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10 Easy Steps purchasing online on Tmall China

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Do not be confuse between Tmall and Taobao. On Double 11, most of them are prefer to use Tmall or Tian Mao.

Double 11 is quite an intimidating scheme to purchase items online. None of the giant retailers such as Ebay and Amazon make an influence on their version of annual sale here such as Black Friday. Malaysia has its own version of cyber sale but, unnecessarily mentioned due to different in market share.

Good news is Tmall or "Tian Mao" has make lots of improvements on behalf of Malaysian consumers and oversea buyers. Although the website is dominated with Mandarin, the registration process has been simplified. It is almost like purchasing on Lazada, Shopee and 11street.

Get yourself an account on Tmall !

1. Purchase during the Double 11 or known as bare sticks day

Double 11 boasts huge discounts on variety of items. Redemption of discounted voucher plays a huge role in the success of the event. Prepare your wishlist and storm the website with your mouse clicks on November 11, 2017.

Key in your mobile number. At the second column, swipe from left to right

2. Local mobile number

This is one important step as user ought to have a personal mobile number. Opening an account required Tmall sending a random numbers to your phone and you are opted inserting the numbers into completion of your Tmall account.

In this product, consumers are able purchasing this product using local e banking service and provides sea shipping option

3. Delivery Obligations

Tons of Tmall stuff are offering unique service such as the above picture. Better safe than sorry do not choose those items without these tag.

4. Internet banking

A reminder to you all those who do not choose credit card and visa card. A small fee imposed for those using Internet banking. Major banks such as Maybank, CIMB and RHB opens Internet banking 24 hours on the double 11 date for the ease of your convenience. Author bought some stuff on 01:00 AM and quite shocked Internet banking is still active.

Google exchange rate 249 yuan = RM157.19 , 115 yuan = 72.60. After paid, it becomes RM162.19 and 74.91 respectively

5. Exchange Rate

The price is in China Yuan. Due to the constant fluctuation of both currency. There were slight difference and cost consumer a few ringgit Malaysia.

6. Shipping fee

The huge difference between buying at Lazada Malaysia and Tmall China is that there is an incurred small shipping fee to be paid. In local e-commerce website such as Lazada Malaysia, the cost sending items to your home is pretty quite calculated into your final checkout.

However, international e-commerce such as Tmall would separate the bill. Consumer could choose a cheaper option by consolidated all your items and send it in one package in order to avoid sending your items 1 by 1 for the benefits of consumer and on behalf of the shipping company.

Be prepare to pay a minimal fee of more or less RM50.00. It get a little bit intense because most people are skeptical on this amount. The staff working at warehouse sometimes, might have make some human mistake on the weight of your items. Well, let keep it sincere and hope for the best our favorite items from China and be prepared contains excitement. The items will be on our doorstep when least expected.

7. Alipay Account

Consumers are demanded to have an Alipay account with just 6 digits of password. Alipay is a form of intermediate payment processor between the buyer and seller. In an event of unfortunate incidents, Alipay could holds the payment or return the payment to the buyer till the dispute is settled.

Tmall final receipt

8. Busy Retailers

The ethical way to handle this situation is do not treat it as traditional way of buying items at shopping mall. Do not expect it to appear at your doorstep on second or third day after the date of purchase. It does not work that way particularly on this date !

Original Symbol and Consumer satisfaction guaranteed 

9. Original and Satisfaction Guaranteed

The launch of Tmall is fundamentally aimed on overseas buyers and ward off bad perception on Chinese's products. Most of the products listed on Tmall are original in quality control. Besides, there are ways for consumer writes a comment or two about the products.

Should you notice the 7 symbol ? As if all the items were to big or small to fit your body, fret not, 7 days return policy is on your side till your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As for you double 11 sign, it is quite obvious symbol the items are on sales and price is lowered for the double 11 festival.

10. Midnight or Morning on Double 11

Everyone should know that website goes slow when thousands of online traffic flows into a particular web page. In order to have smooth buying experience, please make shopping on 7 AM or the midnight.

Disclaimer : This guide is best for Malaysian consumers buying online on Tmall China.

11street Took My Hard Earned Cash Worth RM200 Review

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11street online shopping website review

I do not know you but I really caught up by marketing campaign involving Korean actor Lee Min Ho. What's more, 11 Street get more local celebrities such as Emily Chan, Zizan and Elizabeth to its line of ambassador. These are the reason why You and I should purchase at 11street. At least I got it right.

The hype is massive. How much fund they pump into making an awareness to Malaysian ? I am guessing it was not a small amount. Anyways, since it is a collaboration with local telecommunication Celcom, of course, there is not much a problem about the marketing campaign funding.

Although 11street is new online market platform in Malaysia, it basically collaboration between Celcom with a South Korean company. Surely, the deal to invite Mr Lee Min Ho to be part of the scene was just a piece of cake. Everyone know that Malaysian are fall in love with the Korea pop culture.

For a Malaysian, it will be a terrified experience purchasing something on Internet. 11 Street is being the second online marketplace I ever dare to make a transaction. If you must know, Lazada is the first one, you can check it out my first purchase with lazada >> First Purchase with Lazada

To a point that, 11street online experience is really awesome.

Purchased 4 items worth RM 200. The transaction was done by online banking with code sending to your phone for confirmation of transaction. Since I bought 4 items from 3 different sellers, the only thing different is "the date they ship the item to buyer"

As if the seller has sent the items to buyer, 11street will notify buyer either at phone or e-mail. they will literally send you 3 messaging and 3 e-mail regarding the items has been shipped by seller.

Well, this is the part where you will get confusing. Upon transaction has been completed, 11street will hold the payment until buyers are satisfied.

See on the button"Tracking", it enables buyer to accurately track the item.

There was another button "Confirm Purchase" where buyer could press on it whenever they have received the item safety. As for me, I have successfully collected all the parcel by Pos Laju and another courier to the address I submitted. You do not see the "Confirm Purchase" button as I have already clicked on it.

There were three sellers. kopiPeng, Shopago, and Carristo

The traditional way of shopping is that we purchase something with the product already in our hand and we will pay it with the cash later. However, online shoppingexperience told me that we have to pay first then wait a FEW DAYS to get our products.

The fun part of shopping online is browsing endlessly so many shops in a few seconds in a time, finding the cheapest deal and put them all in the cart and pay it in a few click away. However, it torturing to wait it all come. The truth is they all do not come at once. the first item arrived was a Huawei G8 cover and screen protector.

Apparently, the seller is a Malaysian. Now my Huawei G8 get a proud casing and screen protector from 11street. My phone would still be naked if I never visit 11street.

Second parcel, the Xiaomi band and Xiaomi Powerbank. Both are cute and highly recommended. Now I have another reason to workout a little bit more and I no longer need to afraid my Huawei G8 run out of battery.

Proud owner of Xiaomi Band. The cheapest fitness tracker one should get.

I do not have the chance to own an Xiaomi products during their era of Xiaomi rose to the fame back in 2014 ?. Despite that, I own two Xiaomi products now !.

 The last items to be received. I waited 8 days including the weekend. I purchase all of them on Saturday midnight on 12/06/2016. The last one arrived on 20/06/2016. It will depends on when is the day seller sends the item.

I gladly received all the product. I never had the chance to use any of the feature such as returning back to seller or cancel the order. I am curious what kind of approach 11street will offer if the seller failed to ship the products or the products did not arrive even if seller shipped the items.

Regarding the matters, I firmly believe 11street has all the measures into the said matters. I really happy shopping with 11street.

All of the sellers above are reputable account. I chose those with many reviews and comments. This is some of the insights I would like to share to you and good luck !.

If you have read everything I wrote, I am glad my money worth RM200 spent well.

Redmi 1S now available in Lazada Malaysia

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Limited Redmi 1S for grab limited time only on Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia is selling Xiaomi Redmi 1S  on  August 27. Delivery is way faster than Xiaomi Malaysia. Expecting 7 days and lesser. You could choose Cash-on-delivery method as you pay when it arrive to your doorstep. More information at Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi the no 1 smartphone brand in China outperformed Samsung and Apple in second quarter of 2014. Expanded to Malaysia the same year already emerged one of the best seller. The South East Asian market especially in Malaysia do not want luxury and popular brand, they want good specification and cheaper price tag. That is why Malaysian lining up to purchase something they really like to own.

A little lesson about Xiaomi Redmi Sales, they usually selling in a bulk rather than everyday selling practice. If you really interested to own Redmi 1S, you need to wait for it. Just like a patient walk into a public hospital and wait for the doctor. The doctor (Xiaomi) only available once a week. If you miss it then you have to wait for another week.

On August 5, a beautiful Tuesday in Malaysia. Xiaomi decided to sell Redmi 1S - 5,000 units, Redmi Note - 10,000 units, Power bank - 5,000 units. Guess what ?? All of them sold out in merely 3 minutes 27 seconds. Try to be smarter by calculating it, there were 1,600 units of Redmi 1S being bought in a minute. The calculation did not include other Xiaomi products. You do not believe ?? Here is the Xiaomi 3 minute sold out proof

I do not believe it in first sight. Xiaomi done the impossible thing. Tell me if you can crack the wisdom and intelligent of Xiaomi or their spell. The important point to know that it always on Tuesday. They always open shop on Tuesday and close shop except Tuesday. However, it seem like they make an improvement for that.

Everyone who are interested in Xiaomi smartphones knew that their website were always crowded. In order to resolve the issue of customer dissatisfaction and experience, blindly guessing they outsourced the job to Lazada Malaysia. An online shopping mall you can put your trust on it. They made the right choice partnered with Lazada Malaysia as they have wide logistic and business network nationwide.

On August 27, Xiaomi's Redmi 1S is available in Lazada Malaysia. Remember to visit their website earlier. Lazada Malaysia is expecting high online traffic flowing into their website. Encouraging buyers visit it exactly 3PM or earlier than that. There were no quantity released to be sold in their website. This is first time Xiaomi Malaysia opens up their shop door on Wednesday.  

Do not visit Xiaomi Malaysia official website because you will be unable to purchase Redmi 1S at there on this wednesday. There will be a sign " Sold Out " . For more information about Xiaomi Redmi 1S releasing on Wednesday August 27, Visit at Xiaomi Redmi 1S on Lazada.

Comparison Redmi 1S vs Moto E

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10 Things Malaysian buy online for Hari Raya 2014

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From the sales volume of a local e-commerce website, this is top 10 things people have purchased in the month of July

As Hari Raya Aidilfitri is approaching scheduled to be on July 25, 2014. People are rushing to buy essential goods but sometimes it really hard to make a decision for them. They would ask what to buy and what kind of trending things Malaysian like to buy during this month.

This could help you in your decision-making. Anyone who like to know any discounted goods this too a right place for you. One of the advice is that you really need to get yourself ready in prior to Hari Raya celebration because there will be lesser people are working during that time. If you want to buy anything just buy it right now before it too late. Your delivery is going to be delayed !

1. 5-1 stainless Steel Food Container

Who do not like food put into stainless steel container ? It look so elegant and clean. Those clashing sound when you knock the side by spoon or fork that really tempting to have. No plastic container anymore. Everything must have clean, white surface like Iphone. Besides, you can put a lot of bakery and give to relatives. This is so cheap everyone can afford it. More information at 5-1 Stainless steel RM18 

2. Shake n Take Blender 2 Bottles

Blend all the good fruits everything together. Or you want to blend ice to make ABC? . After you completed blending everything, you can take the bottle away and drink it at TV. A very convenience design. This is so cheap get them now more information at Shake n Take Blender RM60 or lesser

3. Happy Call Double Sided Pan

This so convenient with a 30CM size you can cook fishes or meats inside it. Either for you or for perfect wedding gift. Those who like to cook must be crazy about this. More information at RM75 only for 32CM

4. ASOTV Baby bullet blender

A perfect gift for relative just having baby. A tool to make healthy organic foods for babies. For those who want to learn how to use see it at baby bullet RM100 or less

5. Huawei Honor 3C

Huawei the third largest smartphone brands in the world is officially in Malaysia. Prime minister of Malaysia have visited Huawei company and awarded them AEO status. It so success everyone choose to buy them. The specification of it is relatively important to know, 5" screen size, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM and 8MP camera. The price is cheap and budget check it out at Honor 3C Dual SIM

6. Asus Zenfone 4

There is a free gift casing for you if buy it now. The specs for this smartphone are 4" screen size, 5MP camera, 8GB internal & 1GB RAM, bluetooth 4.0.  It will shock you when you know the actual price how much they are selling this. Everyone know that Asus is top laptops brand. How do you think their smartphone ?? RM 350 or lower for Asus Zenfone 4

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE

Have you thought owning a really big smartphone with the brand is currently top 1. Everyone know and trust Samsung products worldwide. It can compete with Apple which we know it really luxury to own an Apple product but Apple product does not have a big smartphone screen right ?? . Specification are LTE/4G, 5.7" screen size, 32GB internal & 3GB RAM, 13MP camera. It really much a portable moving laptop and a digital camera. More info at Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE RM1900 and below

8. Sokano H2O Steamer Cleaner Green

I do not know how to use this but this is next generation cleaner. It has this 5 in 1 multipurpose functions for your ease in your daily household chores. Imagine you have a combined in one piece of floor mop, Carpet cleaner, Garment steamer, window cleaner, Glass stain remover. This is the result. See the introduction video by a professional guy and know the price at Sokano H2O videos and price

9. Salav Garment Steamer Purple

Steam your beautiful dress or garment. No traditional shirt iron anymore. This is what those luxury garment or dress shop using. This is everyone dream to make a beautiful dress or garment even more shine. Everyone should have this in home now. Video how to use Salav Steamer and prices

10. ASOTV Slap Dice Mince Chop

I think this is everyone dream product at kitchen. Chop and mince everything so easily done. This is an innovative chopping machine designed for you. No more chopping and get risked hand bleeding. All so easy with this. Either fruits, onion, potato, tomato, carrot. It chops it all !! Stainless steel chop and mince only RM15 or below

Voucher code for Lazada Malaysia July 2014

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Lazada Malaysia voucher code for everyone purchasing items with extra discount  

                                                      Lazada Malaysia

There will be a massive sales in Lazada Malaysia for this month as Hari Raya Aidilfitri is around the corner. Everyone is so happy there are few more days left. Keep your faith strong continue abstain from food and water if you are able and healthy person.

Live life to the fullest. Feeling like Hari Raya in coming tomorrow no doubt the sign is surfacing. Have you seen large traffic congestion and people raging at the street ?? Well, do your part and this is your responsibility to reduce the impact of road congestion. How ?? Like the old saying, preparation must be as early as possible.

It was impossible to prepare early ? It just a reason and excuse by people who do not know how to do it or just want buy when shopping mall is crowded. Have you consider the shop staff feeling ? they might have headache or wrongly calculate your money. By the time you found it out, you have no reason to go back because counter were full of people.

Parking lot is a big issue in Malaysia. Although car is consider luxury but there were always not enough parking lots. We do not have those sophisticated parking lots yet so you need to be tolerate about this. The best solution for this is you need to do a preparation early.

There are so many best online deals out there in conjunction of Hari Raya. You should not missed this opportunity. Get them before it too late !! Sales is everywhere look harder you will notice them. For example, Lazada Balik Kampung 2014 deals. 

Sharing is caring below are voucher code where you can insert when purchasing at Lazada Malaysia. Do share this out !! 

Voucher code       : LazSuperRaya
Voucher amount    : RM25
Minimum spending : RM150
Validity                  : 16 July - 25 July

If there is any problem the voucher do blast it at the comment section. Want more ?? I will tell when there is more voucher codes

10 Easy Steps purchasing online at Lazada Malaysia

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Thousands of goods at Lazada Malaysia. One of the largest online shopping mall you can put your trust.

Lazada could be the only online shopping mall with gigantic number of products can be bought on the site. Few articles about Lazada company, they are keen on expanding their businesses throughout the South Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia and Thailand. How about their service ??

My first experience with Lazada would be fast delivery. Order on Friday, deliver on Saturday, Monday the courier partnered with Lazada called up my number. I picked up at Gdex and everything I have ordered were there at perfect condition. I would share to you what I have bought but first let go through step by step.

Firstly, Malaysian can choose the most swift way to pay Lazada Malaysia. Either online banking or Paypal. I would pick online banking but there were several options such as Credit card, Paypal, Online banking. Besides, surely you would need to have an account with Lazada and a address for them to send to you. For the address part, if you would like to pick at courier rather courier sends to your home, you could put at the address like " Gdex selangor, Citylink Gombak" something like that put the courier address nearest to you. Gdex or Citylink would gladly call your number because you opt to take there.

I bought some football fever merchandise during FIFA World Cup 2014. I would share to you how it done by online banking. It really easy and hassle free. I believe there were many Malaysian out there have not purchase anything online yet. I assured you that it is safe to buy online today with some basic online security measures knowledge .

10 steps How to Purchase at Lazada Malaysia using online banking

  1. Register your account with Lazada Malaysia
  2. Recognize it is a https and official website ( )
  3. Using google chrome, you would notice green highlighted tab written Ecart Services Malaysia. Sdn Bhd
  4.  Get a Maybank online banking
  5. Pick a product and understand how much time they need to deliver to your home.
  6.  Pick an option which payment methods you are most familiar and trusted with
  7. Put your phone number and correct address
  8. Using online banking, you will be redirect to a website "mobile88" with https secured
  9. Login your Maybank online account ( There will be a small box website pop out, it has verified identity and green highlighted tabs)
  10. Put the codes and done purchasing 

Lazada Malaysia 10 steps purchase online

Login into your account, pick your favorite items you wanted to purchase. Click "Buy Now" . Take note the words "In stock" and "delivery days". Sometimes, there were items listed there with the status out of stock and delivery days can be varied up to 14 days instead of 1 - 3 days.

Lazada Malaysia check out

A collection of items awaiting to be checked out. A total cost will be displayed. As you hit a certain total the delivery fees is waived for you ! Click "Proceed Checkout"

Lazada Malaysia payment options

As you can see above, pick one of your most familiar payment menthod. I believe some people would rather pick "Cash on Delivery" method however it just for some specific area catered by Ta Q Bin courier. There is a Maybank Installments how wonderful is that !!. you could pay installments for selected item on Lazada Malaysia.

It is time for you to fill some information. Most important details you need to fill up would be everything. Telephone, your name, City and Address

Opt for online banking, you would be redirected to this site mobile88. Click "Make Payment"

A small site will pop out for you to key in online banking formation. Please carefully look whether it is verified website with Green highlighted "Malayan Banking Berhad MY" and https : 

As if your status is successful, Lazada would send information regarding your items to your respective e-mail address.Besides, Lazada would send you another e-mail when your items have been delivered out to their courier partner

Hope you have a good experience on online shopping !!

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10 Best Online Shopping Mall Website in Malaysia

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Reviewing 10 Online Shopping Mall Websites. It is your choice to determine which one is better ! 

Online Shopping experience is so much exciting and playful. Lazy to walking around haze, rainy same old physical malls? Best and new way to shopping without meeting hassle things.

Online Shopping is a growing phenomenon topic. If you have not purchase anything online then you are not one of the 21st century people. My parents does not believe in purchasing online because they afraid and being pessimism so much. Despite the old fashion thinking, online shopping business is growing rapidly ! Check out the China's Alibaba or Aliexpress. They made fortune because the transaction is amazingly huge.

I mean it really huge like this thing never happened before twenty-first century right now. Internet is without boundary those who are living at the end of the world can order at online shopping mall such as Alibaba. Their courier can send parcels all around the world.

At the middle of twenty-first century which is 2050 we will see online shopping mall conquer the world !

Just one tips if you purchase at online from me is that most of the online shopping mall has generous practice. They have this return policy the golden business practice that can beat every physical outlet. "Return policy" is when a certain goods can be returned when it is damaged upon delivery or even size is not right you can return. The best part is that the return fee is borne by the company. It is not you who bear the heavy lifting.

My experience purchasing at Zalora, I bought a shoes on Friday. I waited until Monday received a call from Gdex at afternoon. I pick it up at Gdex outlet due to my address is not accessible by courier service. It really fast. You know what ! I am surprised my shoes is in perfect condition. What more, I get a thank you note, return policy instruction, a new pos laju wrapping (In case you need to return use the brand new wrapping)

It could be very fun for first time experience purchasing at any online shopping websites at Malaysia !!


1. Lazada Malaysia

Website :

Contact : 03 2614 4168

Lazada is an amazing online shopping mall. They are offering discount for 365 days and huge discount on Malaysia festival season such as CNY, Christmas, Hari Raya. If you buy in Lazada guaranteed you will be surprised what they are offering like buy a product and found it is defective, you could return back the products within 14 days and be replaced for other similar products. Besides, Free delivery for those living at West Malaysia and Klang area. They also accepting "Cash on Delivery" which translating they will send to your house and collecting payment once products received from you. COD is for specific areas are Klang, Penang Johor Bharu.

Shipping fees as low as RM8 for those not products cost lower than RM100.  Shipping fees is varies if you live in East Malaysia, Shipping fees charged RM15.00. Lazada is also growing rapidly expanding it reach to tablet and smartphone users who can purchase products with downloading Lazada apps

Guides : Step by step how to purchase at Lazada Malaysia

Bestbuy Malaysia

2. Best Buy

Website :

Contact : (03) 2164 3557

Bestbuy is recognised for serving large customer base who are actively purchasing female goods. Featuring brands such as Gucci, Kevin Klein, Burberry, Prada, Chanel, Dior, SK II and many more. Largely promoting female handbag and fragrance.

3. IP Mart MY

Website :

Contact : +6082-242424

Endless promotiona for RHB bank account owners. They seem like RHB bank a lot. They also selling VIP numbers. Those who has 5 digits 6 digits like 016-5899999 is selling more than RM1000 and the price is up to whopping RM10,000 . They mostly selling electronic products. One can choose ship from USA or China. Besides 30 days return policy, they also provide free delivery for specific items.

4. Rakuten

Website :

Contact : +6082-242424

Rakuten does sell various product categories such as Book for kids, pets accessories and food and beverage. Rakuten has been widely promoted in local newspaper for many years

5. Easy Mall

Website :

Contact :

 Easy mall run by local biggest domain and website seller Exabytes. Variety products are selling here with most of the buyer bought kids clothes

First one is not always better because everyone has a different role to play !


 6. Zalora

Website :

Contact : 03 2035 6622

Guides : Step by Step How to purchase at Zalora Malaysia

Zalora are more focusing on fashion, footwear goods. One can buy baju kurung, Reebok, Elle, Adidas, Bata, Converse, EZRA, First Lady, Levi's and many more brands. Free delivery for all Malaysia states if purchase above RM75. Return policy apply if size is not fit for wearer up to 30days.

7. Tesco

Website :

Contact : 1300 13 1313

Probably the first one in Malaysia offering purchasing groceries in Internet in west Malaysia. They also deliver to your home at Klang area.

foodpanda Malaysia online shopping

8. Foodpanda

Website :

Contact : 03 26144155

Offering foods delivery on locations such as Kuala Lumpur Penang, Georgetown, Subang Jaya, Melaka, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Johor Bharu. Supported by various food franchise and local food outlets. They are Starbucks, Papa John, Papa Rich, Old Town, Chicken Rice Shop, Kenny Rogers, Square. Besides that, they also cater Korean food, Indian food, Japanese food, healthy food. Foodpanda also come with android and iOS apps. Download them now !

Mudah Malaysia online shopping

9. Mudah

Website :

Contact : 03 26144155

Mudah is by far providing wide range of services. Although they are products listing website it is still shopping mall right ? only that many sellers are selling their own product and mudah does not sell. They sell advertising slot for people who want to advertise their products to buyers visiting on the websites. Receiving more than 1 Million like in their facebook page. Rest assured buying with reputable sellers. The freely available advertising slots are main attraction making it favourite website for Malaysian people to visit everytime. You can find property,  jobs, cars, house for rent and many more

Lelong malaysia

10. Lelong

Website :

Contact : 03 8090 5061

Lelong is another product listing websites. They are unlike They are more seller and buyer safety oriented. Only registered users and passed all requirements set by Lelong are accessible to list their products at Lelong website. They adopted highly sophisticated methods for new sellers in a bid to against fraud.

First one is not always better because everyone has a different role to play !

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