply enter asking coupon reloads

Alternatively, anyone could actually log in their bank account online and buy prepaid or postpaid reload. However, not all the users are able to do it hassle-free. 

Digi 15 minutes and 15 units SMS

The changes has caused some trouble in the meantime magnified by local news agencies. Prompted some high ranking authorities making a statement that the charges of 6% GST will be reimbursed in some form.

Looking at the above picture, realizing that the compensation is not that really satisfying. At least, it better than nothing. 

I wonder is there any GST imposed when ordering prepaid reload through online banking method ?

Ayam Percik served by Great Delights Restaurant

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Ayam Percik with spicy sauce and crunchy fish snack coupled two pieces healthy cucumber

Ayam Percik by Great Delights

The restaurant featuring some of the well known Indian, Chinese and Malay foods. Besides, it is a halal restaurant.

Location : Suria Sabah Basement Floor
Price        : Less than RM10

Ayam Percik by Great Delights

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant Review

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Singapore Chicken Rice Shop

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant at Api-api center

Air-conditioned restaurant serving mostly customer who want to have decent meal served with fried deliciously-marinated chicken. There is another Singapore Chicken Rice restaurant situated at Karamunsing shopping mall.

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant at Api-api center

Although one could virtually find any restaurant serving decent chicken rice but not many restaurant actually installed air-conditioner. Your lunch meal is better feast under an air-conditioned environment especially for those working adults with fancy tie and nice suit.

Unlike normal fried chicken, Singapore Chicken Rice adopted half steamed half fried cooking method. The skin surface is smooth and not as crunchy as KFC. One could guess it is much more healthier. 

Review on Borenos Fried Chicken Restaurant

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Fast Food Restaurant based in Sabah. 

Borenos Fried Chicken

Situated at corner of a mall near the street of Asia city. Being the first Borenos restaurant opened up on 9 March 2015. Local community are encouraged supporting the effort of daring entrepreneurship as maybe one day Borenos will be an international fast food player offering millions a chance to taste Sabah farm fresh delicious fried chicken.  

Borenos Fried Chicken with marsh potato

Review on this meal rating given is 5/5. The marsh potato is overwhelmed with delicious mouthwatering cream. Anyways, it is better if can be much more salty. Moreover, I think it too good to be true asking for more chicken pieces. As for the coleslaw, ice lemon tea, cucumber are quality and fine foods.

Unlike any other fast-food restaurant concept, Borenos staff preferred serving it by bringing order to table. Customer should pay first and take table number stand.

Besides, Borenos restaurant is always promoting Sabah interesting places by playing video on its wide LED TV screen.

Checked on their Facebook Page which is currently garnered over 5,000 likes. Check it for yourself Borenos Facebook Page